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Optimize your Instagram Growth Strategy with best in class valuable insights. Analyze changes in 15 metrics and get tips on Follower growth, Audience engagement, Content strategy.

Instagram Growth Tracker

Key features of Instagram Growth Tracking

Track Instagram followers

Follower growth is a sign that people like your content, and you are on the right track. However, not all follower growth is good. Check whether you attract suspicious accounts or real and engaged people. Take a look at your follower growth graph to get insights about your Instagram growth rate.

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Track Instagram followers growth

Get engagement insights

Find out how your Engagement Rate changes over time; check your Instagram engagement day by day. Does it grow or fall? Engagement insights will help you to understand how effective and authentic your Instagram growth strategy is and react in time.

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Get Instagram engagement insights

Analyze content

Maximize your performance by making data-driven decisions based on HypeAuditor Instagram content analysis. Increase your reach and engagement by creating more posts that work for your audience. Understand how your content impacts engagement rate and take action.

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Analyze Instagram content

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