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HypeAuditor Twitch report provides influencer marketing managers with a comprehensive look at streamers’ performance. Analyze important Twitch stats to make the right choice and partner with creators who fit your brand.

Monitor key Twitch channel statistics

Analyze Twitch channels from top to bottom. Get a better understanding of their performance and viewership trends. Check the number of followers and the average number of viewers who watch their live streams. Find out how many total hours the creators streamed within the last 7 days and how many days they were live over a week.


Keep track of follower growth

In the HypeAuditor Twitch report, you can check streamers’ follower growth over a selected period of time. Specify the time frame and see how the number of followers increases or decreases over the last 7, 30 or 90 days.


Analyze audience in great detail

Want to know more about the audience of a particular streamer? HypeAuditor’s Twitch analytics tool provides you with detailed audience demographics for any channel, including countries, languages, and distribution of the audience by age and gender.


Understand viewership trends

Take the guesswork out of your strategy and perform a comprehensive analysis of Twitch streams. The ‘Stream viewers’ graph of the report shows you the number of viewers for a particular channel over a selected time period (7, 30, or 90 days). On the ‘Viewers and stream time dynamic’ graph, you can see the average viewers and hours streamed every month.


Get Twitch stream and game stats

Discover valuable insights into Twitch streams. Get a complete list of streams on a particular channel and metrics like stream duration, peak viewers, and games. The report also provides you with statistics for games streamed on Twitch, including average viewers and total hours streamed.


Questions & Answers About Twitch Analytics

  • How can I find Twitch streamer analytics?

    You can get the detailed Twitch channel stats and insights with the HypeAuditor Twitch report. Analyze multiple metrics to better understand streamers’ performance and viewership trends. The audience demographics data will help you grasp the idea of who watches a particular Twitch channel.

  • What are some Twitch statistics that HypeAuditor provides?

    In the HypeAuditor Twitch analytical report, you will find a comprehensive data set to evaluate streamers’ performance. Our metrics include the average number of viewers of live streams, the total duration of streams during the last 7 days, stream viewers over a selected time period (the last 7, 30, or 90 days), and peak viewers of a particular stream to name a few.

  • Can I get stats about people who watch Twitch streams?

    Yes, you can analyze streamers’ audience demographics in the Audience section of the HypeAuditor Twitch report. Check viewers’ countries, languages, and distribution of the audience by age and gender.

  • How to check Twitch stats in HypeAuditor?

    To access data, you need to be logged into HypeAuditor. If you don’t have your account yet, sign in. You can register with your Gmail account. Then head to the Influencer Analytics section, where you can see stats and data for Twitch streamers.

    Check what features are available with the HypeAuditor paid subscription.

  • Can I see old Twitch streams?

    Sure, HypeAuditor provides you with a complete list of streams of a particular Twitch streamer along with stream metrics like duration, peak viewers and game.

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