10 Creative Tips to Generate Leads With Instagram

Maulik Patel

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Basically, I opened an Instagram account to show my talent in writing and drawing to my friends. Sending my drawings to each of my friends was quite annoying. So, though, Instagram is a better alternative as there is a freedom to like or dislike as per your own wish. If nothing, they will at least see my work. After a few days of constantly putting my work on Instagram posts, I realized the potential of this ever-growing social media network.

Being a social media marketer, I know how to use hashtags. With the help of hashtags, my work not only reached to my friends, it also reached to those I don’t know anything about. I received likes and comments in unexpected numbers. It is then; I started digging more on how to get the most of Instagram.

I reached out to people and businesses doing well on Instagram. They swear by Instagram for raising a brand’s awareness and reaching the targeted audience. Those who flourish at Instagram are generally known as Instagram stars.

At the end of my research, I conclude Instagram as another lead generating social media channel. If you know how to play your cards well, your business can be an Instagram star with a great potential generating leads for a long.

Quick facts on why Instagram should be a part of your marketing arsenal:

Before you jump on nitty-gritty tips of generating leads from Instagram, let me tell you about the foundation of Instagram:

Visual Content – Heart of Instagram

On my writing journey, I learned one precious secret: “Show it instead of telling it”, from Stephen King. As if he saw the upcoming age of visuals. Take any popular social media network like Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat, all are about visuals. Each network works on the basis of showing the people what others are doing. Images or videos are the reason why social media networks got the edge. So is the secret of Instagram.

To flourish your business on Instagram, you have to develop a content strategy that includes visuals, videos or images, as a major part. Focus on showing the world instead of telling them. On networks like Instagram, users are habitual to scroll down. Their mind works like if they understand the content at one glance, they will read. Otherwise, they will scroll on next understandable thing.

All in all, take special care of creating content for Instagram.

Now, let’s jump to design a whole strategy for generating leads.

Creative Tips to Generate Leads with Instagram

1. Display Your Products or Services on Bio

The one thing Instagram lag behind is it doesn’t allow clickable links on posts. That’s why you have to rely on profile description (your bio) and Instagram Ads. Your Instagram profile is your business card with a clickable link. Use it wisely as this is the only free opportunity Instagram offers when it comes to clickable links.

  • Select a username similar to your brand name
  • Put your brand logo as a profile image
  • Write a brief description about of business (to the point)
  • Put a link at the end as a call to action

2. Grow with Instagram Posts

Initially, I focused on showcasing worthy work to get a handful of users instead of jumping on promoting myself. Direct promotion turns into forceful marketing with less potential to reach users. Educational or entertaining content, on the other hand, attract users naturally. It makes users feel like they are following you at their own will. Once you reach a handful of users, you can post promotional content once in a while.

3. Reach through Instagram Ads

As I said earlier, profile and Instagram Ads are only options with click-to-action.

As a user, when I scroll on Insta, ads often pop up in the mid of scrolling. To be very honest, they don’t feel annoying even a bit. In fact, they are interesting enough to make me forget that I am viewing an Ad. That’s the specialty of Instagram. You won’t catch the difference between posts and ads. Not forgetting to give credit to companies creating eye catchy content.

Recently, I was scrolling Instagram during which I saw an ad of Jaana Kunitz’s program on weight loss with the help of ballroom dancing. The ad showed enjoyment during the program and after-results of 2-month routine. The dancing moves + the weight loss program (the content) caught my attention. I instantly bought it.

10 Creative Tips to Generate Leads With Instagram

All I am saying is show the world what you have, how much they gonna enjoy it, and how will they benefit from it.

4. Interact and Engage

I cling to one rule: don’t be only about yourself. Instagram is full of tons of profiles, news channels, posts, and influencers. Some of them existed long before you started. They already have a vast number of followers. Their posts receive ample of likes and comments which mean users’ are engaging. Your responsibility is to engage along with them.

Through comments, users’ might be answering or asking queries. Find out channels relevant to your products, and start engaging in their posts along with users. Answer users’ queries or mingle with their comments humorously. Genuine interaction gives you attention which is why you are there in the first place.

5. Post User-Generated Content

Tell me, how do I believe that the products are useful for me? Only when I see other people like me using those products and enjoying great results. That’s called user-generated content. If you have a handful of 100% satisfied customers, approach them to post videos or images with your products on Instagram. Share their content on your account or you can promote that content through Instagram Ads – most common these days. Seeing consumers using your product increases trust among potential customers. They won’t hesitate to give your brand a try.

BodyFx, a brand on a fitness program, has tons of user-generated content on its Instagram profile. It promotes the same content on Instagram Ads.

10 Creative Tips to Generate Leads With Instagram

Each of brand’s user post images or videos revealing benefits received from the product. Some also show enjoyment they feel with the brand. That’s exactly what you need to make users’ believe.

Announce contest, rewards, or discounts for those who participate in sharing videos or images holding your products. It pushes customers to come forward with your brand.

6. Go Live for Announcements

Going live to Instagram is like going to a concert. Instagram invites your users to join your live session. It’s a precious opportunity to tell your users what you are up to.

Note: If you save that live session, it will appear as a story for 24 hours. If you don’t, it will end along with a live session.

Best use of Insta live is to announce or organize events:

  • Launch of new product or service
  • Product Upgrade
  • Live Q&A
  • A behind-the-scenes video like your place of work and employees
  • Social Contests
  • Limited period deals and discounts


The live session creates a sense of urgency among users. They would love to be a part of the event. Or they don’t like to miss any deal.

7. Get Together with Influencers

Influencers have their own way and talent to attract users. They already have a big pile of users and swear to continue growing it till their last breath. They create their own content. All you have to do is contact them, and ask to promote your product for a price. You have to pay them the same way you pay to create content. An additional benefit with influencers is you get access to their large audience.

Note: don’t approach influencers who are not relevant to your product in any way.

8. Different Ways to Put Call-to-Action

Putting a link is not the only option of call-to-action. As we have limited opportunities for that, better to expand your creativity to other alternatives.

  • Asking Questions
  • Put Image of your product
  • Request to tag a friend
  • Double tap to agree
  • Glimpses of events after the announcement
  • Freebies

Etc., are some great ways to get engagement from users as well as spreading your brand’s awareness. These are the best, undeniable, and natural options of call-to-action.

9. Measure Your Efforts

You can’t go on and on without measuring end-results. It’s like a shot in the dark. Each and every business wants results. Plus, you definitely want to know what’s working, and what’s not.

Fortunately, Instagram offers some great metrics to measure your Insta success.

Instagram analytics is available only for business profiles. When you open a business account, you have access to the “Insights” section from Instagram under which you can analyze your progress.

You can take help from outsiders as well. Like Google Analytics is unbeatable for measuring campaign progress.

10. Essential Tools to Keep Up with the Pace

How will you manage the chaos of Instagram marketing?

Of course, you may be having a whole team to take care of all. Still, you need tools to smooth out the activities. For e.g., we need a shelf to manage loads of books. The same way you need tools to keep track of Instagram activities.

Here is some best tool to add on your Insta journey:

  • OptinMaster: to track your leads generated from Instagram
  • Canva: to create high-quality images with less effort
  • Buffer: to schedule content for a week in advance

Wrapping Up

Add all mentioned sources in your bucket, and then put all your focus on creating various type of content to grow your subscribers’ list. Soon, your Instagram profile will turn into a lead generating machine.

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