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Top 500 Most Subscribed Youtube channels in Nonprofits & Activism

April 2020

Here’s a list of the most influential Nonprofits & Activism YouTubers and channels in the world. Find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category Audience Country Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 TEDx Talks @TEDxTalks

TEDx Talks

Nonprofits & Activism United States 23.9M 118 4 1 Preview
2 TED @TEDtalksDirector


Nonprofits & Activism United States 16.8M 44.7K 1.5K 132 Preview
3 Dolan Twins @TheDolanTwins

Dolan Twins

Nonprofits & Activism United States 10.8M 2.3M 142.7K 8.6K Preview
4 Первый канал @1tv

Первый канал

Nonprofits & Activism Russia 4.5M 3.6K 58 2 Preview
5 Swami Ramdev @vkskmrgpt

Swami Ramdev

Nonprofits & Activism India 4.2M 11.2K 557 27.5 Preview
6 Алексей Навальный @NavalnyRu

Алексей Навальный

Nonprofits & Activism Russia 3.4M 2.5M 266.6K 34.4K Preview
7 Bharat Swabhiman @TheBHARATSWABHIMAN

Bharat Swabhiman

Nonprofits & Activism India 2M 2.9K 141.5 8 Preview
8 ЛЕВ ПРОТИВ @lionversusSmoking


Nonprofits & Activism Russia 1.8M 176.9K 13.4K 393 Preview
9 Rizq & Wealth @Rizq & Wealth

Rizq & Wealth

Nonprofits & Activism Iran 1.5M 13.5K 417 32 Preview
10 Qalby Etmaan - قلبي اطمأن @Qalby Etmaan - قلبي اطمأن

Qalby Etmaan - قلبي اطمأن

Nonprofits & Activism Morocco 1.4M 126.9K 12.9K 1.6K Preview
11 Acharya Balkrishna @acharyabalkrisha

Acharya Balkrishna

Nonprofits & Activism India 1.4M 5.1K 219 10 Preview
12 Pe Marcelo Rossi @Pe Marcelo Rossi

Pe Marcelo Rossi

Nonprofits & Activism 1.4M 10K 3.2K 135 Preview
13 Sangre yAgua @JorgeLuisReyes77

Sangre yAgua

Nonprofits & Activism Mexico 1.4M 27.6K 2.2K 174 Preview
14 MBL - Movimento Brasil Livre @MBL - Movimento Brasil Livre

MBL - Movimento Brasil Livre

Nonprofits & Activism Brazil 1.3M 47.1K 7.2K 1K Preview
15 Joel Osteen @joelosteenministries

Joel Osteen

Nonprofits & Activism United States 1.3M 80.8K 3.9K 363 Preview
16 haramaininfo @haramaininfo


Nonprofits & Activism India 1.3M 3.8K 164 14 Preview
17 Телеканал ICTV @ICTVchannel

Телеканал ICTV

Nonprofits & Activism Ukraine 1.3M 3.3K 96 13 Preview
18 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints @MormonMessages

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Nonprofits & Activism United States 1.3M 1.1M 7.8K 290 Preview
19 TV Center @TVCenter

TV Center

Nonprofits & Activism Russia 1.2M 5K 86 15 Preview
20 قناة تلاوات الشيخ د. ياسر الدوسري @shda1016

قناة تلاوات الشيخ د. ياسر الدوسري

Nonprofits & Activism Egypt 1.1M 29.5K 2.4K 193.5 Preview
21 大日宗 @大日宗


Nonprofits & Activism Taiwan, Province of China 1.1M 4.3K 231 6 Preview


Nonprofits & Activism Colombia 1M 16.8K 2.4K 584 Preview
23 Swadeshi Chikitsa Nirmal @Swadeshi Chikitsa Nirmal

Swadeshi Chikitsa Nirmal

Nonprofits & Activism India 1M 16.4K 837 39 Preview
24 Телеканал Интер (Inter TV channel) @InterTVua

Телеканал Интер (Inter TV channel)

Nonprofits & Activism Ukraine 968.1K 2.5K 38 4 Preview
25 Быть Или @Быть Или

Быть Или

Nonprofits & Activism Russia 949.5K 644.4K 106.9K 8K Preview
26 Transformation Church @TransformChurchTV

Transformation Church

Nonprofits & Activism United States 949.1K 213K 8.6K 825 Preview
27 The Daily Reminder @TheDailyReminder

The Daily Reminder

Nonprofits & Activism United Kingdom 938.1K 68.6K 3.5K 261.5 Preview
28 Haramain Support @Haramain Support

Haramain Support

Nonprofits & Activism India 920.1K 5.1K 245.5 26 Preview
29 Yesenia Then TV @Yesenia Then TV

Yesenia Then TV

Nonprofits & Activism United States 890.1K 119.6K 5.4K 271.5 Preview
30 Breno CDs Original @brenocdsoriginal

Breno CDs Original

Nonprofits & Activism Brazil 854.5K 3.5K 98 2 Preview
31 SADB @Lomak1581


Nonprofits & Activism United States 841.5K 90.7K 3.8K 531 Preview
32 Garden, do it yourself. @Garden, do it yourself.

Garden, do it yourself.

Nonprofits & Activism Russia 819.1K 66.4K 4K 191 Preview
33 법륜스님의 즉문즉설 @jungtosociety

법륜스님의 즉문즉설

Nonprofits & Activism Korea, Republic of 790.1K 89.7K 1.9K 97 Preview
34 Muslim Speakers @bachamazar

Muslim Speakers

Nonprofits & Activism India 780.5K 14.9K 919 60.5 Preview
35 Jesus no Comando @Jesus no Comando

Jesus no Comando

Nonprofits & Activism Brazil 774.5K 2.4K 371 18 Preview
36 NNG ᄂᄂᄀ @NNG ᄂᄂᄀ

NNG ᄂᄂᄀ

Nonprofits & Activism Indonesia 741.1K 148.6K 56.9K 4.1K Preview
37 i'm cyborg but that's ok @i'm cyborg but that's ok

i'm cyborg but that's ok

Nonprofits & Activism United States 723.1K 32.6K 2.9K 148 Preview
38 T.D. Jakes @thepotterstube

T.D. Jakes

Nonprofits & Activism United States 721.1K 85K 4.7K 521.5 Preview
39 Fé em Deus @Fé em Deus

Fé em Deus

Nonprofits & Activism Brazil 713.5K 2.1K 359.5 31 Preview
40 قناة كربلاء الفضائية @karbalatvchannel

قناة كربلاء الفضائية

Nonprofits & Activism 711.1K 512.5 634 55 Preview
41 Bispo Bruno Leonardo @Bispo Bruno Leonardo

Bispo Bruno Leonardo

Nonprofits & Activism Brazil 711.1K 77.1K 30.2K 8.5K Preview
42 مفاتيح نداء للسعادة Nida's keys @مفاتيح نداء للسعادة Nida's keys

مفاتيح نداء للسعادة Nida's keys

Nonprofits & Activism Algeria 686.1K 23.4K 1.5K 390 Preview
43 DrAhmedEmara @DrAhmedEmara


Nonprofits & Activism Egypt 683.1K 58.5K 4.4K 219 Preview
44 Ubqari @Ubqari


Nonprofits & Activism Pakistan 681.1K 31.8K 2.2K 100 Preview


Nonprofits & Activism Brazil 671.5K 6.2K 423 38 Preview
46 I Support Baba Ramdev @I Support Baba Ramdev

I Support Baba Ramdev

Nonprofits & Activism India 642.1K 3.6K 156 4.5 Preview
47 The Healer Foundation @The Healer Foundation

The Healer Foundation

Nonprofits & Activism India 638.1K 345.4K 8.1K 1.2K Preview
48 Onliner @onlinerby


Nonprofits & Activism Russia 625.2K 110.7K 4.5K 685 Preview


Nonprofits & Activism France 619.1K 7.1K 348 30 Preview
50 Lakshya TV @Lakshya TV

Lakshya TV

Nonprofits & Activism India 612.5K 1.4K 27 0 Preview
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