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Top Most Reacted YouTube People & Blogs Channels

Updated: July 2020

Get a list of the top 500 most reacted People & Blogs YouTubers and channels in 2020. Find out who is the #1 People & Blogs YouTuber in 2020. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

Rank Channel Category Audience Country Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 Dixie D'Amelio @Dixie D'Amelio

Dixie D'Amelio

People & Blogs United States 2.2M 24.6M 2.5M 201.7K Preview


People & Blogs Russia 7M 28.4M 1.7M 186.1K Preview
3 Kimberly Loaiza @Kimberly Loaiza

Kimberly Loaiza

People & Blogs Mexico 23.9M 7.5M 967.9K 68.1K Preview
4 The ACE Family @The ACE Family

The ACE Family

People & Blogs United States 18.9M 12.4M 732.5K 85.9K Preview
5 Mamix? @Mamix?


People & Blogs Russia 7.2M 4M 730.5K 74.5K Preview
6 Alex Gonzaga Official @Alex Gonzaga Official

Alex Gonzaga Official

People & Blogs Philippines 7.7M 9M 634K 34.7K Preview
7 Elvish Yadav Vlogs @Elvish Yadav Vlogs

Elvish Yadav Vlogs

People & Blogs India 1.4M 3.6M 619.1K 31.8K Preview
8 Ignacia Antonia @Ignacia Antonia

Ignacia Antonia

People & Blogs Chile 3M 2.7M 417.5K 41.9K Preview
9 AkStar @SuperPaShow


People & Blogs Russia 1.4M 3.8M 402.6K 19.8K Preview
10 Алёна Венум @Алёна Венум

Алёна Венум

People & Blogs Russia 5.5M 3M 395K 22.6K Preview
11 LARRAY @LarryVonVanity


People & Blogs United States 5.6M 4.6M 359.5K 27.2K Preview
12 علي عذاب - Ali athab @علي عذاب - Ali athab

علي عذاب - Ali athab

People & Blogs Iran 4.8M 4.5M 344.3K 65.8K Preview
13 Misellia Ikwan @Misellia Ikwan

Misellia Ikwan

People & Blogs Indonesia 1.7M 2.8M 332.6K 14.1K Preview


People & Blogs Russia 1.9M 3.5M 324.8K 21.1K Preview
15 Lopez Brothers @Lopez Brothers

Lopez Brothers

People & Blogs United States 1.6M 4.5M 297.5K 24.2K Preview
16 Meera Stars @Meera Stars

Meera Stars

People & Blogs Algeria 4.3M 8M 291.2K 11.8K Preview
17 Mont Pantoja @Mont Pantoja

Mont Pantoja

People & Blogs Mexico 1.4M 2.7M 278.6K 16K Preview
18 вДудь @вДудь


People & Blogs Russia 7.6M 5.4M 272.4K 25.7K Preview
19 Alper Rende @Alper Rende

Alper Rende

People & Blogs Turkey 3.9M 2.9M 255.2K 19.7K Preview
20 Anastasiz @MsAnastasiz


People & Blogs Russia 4.8M 2.8M 249.8K 11.3K Preview
21 Nour Mar5 @Nour Mar5

Nour Mar5

People & Blogs Turkey 3.1M 1.7M 248.7K 22.1K Preview
22 vanzai @vanzai


People & Blogs Russia 4.7M 2.9M 247.3K 16.6K Preview
23 Stray Kids @Stray Kids

Stray Kids

People & Blogs United States 3.3M 1.4M 243.5K 10K Preview
24 Aayu and Pihu Show @Aayu and Pihu Show

Aayu and Pihu Show

People & Blogs India 7.7M 9.4M 242.4K 13K Preview
25 Deli Mi Ne? @Deli Mi Ne?

Deli Mi Ne?

People & Blogs Turkey 6.5M 3.4M 239.1K 13.2K Preview
26 The Royalty Family @The Royalty Family

The Royalty Family

People & Blogs 9M 3.3M 238K 38.1K Preview
27 Saud Brothers @Saud Brothers

Saud Brothers

People & Blogs 4.1M 3.8M 233.8K 0 Preview
28 Kimbab Family @Kimbab Family

Kimbab Family

People & Blogs Indonesia 915K 5.1M 229.5K 17.2K Preview
29 Alex Warren @Alex Warren

Alex Warren

People & Blogs United States 1.9M 4.1M 228.5K 8.7K Preview
30 Ivana Alawi @Ivana Alawi

Ivana Alawi

People & Blogs Philippines 7.6M 3.2M 228K 25.3K Preview
31 محمد طارق Mohamd Tariq l @محمد طارق Mohamd Tariq l

محمد طارق Mohamd Tariq l

People & Blogs Saudi Arabia 2.4M 1.7M 221K 6.6K Preview
32 Bretman Rock @Bretman Rock

Bretman Rock

People & Blogs United States 7.6M 2.9M 216.9K 9.4K Preview
33 Kwili @kwiliVEVO


People & Blogs Saudi Arabia 3.2M 2.2M 215K 14.6K Preview
34 Bryce Hall @Bryce Hall

Bryce Hall

People & Blogs United States 2.1M 2.5M 213.6K 14.9K Preview
35 Tiara Andini @Tiara Andini

Tiara Andini

People & Blogs 379K 4.1M 213.4K 144.3K Preview
36 Berth&Cris @Berth&Cris


People & Blogs Mexico 2M 3.2M 213.2K 5.6K Preview
37 Kamsing Family Channel @Kamsing Family Channel

Kamsing Family Channel

People & Blogs Thailand 3M 6.1M 212.1K 9.2K Preview
38 TGFbro @TGFbro


People & Blogs United Kingdom 5.7M 1.7M 211.1K 13.6K Preview
39 Sthefane Matos @Sthefane Matos

Sthefane Matos

People & Blogs Brazil 2.6M 1.2M 211.1K 5.1K Preview
40 Violinist Kohei @Violinist Kohei

Violinist Kohei

People & Blogs India 1.4M 1.7M 211K 16.8K Preview
41 Настя Ивлеева @Настя Ивлеева

Настя Ивлеева

People & Blogs Russia 3.9M 2.2M 209.3K 5.2K Preview
42 Sara Wijayanto @sarawijayanto

Sara Wijayanto

People & Blogs Indonesia 5.3M 3.7M 207.9K 22.5K Preview
43 Unspeakable @Unspeakable


People & Blogs United States 7.4M 4.4M 205.9K 14.9K Preview
44 LubaTV @LubaTV


People & Blogs Brazil 7.8M 1M 205.6K 6.6K Preview
45 المربد _ قف للتحشيش @المربد _ قف للتحشيش

المربد _ قف للتحشيش

People & Blogs Iran 7.3M 3.4M 205.4K 1.2K Preview


People & Blogs Russia 626.1K 1.6M 201.8K 6.3K Preview
47 Тима Мацони @Тима Мацони

Тима Мацони

People & Blogs Russia 1.7M 1.4M 201.3K 12.6K Preview
48 Shirley Setia @shirleysetia

Shirley Setia

People & Blogs India 3.4M 2.3M 199.7K 5.5K Preview
49 Junnie Boy @Junnie Boy

Junnie Boy

People & Blogs Philippines 2.7M 2.1M 198.3K 10.6K Preview


People & Blogs Russia 743K 1.2M 195.8K 9.2K Preview
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