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Mighty Influencer Discovery

Finden Sie einen perfekt abgestimmten Influencer in 6M+ Profilen mithilfe von Filtern, die in der Liste hochwertigen Profilen ausfindig machen können.

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Know your influencer

Find influencers you need. Match them with your campaign needs by age, location & authenticity.

  • Influencer Alter
  • Influencer Geschlecht
  • Influencer Language
  • Influencerlokalisierung
  • Person / Marke
  • Authentizität des Publikums
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Target the right audience

No more wasted budgets. Whether you are searching for a right influencer for an ad post or checking your rivals — use Discovery to filter by size, demography, gender & age.

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Filter influencers by quality

Who is good? Who is real? Filter by quality metrics and select fair influencers with real audience. No fraud and cheating for your money.

  • Publikums-Qualitätskennzahl
  • Interaktionsrate
  • Quality Audience Size
  • Markenerwähnungen
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Contact the best in touch

View contact information for selected influencers easily: we provide a public phone number & email to communicate.

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