4 Examples when Influencer Marketing Worked even when no one Predicted

Harshita Agrawal

Harshita Agrawal is the Founder of eSocMedia. She is a social media and influencer marketing specialist who spends most of her time behind the screen. She's also an avid reader and a travel enthusiast.

Watching influencers promote fashion garments, accessories, food, and hotels have become a common experience. Every time you scroll your Instagram feed or browse on YouTube, you would see thousands of influencers promoting these products. Influencer marketing campaigns have achieved huge success across verticals motivating every business to give it a chance.

The influencer marketing industry is predicted to grow from $8 billion in 2019 to $15 billion by 2022. The surge is expected because influencers continue to increase sales, get brand recognition, and build trust. The staggering results have made some of the unexpected businesses to invest in influencer marketing and come out with flying colors. 

In this article, we will share some interesting, uncommon, and unexpected influencer marketing examples. These examples will definitely motivate you to begin your own influencer campaigns too. Here we go:

Berkshire Hathaway

You would not expect influencers marketing real estate agencies unless Berkshire Hathaway decided otherwise. They did not just promote their homes creatively with influencers, they also received Hermes Creative awards for receiving success in the untapped real estate influencer market. 

They hired influencers from homebuying, home-selling, and lifestyle with followers around 20,000 to 600,000. They leveraged influencers to get traffic to their listings, agents, and offices. The campaign definitely worked with them receiving nearly 1.4 million impressions over a three-month period. 

Nobody saw such massive usage of influencer marketing and the Berkshire Hathaway executives weren’t sure of the results too until they tried. The huge success of influencer campaigns in real estate motivated other agencies to work with influencers too. 

California Lottery

How many of you would expect a lottery company to collaborate with influencers and actually get positive results? Here’s an amazing example of the California Lotto that has been collaborating with influencers over a few years. 

California Lotto hired influencers to highlight the $1 billion contributions given by them to the public schools. They hire micro-influencers and started a campaign #thankateacher. They created a documentary that increased their brand affinity by 40% and gained 71 million impressions. They also ran their gift of scratchers with influencers to promote their products as gifts.

Here’s what Sharon Allen, Deputy Director, Sales & Marketing of California Lotto had to say about their influencer campaigns:

“Through influencer marketing, we were able to provide the suggestion of gifting Scratchers through the voice of a trusted, influential and relatable personality in a manner that provides a solution to those who might be stymied about what gifts to give. It’s also a great method to reach younger consumers in a different manner than traditional advertising messages.”

Blue Shield

Another unexpected and unheard influencer marketing example in our list is that of Blue Shield, a health insurance company. You would usually remember insurance ads as those typical TV ads that really interest nobody. However, a new entrant from their niche in influencer marketing, Blue Shield did create a brilliant collaboration with influencers. 

With their campaigns, they asked influencers to promote their health insurance plans, provide the information, help customers with answers, and link them to their website. The whole nature of the campaign revolved around increasing the demand for healthcare information. 


A while ago, it would be unexpected to expect beauty influencers to post pictures without makeup. Swisspers did just that with the beauty and fashion influencers of Instagram. In an interesting take, they asked influencers to post make-up free selfies to promote their cotton.

The campaign called “Sleep Naked” though unusual turned out to be a huge success with celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Taylor Swift posting their no make-up selfies. The campaign received 25.3 million impressions and over 50,000 website visitors. The campaign also received more than 300,000 engagement on social media. 

Set an Example:

When we talk about unexpected marketing and unexpected results, the best example to learn from is the Egg gang that gained more than a million followers and likes on Instagram with a simple egg photo. Such is the potential of social media if you know how the marketing works. 

What we truly learn from this article is that just like social media marketing, influencer marketing is also turning profitable for every niche. Whether you’re a new entrant or a mega player, influencer marketing can definitely attract customers and improve brand recognition for your business. All you need to do is hire right influencers, stay away from fraud influencers, and collaborate with them efficiently and effectively.

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