10 Activities a Social Media Expert Should Do On Instagram

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Want to grow an Instagram organic presence? Are looking for ways to massively increase Instagram engagement? Are you interested in the latest tips for Instagram?

With more than 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is the most engaged network after Facebook. It is also one of the powerful social media platforms that offer businesses the opportunity to reach potential customers without buying ads.

This post describes the 10 activities a social media expert should do on Instagram to achieve success.

Currently, Instagram is the darling of the social media sphere for marketers.

Nevertheless, with all these large figures, challenges are still emerging and Instagram’s marketing potential seems to go down due to the reduced engagement rates.

But with all the challenges, marketers are looking for ways to grow organic presence, increase engagement and ultimately make the most out of Instagram. That’s why College-Paper.org has shared this article.

Benefits of Instagram

Being on Instagram is beneficial for most individuals and marketers alike. Here are a few benefits of Instagram.

Instagram Has Active User Engagement

When it comes to numbers, Facebook beats Instagram hands down. But with the rapid social media evolution, statics suggests that Instagram provides active user engagement than Facebook. In fact, Instagram users are likely to use advertisements than Facebook users. That makes Instagram the best platform for businesses looking to engage customers.

You Can Grow Followers Organically 

Apart from offering paid advertising capabilities, Instagram helps to grow followers organically. That means you do not necessarily need to use paid advertising to gain followers on Instagram, unlike Facebook where you will need to use Facebook ads to build a huge amount of followers.

Growing followers organically helps to build a natural relationship between your brand and your fans instead of using paid ads.

Understand Your Customer Base

Chances are that you know your target audience, but you don’t know their likes and dislikes. Well, your target customer base might be individuals aged between 26 to 60 years, but do you know what them further?

According to Edubirdie, it doesn’t matter whether you are just using Instagram for the first time or you’ve been using it for many years, you will always need to understand your target customers.

Note that your target customers aren’t only about people who you know based on statistics. Your target customers are real people. 

Instagram is a powerful social media marketing platform that enables you to know of the likes and dislikes of your target customers and fans. You can easily tell the kind of content your followers like to engage with and which one doesn’t engage them.

Instagram Is Photo-Centric 

Initially, Instagram was introduced as an image sharing platform, until it became one of the best social media marketing platforms. This is what sets it apart from other social media channels.

It allows sharing of a combination of beautiful photos, videos, plus text. Given that people consume content shared inform of images more than textual content, Instagram is, therefore, the best platform when it comes to sharing photos of your products or services.

That said here are the useful activities a social media expert should do on Instagram.

1.Share Square Photos

Your Instagram feed is important and so are your photos. Therefore, you need to shoot high-quality photos to make your Instagram marketing more active.

If you want to save time and share high-quality photos on your Instagram, take square photos.

The best part about the latest digital cameras and smartphones is that they are designed with settings that allow users to capture square photos. This way you don’t have to spend time cropping photos.

2. Spread the Word About Your Instagram Profile 

To grow your followers, you need to cross-promote your Instagram channel. Chances are that you already have a blog, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat account. Use these avenues to tell your readers and followers that they can also connect with you on Instagram. Once you tell them that you also have an active Instagram account, place a link either on your blog or other social media platforms that directs them to your Instagram profile.

Instagram has a cross-promotional and auto-post functionality you can take advantage of to automate your Instagram posts on other social media platforms so that you can gather your followers from all of your social media networks.

3. Boost Your Visibility by use of Emojis

Images and emojis are more powerful than text on Instagram. In fact, according to statistics, half of the comments and captions on Instagram are accompanied by emojis. This makes it easier for users to discover Instagram posts and comments that feature specific emojis.

Given that there are more than 2,623 emojis available, it is important to use emojis in the best way possible. 

Before you can decide to use them, you must know whether a specific emoji is appropriate for your brand. Also, ensure you know the meaning of the emojis so that you don’t end up sending the wrong message to your target market. For instance, there are emojis that show a winking face and others that show a worried face. The last thing you want to see is sending a wrong message of your brand to your target customers.

4. Know When and How to Post

People are more attracted to active brands. In fact, followers tend to engage more with brands that are active on Instagram.

The question is how frequently should you share your Instagram posts?

Some experts recommend posting consistently at least 2 posts a day. In addition, it is important to understand when to post, particularly when it comes to issues with Instagram’s algorithmic timeline.

Some experts suggest posting between 8 am to 9 am and some recommend posting between 2 pm and 5 pm.

Well, although you might want to follow expert advice, a good rule of thumb is to understand your followers’ habits on Instagram. You can use Instagram insights of your Business account to uncover their habits.

This way, you will know when your followers are online so you can schedule your posts accordingly making sure they can see your posts in their feeds.

5. Tell Stories Instead of Preaching

Instagram is a visual platform and so if you preach instead of telling people stories, then you are losing it completely on this powerful tool. You need to keep your target market fascinated by the use of images and videos. Don’t just send them marketing messages. Tell them stories using Instagram Stories, captions, videos, and profile. You can also take advantage of UGC that echoes your brand. Check Instagram storytellers like Nike, Lego, and Red Bull for inspiration.

6. Use #Hashtags Accordingly

People think that #hashtags are just hashtags you can use anyhow but that’s not the case. Using the wrong hashtags can sink your posts to the bottom of the Instagram feed to the extent that no one will see them.

It is, therefore, important to choose the right hashtags to increase the chances of appearing at top post of the feed.

A good rule of thumb is to use a mix of trending and industry-explicit hashtags so that you can connect with followers in your industry easily and effectively.

But again, the number of hashtags you use also matters. Although Instagram allows users to deploy up to 30 hashtags on your posts, overuse of them can make you look unprofessional and unfocused. That’s why you will always see the top brands using only a few relevant hashtags that attracts followers and likes

7. Leverage Instagram Traffic to Drive Traffic to Your Website

That single clickable link in your Instagram bio can help to increase website traffic. Make users click the link by offering them something special. Add powerful and strategic calls to action together with your URL in the form of anchor text whenever you share a short video or an image of your products. 

8. Tap the Potential of Influencers to Authenticate Your Brand

Marketers are partnering with influencers these days to create brand authenticity than ever. Instagram influencer marketing has become the best way to reach a wider audience.

Influencers are people who are considered independent and partnering with them can make your brand appear genuine to your target audience. 

The tricky part is how to know the right influencers. You need to identify useful influencers.

First of all, you want to understand who an influencer is. You can then execute a short trial campaign with the influencers to see how authoritative they are. You must also equip your influencer with appropriate tools and resources, giving them instructions so that they can carry out their role without a problem.

9. Track Traffic

While driving traffic to your website, you also need to monitor the process. Unluckily, Google Analytics does not provide accurate information when it comes to monitoring traffic driven to a website when people use mobile devices to access their Instagram accounts. A customized link Shortener would do tracking effectively. 

This way you can know how many people your Instagram activity is essentially driving to your website.

10. Send Your Followers to Your Best Content

Marketers can put a clickable link in their carousel posts, however, in photo descriptions, placing clickable URLs might not work.

But there is a still a way marketers can direct followers to their best content and that’s the use of the link section in the bio of your Instagram account.

You can insert a clickable link that sends users to your website’s homepage or your valuable blog post.

Final Thoughts

Undeniably, growing a huge following on most social media channels can be a challenge. However, Instagram is a powerful tool to easily gain quality followers whether you are just starting out or you are a seasoned marketer.

The above activities have been proven by experts to be fruitful. We hope you will find them fruitful as well.