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Top 500 Most Viewed Youtube channels in People & Blogs

May 2020

Here’s a list of the most influential People & Blogs YouTubers and channels in the world. Find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category Audience Country Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 Tide India @Tide India

Tide India

People & Blogs India 67.7K 38M 298 19 Preview
2 Woodworking Art @Woodworking Art

Woodworking Art

People & Blogs United States 1.1M 21.6M 207.8K 7.2K Preview
3 Sensodyne TH @Sensodyne TH

Sensodyne TH

People & Blogs 32.1K 20.7M 6 0 Preview
4 Nestle ICE CREAM Thailand @Nestle ICE CREAM Thailand

Nestle ICE CREAM Thailand

People & Blogs Thailand 47.6K 17.6M 5.7K 417.5 Preview
5 shfa show India @shfa show India

shfa show India

People & Blogs 5.1M 14.3M 89.3K 0 Preview
6 Kimberly Loaiza @Kimberly Loaiza

Kimberly Loaiza

People & Blogs Mexico 23.4M 14.1M 1.5M 159K Preview
7 KendoKaponiTV @KendoKaponiTV


People & Blogs Colombia 1M 12.7M 267K 18.3K Preview


People & Blogs United States 2.3M 11.6M 98.5K 6.1K Preview


People & Blogs Mexico 84.4K 11.6M 29 0 Preview
10 Carrefour Brasil @carrefourbrasil

Carrefour Brasil

People & Blogs Brazil 131.5K 9.9M 250 22 Preview
11 Aayu and Pihu Show @Aayu and Pihu Show

Aayu and Pihu Show

People & Blogs India 6.9M 9.6M 301.3K 0 Preview
12 Ricky Martin @Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin

People & Blogs United States 5.5M 8.8M 48.8K 1.5K Preview
13 shfa @shfa


People & Blogs 21.2M 8.2M 122.3K 0 Preview
14 Arsenii Boy @Arsenii Boy

Arsenii Boy

People & Blogs 0 7.9M 44K 0 Preview
15 SomeGoodNews @SomeGoodNews


People & Blogs United States 2.6M 7.9M 288.2K 13.5K Preview
16 Elvish Yadav Vlogs @Elvish Yadav Vlogs

Elvish Yadav Vlogs

People & Blogs India 947K 7.7M 937.8K 66K Preview
17 วลาดและนิกิตา @วลาดและนิกิตา


People & Blogs United States 2.1M 7.6M 56K 0 Preview
18 charli d'amelio @charli d'amelio

charli d'amelio

People & Blogs United States 4.2M 7.3M 547.8K 48.8K Preview
19 Activia Arabia @Activia Arabia

Activia Arabia

People & Blogs Saudi Arabia 7.6K 7.2M 147 5 Preview
20 Brekkies de Affinity @BrekkiesexcelSpain

Brekkies de Affinity

People & Blogs Spain 2.1K 6.9M 67 17 Preview
21 GoPay Indonesia @GoPay Indonesia

GoPay Indonesia

People & Blogs Indonesia 65.7K 6.9M 188.5 21 Preview
22 TwinRoozi 쌍둥이 루지 @TwinRoozi 쌍둥이 루지

TwinRoozi 쌍둥이 루지

People & Blogs 8.3M 6.7M 0 0 Preview
23 Hongyu ASMR 홍유 @Hongyu ASMR 홍유

Hongyu ASMR 홍유

People & Blogs Korea, Republic of 3.8M 6.7M 81.2K 3.6K Preview
24 Enfa Smart Center @ENFAGROWIndonesia

Enfa Smart Center

People & Blogs 31.8K 6.4M 0 0 Preview


People & Blogs Russia 6.5M 6.3M 558.6K 35.2K Preview
26 Danup @danuptv


People & Blogs Mexico 11.1K 6.2M 24 1.5 Preview
27 Mamix? @Mamix?


People & Blogs Russia 6.7M 6.2M 831.5K 34.4K Preview
28 Google Türkiye @googleturkey

Google Türkiye

People & Blogs Turkey 199.4K 6.1M 0 0 Preview
29 عائلة حسام @عائلة حسام

عائلة حسام

People & Blogs Iraq 728K 6.1M 42.9K 0 Preview
30 196Sekiz @196Sekiz


People & Blogs Turkey 344.2K 6.1M 116.2K 10.5K Preview
31 Caffino ID @Caffino ID

Caffino ID

People & Blogs 24K 6M 12.1K 609.5 Preview
32 вДудь @вДудь


People & Blogs Russia 7.5M 6M 213.2K 23K Preview
33 Dixie D'Amelio @Dixie D'Amelio

Dixie D'Amelio

People & Blogs United States 668.1K 5.9M 331.5K 17.1K Preview
34 Ayudín Argentina @Ayudín Argentina

Ayudín Argentina

People & Blogs Argentina 45.4K 5.8M 1.4K 36 Preview
35 Godrej Protekt @godrejprotekt

Godrej Protekt

People & Blogs India 54.7K 5.5M 105 1 Preview
36 123 GO! @123 GO!

123 GO!

People & Blogs United States 7M 5.5M 54.7K 4.2K Preview
37 Go Ami Go! @Go Ami Go!

Go Ami Go!

People & Blogs Mexico 5.6M 5.5M 390.9K 22.4K Preview
38 Heidi & Zidane बच्चों की कहानियाँ @Heidi & Zidane बच्चों की कहानियाँ

Heidi & Zidane बच्चों की कहानियाँ

People & Blogs 3.6M 5.3M 36.4K 0 Preview
39 Hello Lyana Kitty YT @Hello Lyana Kitty YT

Hello Lyana Kitty YT

People & Blogs United States 136.1K 5.3M 87.7K 6K Preview
40 Brave Wilderness Life @Brave Wilderness Life

Brave Wilderness Life

People & Blogs United States 1M 5.2M 55.3K 1.4K Preview
41 あいみょんチャンネル @あいみょんチャンネル


People & Blogs Japan 2.5K 5.2M 56.2K 3K Preview
42 The ACE Family @The ACE Family

The ACE Family

People & Blogs United States 18.6M 5.1M 359.3K 36.2K Preview
43 123 GO! GOLD @123 GO! GOLD

123 GO! GOLD

People & Blogs United States 1.4M 4.8M 32K 1.6K Preview
44 The LaBrant Fam @The LaBrant Fam

The LaBrant Fam

People & Blogs 11.9M 4.7M 148.5K 0 Preview
45 Abbott Family Indonesia @Abbott Family Indonesia

Abbott Family Indonesia

People & Blogs 3.2K 4.7M 4 0 Preview
46 AS Mobile Vlog @AS Mobile Vlog

AS Mobile Vlog

People & Blogs Viet Nam 1M 4.6M 146.7K 4.9K Preview
47 Blockbuster Movies @Blockbuster Movies

Blockbuster Movies

People & Blogs India 6.2M 4.6M 29.3K 430 Preview
48 Sara Wijayanto @sarawijayanto

Sara Wijayanto

People & Blogs Indonesia 4.7M 4.6M 244.1K 22.1K Preview
49 vanzai @vanzai


People & Blogs Russia 4.5M 4.3M 409.8K 11.6K Preview
50 Ivana Alawi @Ivana Alawi

Ivana Alawi

People & Blogs Philippines 6.9M 4.2M 358.4K 59.4K Preview
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