7 Feasible Tips to Improve Your Product Seeding Strategy

A product seeding campaign or influencer gifting is when brands send a free product to influencers in an attempt to reach new or distinct audiences, increase brand awareness, drive engagement and website traffic, or gain social proof through creator endorsements. Marketers often use this influencer marketing strategy to promote new or seasonal goods, offer unique value propositions, or advertise high-margin products. While influencer seedings seem relatively easy and cost effective compared to other marketing initiatives, they have elements and steps where companies may need expert guidance. Our article focuses on these details and provides informative and practicable tips for brands so that they can develop an impactful product seeding strategy and take advantage of authentic word-of-mouth marketing. Let’s cut right to the chase!

1. Choose Products that Are Suitable for Influencer Seedings

Among the reasons why successful product seeding work is that the selected samples can be exhibited on social media, the Mecca of visually appealing content. Product seeding works for a variety of industries and businesses of all sizes if their goods are demonstrable and alluring enough to elicit high levels of audience engagement. Just to name a few fashion and beauty, food and beverages, fitness and wellness and brands producing and selling electronic gadget frequently incorporate seeding in their influencer marketing efforts.

2. Pick Influencers Who Love Your Product

Find the right influencers who are passionate about your brand and discuss it regularly in their posts. Use social listening tools to uncover who has a positive experience with your brand, who recommends it to others, or who complains about an issue your services have resolved. Chances are, they will be thrilled to mention you to their followers upon receiving freebies or complementary goods from you. Furthermore, their flattering words will motivate their audience to check out what products they offer.

Review your client base and find repeat customers or individuals who are highly satisfied with your products. Concentrate on those with a significant subscriber or follower base on one - or even more - social channels. Sending free products to consumers is an effective way to strengthen customer loyalty. Additionally, you can incorporate natural and reliable recommendations into your content strategy so that other members of the community are more confident in your company.

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3. Connect with Creators Before You Send Them Your Gifts

Hit influencers up in a message before you send them your samples. This way, they'll also be on the lookout for the package. Moreover, the mere fact that a gift is on its way may encourage them to share the news with their followers. People who know and use your brand's products don't require extensive analysis to determine that they have a strong brand affinity. Even so, it's worth looking at the performance of those posts mentioning your brand, how many people you can potentially reach through the creator and what is their average engagement rate.

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4. Send Quality Products to Influencers and Personalize Your Package

It's important to not send trashy products or your lowest quality goods to influencers, even if you're a first-timer or you don't wish to invest too much money. This can backfire badly and creators will ignore you. Personalization of your gift box such as sending highly relevant products, adding a personal message, and paying attention to the quality of your packaging can also influence how the recipient writes about you. The parcels should be designed to create a memorable experience or emotional impact on the creators, which will definitely inspire them to rave about your goodies and your attentiveness.

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5. Amplify Your Seeding Strategy’s Reach with Paid Ads

Monitor seeded creators' social media posts and determine which content attracts the most attention and user engagement. You can republish well-performing posts in your feed - with the creators' permission - or ask influencers to repost their content as paid advertisements.

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6. Boost Conversions with Discount Codes and Affiliate Programs

Seeding products involves sending gifts that influencers love or that match their interests so much that they are eager to share them. Although influencer campaigns of this type can generate more demand for your products as a side effect, they are primarily intended to grow brand exposure, introduce new products, or broaden your reach. Nevertheless, it would be unwise to ignore the increase in traffic and orders. Consider incorporating influencers into affiliate programs or providing them with coupon codes to further encourage sales.

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7. Cherish Your Influencer Partnerships

Most influencers prefer working with brands that don't view them as a method for generating quick profits and revenue. It is in your best interest to establish a long-term relationship with influencers who are already avid fans of your brand and share your brand's beliefs. Additionally, people have more trust in companies that work with the same faces. Consequently, you should share content that is extremely popular with users or comment on it. Recognize influencers who mention your freebies and consider ways to repurpose their content.

Don't lose touch even after the influencer marketing campaign ends. Maintain a good relationship with the creator and secure their participation in your next program by keeping them updated about new products, asking them for their honest opinions, and inviting them to special events. This also proves to them that you are committed to long-term cooperation and allows them to create more posts about you.

Are You Ready to Revamp Your Gifting Tactics?

Use all or just a few of our tips and you'll increase your chances of being mentioned in organic and honest content. The key to product seeding is to work with people whose followers match your target audience and like your products. Even with strong brand affinity, make sure your products, packaging, and communication are customized. And keep in mind: a successful campaign can be a stepping stone for many more profitable collaborations.

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Anna is an influencer marketing expert and content marketing writer at HypeAuditor. She enjoys discovering new social media trends and features.
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July 25, 2023
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Anna is an influencer marketing expert and content marketing writer at HypeAuditor. She enjoys discovering new social media trends and features.
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Want to partner with influencers who will be right for your brand?
Find the best creators with HypeAuditor Influencer Discovery and its 138M+ account database.