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Top 100 Most Commented Pets Youtube channels in South Korea

May 2020

Here’s a list of the most influential Pets YouTubers and channels in the South Korea. Find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category From South Korea Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 밀키와 복이MilkyBoki @밀키와 복이MilkyBoki

밀키와 복이MilkyBoki

Pets 45.61% 1.4M 623.8K 40.6K 4.7K Preview
2 냥이아빠 @냥이아빠


Pets 93.13% 673.2K 956.2K 16.1K 3K Preview
3 haha ha @haha ha

haha ha

Pets 91.26% 712.2K 407.6K 17.9K 2.9K Preview
4 MochaMilk @MochaMilk


Pets 63.61% 1.1M 731.8K 21.2K 2.2K Preview
5 Girl's Planet @Girl's Planet

Girl's Planet

Pets 93.24% 846.1K 335.5K 11.5K 1.8K Preview
6 오브리더Breeder OH @오브리더Breeder OH

오브리더Breeder OH

Pets 91.83% 201.6K 1.6M 15.5K 1.6K Preview
7 매탈남 @매탈남


Pets 89.83% 242.5K 151.6K 11.9K 1.6K Preview
8 Arirang은 고양이들내가 주인 @Arirang은 고양이들내가 주인

Arirang은 고양이들내가 주인

Pets 89.18% 568.5K 386.1K 13.5K 1.5K Preview
9 Mongja @CHUCHU7325


Pets 92.22% 611K 478.8K 15.7K 1.4K Preview
10 PleaseBe @shandxx10


Pets 92.86% 178.1K 97.9K 3.7K 1.3K Preview
11 개스타일 Get style TV PET @개스타일 Get style TV PET

개스타일 Get style TV PET

Pets 63.64% 270K 434.8K 12.3K 1.1K Preview
12 시바견 곰이탱이여우 @시바견 곰이탱이여우

시바견 곰이탱이여우

Pets 88.08% 512.2K 153.6K 4.8K 1.1K Preview
13 집사인생 용시쿠 @집사인생 용시쿠

집사인생 용시쿠

Pets 92.72% 131.6K 170.9K 3.7K 1.1K Preview
14 22똥괭이네 @22똥괭이네


Pets 89.27% 253.2K 129K 8.9K 1K Preview
15 지트 스튜디오 Zit Studio @지트 스튜디오 Zit Studio

지트 스튜디오 Zit Studio

Pets 51.41% 142.5K 428.8K 5.4K 965.5 Preview
16 갑수목장gabsupasture @갑수목장gabsupasture


Pets 85.54% 529.1K 401.6K 11K 917 Preview
17 [THE SOY]루퐁이네 @[THE SOY]루퐁이네

[THE SOY]루퐁이네

Pets 88.52% 394.1K 937.5K 17.8K 878 Preview
18 뭉땡뭉땡 @뭉땡뭉땡


Pets 85.33% 327.4K 266.5K 9.8K 865.5 Preview
19 털복숭이들과 베베집사 Bebe6Cats @털복숭이들과 베베집사 Bebe6Cats

털복숭이들과 베베집사 Bebe6Cats

Pets 86.21% 123.5K 185.6K 7.5K 834 Preview
20 ChooChoo's Story @ChooChoo's Story

ChooChoo's Story

Pets 85.95% 256.4K 198.6K 7.3K 719.5 Preview
21 SBS TV동물농장x애니멀봐 @SBS TV동물농장x애니멀봐

SBS TV동물농장x애니멀봐

Pets 61.09% 3.1M 514.6K 10.6K 707.5 Preview
22 KiSH-Log @KiSH-Log


Pets 43.76% 260.2K 75.5K 4.2K 647.5 Preview
23 디바제니Deeva Jenny @디바제니Deeva Jenny

디바제니Deeva Jenny

Pets 93.96% 326.5K 103.4K 3.8K 615 Preview
24 멜과 진돗개 봉순MelBong @멜과 진돗개 봉순MelBong

멜과 진돗개 봉순MelBong

Pets 92.31% 34.7K 113.6K 7K 590 Preview
25 Mejoo and Cats @Mejoo and Cats

Mejoo and Cats

Pets 63.71% 575.5K 165.5K 7.3K 590 Preview
26 興하게도와주는👉흥소장 @興하게도와주는👉흥소장


Pets 100% 2.9K 1.3K 111 573 Preview
27 모카라떼MochaLatte @모카라떼MochaLatte


Pets 75.99% 7K 60.4K 1.2K 560 Preview


Pets 68.2% 596.1K 177.6K 4.4K 515.5 Preview
29 악어아빠김줄스 @악어아빠김줄스


Pets 87.5% 253.2K 117.9K 2.4K 513.5 Preview
30 냥큼한 친구들 Sweet cats @냥큼한 친구들 Sweet cats

냥큼한 친구들 Sweet cats

Pets 74.41% 128K 160.1K 5.6K 512.5 Preview
31 정브르 @정브르


Pets 89.39% 688K 165.6K 2.6K 512 Preview
32 아리둥절 Ari the Corgi @아리둥절 Ari the Corgi

아리둥절 Ari the Corgi

Pets 89.2% 451K 292.9K 7.7K 509 Preview
33 강형욱의보듬TV @강형욱의보듬TV


Pets 90.57% 1M 126.7K 3.2K 483 Preview
34 보더로운생활Border Collie Triplets @보더로운생활Border Collie Triplets

보더로운생활Border Collie Triplets

Pets 91.95% 118.2K 305.8K 5.7K 481.5 Preview
35 Catoutdoor @Catoutdoor


Pets 95.35% 81.9K 48.7K 969 471 Preview
36 Griffin Frenchie @Griffin Frenchie

Griffin Frenchie

Pets 30% 33.8K 452.3K 7.4K 435 Preview
37 다흑님 @다흑님


Pets 94.33% 586K 186.5K 2.2K 420 Preview
38 Jian's Cat @Jian's Cat

Jian's Cat

Pets 83.56% 141.4K 103.3K 4.6K 410 Preview
39 해수인tv @해수인tv


Pets 86.92% 304.2K 252.7K 4.5K 407.5 Preview
40 보리보리 @보리보리


Pets 92.28% 195.6K 219.8K 4.7K 374 Preview
41 호두랑 마루랑 Duruduru @호두랑 마루랑 Duruduru

호두랑 마루랑 Duruduru

Pets 91.96% 259.6K 222.9K 4.5K 355 Preview
42 성문수 @성문수


Pets 92.37% 200.5K 211.3K 2.2K 353 Preview
43 SuriNoel @JungwooPark79


Pets 31.89% 1.8M 71K 4.2K 343 Preview
44 맹수꽁이 BeastGGongTV @맹수꽁이 BeastGGongTV

맹수꽁이 BeastGGongTV

Pets 92.13% 60.5K 483.3K 6.2K 339 Preview
45 TV생물도감 @TV생물도감


Pets 87.86% 277.5K 57.1K 1.5K 334 Preview
46 8Corgi House @8Corgi House

8Corgi House

Pets 76.96% 156.1K 64.7K 2.5K 333 Preview
47 새덕후 Korean Birder @새덕후 Korean Birder

새덕후 Korean Birder

Pets 58.18% 28K 16.4K 1.2K 329 Preview
48 피니엔스of Cats @피니엔스of Cats

피니엔스of Cats

Pets 87.16% 59K 13.6K 1.4K 329 Preview
49 호야단추HoyaDanchu @호야단추HoyaDanchu


Pets 68.05% 175.2K 63K 2.9K 310 Preview
50 jinsols @jinsols


Pets 95.65% 32.9K 43.2K 1.9K 309 Preview
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