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Top 100 Technology & Science Youtube channels in United States

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December 2019

Here’s a list of the most influential Technology & Science YouTubers and channels in the United States. Find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category From United States Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 Mark Rober @onemeeeliondollars

Mark Rober

Technology & Science 47.71% 9.2M 9.7M 285.1K 9.2K Preview
2 Simone Giertz @Simone Giertz

Simone Giertz

Technology & Science 40.33% 2M 2.3M 122.4K 9.9K Preview
3 Primitive Technology @Primitive Technology

Primitive Technology

Technology & Science 35.69% 9.9M 2.7M 99.2K 5.4K Preview
4 Physics Girl @physicswoman

Physics Girl

Technology & Science 38.94% 1.5M 2.2M 69.7K 6.8K Preview
5 Marques Brownlee @marquesbrownlee

Marques Brownlee

Technology & Science 37.59% 9.9M 1.7M 94.2K 5.6K Preview
6 NileRed @TheRedNile


Technology & Science 42.62% 1.1M 1.4M 61.4K 6.7K Preview
7 Unbox Therapy @unboxtherapy

Unbox Therapy

Technology & Science 33.54% 15.9M 2M 62.2K 3.8K Preview
8 kiwami japan @kiwami japan

kiwami japan

Technology & Science 29.34% 2.8M 1.7M 46.8K 6.4K Preview
9 Linus Tech Tips @LinusTechTips

Linus Tech Tips

Technology & Science 37.48% 9.7M 1.3M 47.1K 4K Preview
10 ElectroBOOM @msadaghd


Technology & Science 31.39% 3.1M 668.1K 70.2K 3.3K Preview
11 William Osman @William Osman

William Osman

Technology & Science 55.03% 1.6M 703.8K 42.9K 2.3K Preview
12 JohnnyQ90 @johnnyq90


Technology & Science 32.21% 915K 2.1M 36.3K 1.6K Preview
13 Verge Science @Verge Science

Verge Science

Technology & Science 38.31% 914.1K 799.6K 32.6K 3.5K Preview
14 EverythingApplePro @EverythingApplePro


Technology & Science 44.33% 7.8M 1M 23.8K 3K Preview
15 the Hacksmith @MstrJames

the Hacksmith

Technology & Science 35.7% 7.5M 804K 33.6K 2.1K Preview
16 PeterSripol @PeterSripol


Technology & Science 46.44% 1.2M 770.8K 23.7K 2.2K Preview
17 ColdFusion @coldfustion


Technology & Science 32.69% 2.1M 545K 24.8K 4K Preview
18 TREY the Explainer @GamerCreator12345

TREY the Explainer

Technology & Science 45.08% 435.1K 503.6K 23.9K 3.2K Preview
19 Restoration And Restore @Restoration And Restore

Restoration And Restore

Technology & Science 28.16% 37.9K 1.5M 24K 1.7K Preview
20 Real Engineering @Real Engineering

Real Engineering

Technology & Science 35.55% 2.2M 705.9K 28.9K 2K Preview
21 Snazzy Labs @ThatSnazzyiPhoneGuy

Snazzy Labs

Technology & Science 38.91% 704.1K 869.9K 15.7K 2.7K Preview
22 Dave Lee @Dave Lee

Dave Lee

Technology & Science 28.83% 2.5M 720.4K 29.5K 1.8K Preview
23 Technology Connections @Technology Connections

Technology Connections

Technology & Science 47.29% 523.1K 315.8K 22.3K 2.5K Preview
24 This Old Tony @featony

This Old Tony

Technology & Science 45.31% 701K 495.3K 22.2K 1.6K Preview
25 Primal Space @Primal Space

Primal Space

Technology & Science 33.67% 182.6K 887.1K 18.2K 1.3K Preview
26 MrMobile [Michael Fisher] @MrMobile [Michael Fisher]

MrMobile [Michael Fisher]

Technology & Science 36.26% 847.6K 710.6K 16.7K 1.6K Preview
27 What's Inside? @lincolnmarkham

What's Inside?

Technology & Science 41.51% 6.8M 547.4K 14.9K 1.8K Preview
28 Techquickie @Techquickie


Technology & Science 34.24% 3.1M 494.7K 22.9K 1.5K Preview
29 PBS Eons @PBS Eons

PBS Eons

Technology & Science 43.31% 1.1M 458.2K 20.6K 1.4K Preview
30 JayzTwoCents @Jayztwocents


Technology & Science 45.53% 2.2M 407K 15.9K 1.8K Preview
31 TechKaboom @TechKaboom


Technology & Science 38.14% 389.2K 575.2K 13.6K 1.7K Preview
32 TechLinked @TechLinked


Technology & Science 38.48% 1M 463.5K 23K 1.1K Preview
33 Joey Delgado @PeanutButterGetMonEy

Joey Delgado

Technology & Science 39.18% 484.1K 353.7K 14K 2K Preview
34 Curious Droid @Curious Droid

Curious Droid

Technology & Science 39.39% 758.1K 370.1K 14.6K 1.8K Preview
35 Deep Look @KQEDDeepLook

Deep Look

Technology & Science 39.19% 1.3M 450.9K 18.3K 1.2K Preview
36 AmazingViz @AmazingViz


Technology & Science 28.45% 102K 707.8K 15.1K 1.2K Preview
37 Austin Evans @duncan33303

Austin Evans

Technology & Science 39.34% 4M 424.8K 15.5K 1.3K Preview
38 The Crusher @The Crusher

The Crusher

Technology & Science 20.23% 1.9M 944.6K 14K 1.1K Preview
39 The Thought Emporium @TheChemlife

The Thought Emporium

Technology & Science 42.2% 349.1K 234.6K 19K 1.5K Preview
40 Hydraulic Press Channel @Hydraulic Press Channel

Hydraulic Press Channel

Technology & Science 35.33% 2.4M 638.1K 12.9K 923 Preview
41 Lt Col Nutnfancy @TheNutnfancyProject

Lt Col Nutnfancy

Technology & Science 74.84% 87.9K 125.1K 7.5K 3.7K Preview
42 Susan Wojcicki @Susan Wojcicki

Susan Wojcicki

Technology & Science 20.39% 92K 813K 8.8K 1.5K Preview
43 GreatScott! @greatscottlab


Technology & Science 19.85% 1.2M 443.7K 19.8K 1.2K Preview
44 Brainiac75 @brainiac75


Technology & Science 33.19% 602.6K 443.2K 19.9K 666 Preview
45 Tom Stanton @tomstanton282

Tom Stanton

Technology & Science 31.66% 272.2K 405.4K 17K 840 Preview
46 TheBackyardScientist @TheBackyardScientist


Technology & Science 49.92% 4.4M 247.7K 12.2K 1.2K Preview
47 AvE @arduinoversusevil


Technology & Science 52.83% 1M 283.4K 10.4K 1.2K Preview
48 TechSource @Thramkar


Technology & Science 33.7% 2.3M 299.9K 11.5K 1.5K Preview
49 The Verge @TheVerge

The Verge

Technology & Science 36.04% 2.8M 496.2K 11.4K 791 Preview
50 Jonathan Morrison @tldtoday

Jonathan Morrison

Technology & Science 41.31% 2.7M 342.9K 10.4K 1K Preview
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