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Top 100 Music Youtube channels in India

sorted by HypeAuditor Score

November 2019

Here’s a list of the most influential Music YouTubers and channels in the India. Find out who tops the list. Wie es funktioniert ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Kategorie Von India Abonnenten Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 Desi Music Factory @Desi Music Factory

Desi Music Factory

Music 56.99% 10.5M 21.2M 767.9K 25.7K Vorschau
2 United White Flag @ramjigulati

United White Flag

Music 70.48% 30.7K 8.6M 638.3K 33.4K Vorschau
3 Emiway Bantai @Emiway Bantai

Emiway Bantai

Music 79.89% 7.9M 6M 488.7K 27.8K Vorschau
4 Darks Music Company @Darks Music Company

Darks Music Company

Music 79.4% 1.2M 7.5M 447.7K 20.2K Vorschau
5 Dino James @Dino James

Dino James

Music 82.63% 2.5M 3.9M 373K 27.1K Vorschau
6 Jatt Life Studios @Jatt Life Studios

Jatt Life Studios

Music 81.86% 712.2K 8.6M 292K 15.7K Vorschau
7 Neha Kakkar @NehaKakkarOfficial

Neha Kakkar

Music 64.38% 8.4M 5.8M 356K 15.3K Vorschau
8 SHADE Of Love @SHADE Of Love


Music 77.83% 1.8M 11.6M 143.4K 3.5K Vorschau
9 Mankirt Aulakh @Mankirt Aulakh

Mankirt Aulakh

Music 76.94% 1.5M 4.5M 139.6K 8.4K Vorschau


Music 65.2% 1.5M 8.5M 122.6K 3.6K Vorschau
11 Sony Music India @sonymusicindiaSME

Sony Music India

Music 74.15% 28.8M 14.7M 79.8K 2.3K Vorschau
12 AGR Life @AGR Life

AGR Life

Music 70.25% 412K 16.2M 78.8K 1.6K Vorschau
13 Harshdeep Kaur @shudhsangeet

Harshdeep Kaur

Music 57.02% 154K 2.4M 144.3K 6.8K Vorschau
14 Satyajeet Jena Official @Satyajeet Jena Official

Satyajeet Jena Official

Music 78.55% 5.9M 2.3M 85.1K 4.7K Vorschau
15 Ruchika Jangid @Ruchika Jangid

Ruchika Jangid

Music 86.96% 122.1K 4.6M 70.7K 2K Vorschau
16 Mass Appeal India @Mass Appeal India

Mass Appeal India

Music 81.52% 112.2K 2M 84.8K 2.6K Vorschau


Music 82.54% 155.1K 981.4K 97.3K 4.3K Vorschau
18 DIL Music @vijaynunsar

DIL Music

Music 87.64% 1.3M 2.4M 57.3K 1.8K Vorschau
19 Pramod Premi Entertainment @Pramod Premi Entertainment

Pramod Premi Entertainment

Music 84.37% 1.2M 4.2M 30.7K 1.9K Vorschau
20 Ranjha Music @Ranjha Music

Ranjha Music

Music 85.95% 651K 2.5M 51K 1.7K Vorschau
21 Fresh Media Records @Freshmediarecords

Fresh Media Records

Music 69.36% 3.9M 1.6M 55.1K 2.9K Vorschau
22 Saregama South @saregamasouth

Saregama South

Music 65.62% 591.1K 4M 43.2K 1.2K Vorschau
23 Sanam @SQSProject


Music 71.83% 6.6M 1M 74.9K 2.4K Vorschau
24 Professional Editing @Professional Editing

Professional Editing

Music 64% 36.8K 4.1M 40.6K 1.2K Vorschau
25 MB Music @MB Music

MB Music

Music 77.3% 2.4M 1.3M 57.7K 1.9K Vorschau


Music 89.15% 249.1K 1.4M 40.8K 2K Vorschau
27 Rawmats @Rawmats


Music 84.21% 410.1K 919.7K 59.6K 2.2K Vorschau
28 KuHu Gracia Official @KuHu Gracia Official

KuHu Gracia Official

Music 76.51% 692.1K 2.1M 52.6K 1.2K Vorschau
29 Crown Records @Crown Records

Crown Records

Music 74.04% 3.8M 3.2M 51.5K 767 Vorschau
30 Babbu Maan @babbumaanonline

Babbu Maan

Music 77.61% 1.2M 528.2K 37.9K 4K Vorschau
31 Life Madness @Life Madness

Life Madness

Music 100% 27.9K 4M 31.4K 468.5 Vorschau
32 Mor Haryanvi @Mor Haryanvi

Mor Haryanvi

Music 85.44% 6.5M 1.8M 35.9K 1K Vorschau
33 Yash Garg @Yash Garg

Yash Garg

Music 79.11% 52.2K 533.3K 47.2K 2.8K Vorschau
34 Jaz Dhami @JazDhamiofficial

Jaz Dhami

Music 60.83% 530.2K 2.7M 35.5K 939 Vorschau
35 iamzackknight @Zackofficial


Music 38.85% 1.7M 893.1K 70.2K 2.2K Vorschau


Music 24.57% 4.2M 3.9M 26.4K 1.6K Vorschau
37 Ram Audio @gujaratidevotionaltv

Ram Audio

Music 84.29% 2.4M 2.1M 30.7K 749 Vorschau
38 Urvashi kiran Sharma @Urvashi kiran Sharma

Urvashi kiran Sharma

Music 87.85% 705.2K 822.4K 40.4K 1.4K Vorschau
39 Khesari Music World @Khesari Music World

Khesari Music World

Music 84.8% 3M 1.5M 26.4K 1.1K Vorschau
40 Geet MP3 @Geet MP3

Geet MP3

Music 76.2% 16.3M 1M 38.8K 1K Vorschau
41 Akki Rap King @akshay00000000001

Akki Rap King

Music 87.57% 27.1K 358.3K 33.2K 2.6K Vorschau
42 Khan Saab Soul @Khan Saab Soul

Khan Saab Soul

Music 55.6% 115.4K 687.6K 34.8K 2K Vorschau
43 A. R. Rahman @Arrahman

A. R. Rahman

Music 68.87% 1.8M 1.1M 39.6K 918.5 Vorschau
44 One Music Originals @One Music Originals

One Music Originals

Music 67.48% 1.2M 942.7K 37.4K 925 Vorschau
45 DarshanRavalDZ @darshanrvl


Music 73.28% 1.9M 503K 38.4K 1.5K Vorschau
46 Kambi Rajpuria @kambirajpuria200292

Kambi Rajpuria

Music 74.76% 97.6K 597.1K 31.1K 1.5K Vorschau
47 Priyanka Meher @Priyanka Meher

Priyanka Meher

Music 83.98% 196.2K 631.9K 28K 1.4K Vorschau
48 CelinaSharmaVEVO @CelinaSharmaVEVO


Music 76.56% 146.1K 538.7K 38.6K 1.2K Vorschau
49 VehliJantaRecords @VehliJantaRecords


Music 73.81% 2.2M 1.9M 24.9K 545 Vorschau
50 Karan Nawani @Karan Nawani

Karan Nawani

Music 78.06% 1.1M 551.8K 42.2K 1K Vorschau
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