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Top 500 Most Subscribed Youtube channels in Nonprofits & Activism

February 2020

Here’s a list of the most influential Nonprofits & Activism YouTubers and channels in the world. Find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category Audience Country Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 Алексей Навальный @NavalnyRu

Алексей Навальный

Nonprofits & Activism Russia 3.3M 5.3M 407.7K 74.3K Preview
2 NNG ᄂᄂᄀ @NNG ᄂᄂᄀ

NNG ᄂᄂᄀ

Nonprofits & Activism Indonesia 587.1K 293.6K 72.6K 4.8K Preview
3 Niko Beridze @Niko Beridze

Niko Beridze

Nonprofits & Activism Georgia 1.8K 965.5K 21.8K 1.3K Preview


Nonprofits & Activism Russia 67K 313.1K 20.9K 3K Preview
5 Плохой сигнал @tubushow

Плохой сигнал

Nonprofits & Activism Russia 155.1K 144.9K 20K 4.9K Preview
6 Get Yang Bucks @Get Yang Bucks

Get Yang Bucks

Nonprofits & Activism United States 4.3K 171.1K 17.6K 4.3K Preview
7 Время-вперёд! @ShkolaFaberlic


Nonprofits & Activism Russia 202.5K 212.5K 17K 2.7K Preview
8 Bispo Bruno Leonardo @Bispo Bruno Leonardo

Bispo Bruno Leonardo

Nonprofits & Activism Brazil 480.1K 62.8K 21.9K 6.4K Preview


Nonprofits & Activism Russia 156.1K 156.4K 13K 3.3K Preview
10 Russian Lawyer Anton Dolgih @Antonio43rus

Russian Lawyer Anton Dolgih

Nonprofits & Activism Russia 408.1K 214.7K 16.4K 1.8K Preview
11 Vaseslav @Vaseslav


Nonprofits & Activism Russia 192.1K 296.3K 14.7K 1.4K Preview
12 Mir Hasan Mir @mirhasanofficial

Mir Hasan Mir

Nonprofits & Activism Pakistan 0 307.3K 11.1K 1.3K Preview
13 FlynnFlyTaggart @FlynnFlyTaggart


Nonprofits & Activism Russia 333.1K 134.3K 23.3K 1.3K Preview
14 Евгений Мит @Евгений Мит

Евгений Мит

Nonprofits & Activism Russia 53.7K 234.8K 8.3K 1.8K Preview
15 ЛЕВ ПРОТИВ @lionversusSmoking


Nonprofits & Activism Russia 1.8M 143.4K 12K 1.5K Preview
16 Globalista TV @Globalista TV

Globalista TV

Nonprofits & Activism Poland 160.1K 134.2K 6.3K 2.6K Preview
17 Гроза Перми @Гроза Перми

Гроза Перми

Nonprofits & Activism Russia 86.9K 47.6K 14.9K 3.1K Preview
18 Dreezy @sseandrea


Nonprofits & Activism United States 656.5K 162.3K 13.7K 946 Preview
19 Adrian Ramirez @Adrian Ramirez

Adrian Ramirez

Nonprofits & Activism Mexico 184.5K 203K 15.4K 551 Preview
20 Niesamowite Fakty @Niesamowite Fakty

Niesamowite Fakty

Nonprofits & Activism Poland 0 418.9K 10.7K 371 Preview
21 Алексей Носов @Алексей Носов

Алексей Носов

Nonprofits & Activism Russia 2.2K 115.8K 5.8K 2.3K Preview
22 Transformation Church @TransformChurchTV

Transformation Church

Nonprofits & Activism United States 900.1K 258.9K 9.3K 603 Preview
23 ещёнепознер @ещёнепознер


Nonprofits & Activism Russia 281.1K 210.8K 8.2K 819 Preview


Nonprofits & Activism Russia 428.1K 152.7K 8.8K 1.1K Preview
25 Dalailamaru @Dalailamaru


Nonprofits & Activism Russia 67.6K 217.8K 5.9K 1K Preview
26 Acute Angle @Acute Angle

Acute Angle

Nonprofits & Activism Russia 324.1K 140.8K 9.7K 981.5 Preview
27 dreamie234 @dreamie234


Nonprofits & Activism United States 14.4K 220.4K 15.7K 377 Preview
28 Все льготы @Все льготы

Все льготы

Nonprofits & Activism Russia 103.1K 176.2K 9.7K 763 Preview
29 Onliner @onlinerby


Nonprofits & Activism Russia 589.5K 196.4K 8K 801 Preview
30 Photohunter @Photohunter


Nonprofits & Activism Russia 81K 99.7K 7.1K 1.7K Preview
31 Простые числа @Простые числа

Простые числа

Nonprofits & Activism Russia 53.4K 59.6K 12K 1.6K Preview
32 Memória Sobrenatural INC @Memória Sobrenatural INC

Memória Sobrenatural INC

Nonprofits & Activism Brazil 101.1K 61.5K 9K 1.9K Preview
33 Полиоксидоний @Полиоксидоний


Nonprofits & Activism Russia 2.2K 2.8M 1.4K 269 Preview
34 Islam ru @Islam ru

Islam ru

Nonprofits & Activism Russia 143.1K 217.5K 7.1K 648 Preview
35 T.D. Jakes @thepotterstube

T.D. Jakes

Nonprofits & Activism United States 603.1K 159K 9K 651 Preview
36 Сiekawostki ze świata @Сiekawostki ze świata

Сiekawostki ze świata

Nonprofits & Activism Poland 0 368.6K 7.9K 313.5 Preview
37 ЛЕВ ПРОТИВ 2 канал @ЛЕВ ПРОТИВ 2 канал

ЛЕВ ПРОТИВ 2 канал

Nonprofits & Activism Russia 511.5K 131K 7.9K 853 Preview
38 Posnavatel TV @Posnavatel TV

Posnavatel TV

Nonprofits & Activism Russia 315.1K 337.8K 8K 311 Preview
39 Bi Bars Raimbekov @Bi Bars Raimbekov

Bi Bars Raimbekov

Nonprofits & Activism Kazakhstan 358.5K 178.3K 3.9K 931 Preview
40 Fundación Nueva Mente @Fundación Nueva Mente

Fundación Nueva Mente

Nonprofits & Activism Chile 71.1K 85K 7.7K 899.5 Preview
41 Борис Иванов @kukuku56

Борис Иванов

Nonprofits & Activism Russia 96.6K 55.1K 5.2K 1.9K Preview
42 NewTV Патруль @NewTV Патруль

NewTV Патруль

Nonprofits & Activism Kyrgyzstan 169.5K 181.9K 2.1K 1.3K Preview
43 Новости России @Новости России

Новости России

Nonprofits & Activism Russia 256.5K 80.1K 6.5K 836 Preview
44 Осознание @Осознание


Nonprofits & Activism Russia 435.1K 64.3K 5.9K 1.1K Preview
45 Son Liman @Son Liman

Son Liman

Nonprofits & Activism Turkey 164.1K 69.9K 8.9K 686 Preview
46 Behold Israel @beholdisrael

Behold Israel

Nonprofits & Activism United States 201.1K 120.1K 4.7K 738 Preview


Nonprofits & Activism Indonesia 36.4K 178.2K 2.5K 902 Preview
48 Guacamole News @Guacamole News

Guacamole News

Nonprofits & Activism Mexico 139.5K 96.9K 9.3K 425 Preview
49 O'Keefe Music Foundation @coltrane78

O'Keefe Music Foundation

Nonprofits & Activism United States 256.5K 134.3K 4.6K 603.5 Preview
50 Штаб Навального @Штаб Навального

Штаб Навального

Nonprofits & Activism Russia 149.5K 58.1K 8.5K 648 Preview
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