What is an influential customer?

An influential customer is a person who can significantly influence an audience’s decisions and behaviors. They’re capable of driving opinions, preferences, and trends within their network and communities. Influential customers typically have a large audience on social media. Consequently, their recommendations and reviews can drive or discourage the actions of others. In order to increase their customers and sales, brands generally try to collaborate with influential customers.

What is a brand spokesperson?

A brand spokesperson is someone who promotes a product or service on behalf of a brand. Since brand spokespeople already know the brand well, they can focus on encouraging consumers to try out the brand and its offerings. Brand spokespeople might do this by sharing positive customer experiences, content marketing, digital marketing, generated content, and building overall brand awareness.

How can I turn a customer into a representative for my brand?

If you want to turn a customer into a spokesperson for your brand, you should build a good relationship, provide exceptional experiences, and foster brand loyalty. This might be by providing excellent customer service and personal interactions every time. You can also offer exclusive perks, discounts, and rewards for their loyalty. Once they’re willing to publicly endorse your brand, you can encourage them to share their experiences through testimonials, reviews, social media, and other content. You can even feature them in your marketing campaign or invite them to VIP events.