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December 2019

Here’s a list of the most influential Nonprofits & Activism YouTubers and channels in the world. Find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category Audience Country Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 Алексей Навальный @NavalnyRu

Алексей Навальный

Nonprofits & Activism Russia 3.2M 3M 292.4K 46.2K Preview
2 Быть Или @Быть Или

Быть Или

Nonprofits & Activism Russia 923.1K 780.8K 118.7K 39.8K Preview
3 Sonam Wangchuk @wangchuk1966

Sonam Wangchuk

Nonprofits & Activism India 117.6K 827.6K 102.9K 8.2K Preview
4 Russian Lawyer Anton Dolgih @Antonio43rus

Russian Lawyer Anton Dolgih

Nonprofits & Activism Russia 330.1K 1.1M 62.2K 9.7K Preview
5 Штаб Навального @Штаб Навального

Штаб Навального

Nonprofits & Activism Russia 149.5K 412.6K 39.1K 4.6K Preview
6 Новости России @Новости России

Новости России

Nonprofits & Activism Russia 235.1K 333.9K 20.2K 2.9K Preview
7 Плохой сигнал @tubushow

Плохой сигнал

Nonprofits & Activism Russia 148.5K 149.1K 18.8K 5.4K Preview
8 TrashSmash @TrashRecord


Nonprofits & Activism Russia 479.6K 145.3K 24.2K 2.2K Preview
9 FlynnFlyTaggart @FlynnFlyTaggart


Nonprofits & Activism Russia 321K 206.9K 26K 1.3K Preview
10 Авто Евро Сила Харьков @Авто Евро Сила Харьков

Авто Евро Сила Харьков

Nonprofits & Activism Ukraine 7.8K 251.4K 8.2K 2.7K Preview
11 Root @Root


Nonprofits & Activism Poland 154.1K 613.6K 13.3K 479.5 Preview
12 Andrey Goopsa @goopsik

Andrey Goopsa

Nonprofits & Activism Russia 122.4K 239.7K 12.2K 835 Preview
13 ЛЕВ ПРОТИВ 2 канал @ЛЕВ ПРОТИВ 2 канал

ЛЕВ ПРОТИВ 2 канал

Nonprofits & Activism Russia 498.2K 176.9K 10.1K 1.4K Preview
14 Сiekawostki ze świata @Сiekawostki ze świata

Сiekawostki ze świata

Nonprofits & Activism Poland 0 496.8K 15.4K 305 Preview
15 Qalby Etmaan - قلبي اطمأن @Qalby Etmaan - قلبي اطمأن

Qalby Etmaan - قلبي اطمأن

Nonprofits & Activism Morocco 1.4M 199.5K 12.6K 849.5 Preview
16 Осознание @Осознание


Nonprofits & Activism Russia 353K 105.1K 9.4K 1.7K Preview
17 PRO-Police @PRO-Police


Nonprofits & Activism Russia 354K 106.6K 12.6K 1.2K Preview
18 Алексей Казак @alexeykazak

Алексей Казак

Nonprofits & Activism Russia 17.6K 102.9K 9K 1.7K Preview
19 ЛЕВ ПРОТИВ @lionversusSmoking


Nonprofits & Activism Russia 1.8M 148.5K 12.3K 650.5 Preview
20 SILENCIADOS cuando los maltratados son ellos @SILENCIADOS cuando los maltratados son ellos

SILENCIADOS cuando los maltratados son ellos

Nonprofits & Activism Spain 5.6K 94.6K 6.5K 1.9K Preview
21 Владимир Голубев @Владимир Голубев

Владимир Голубев

Nonprofits & Activism Russia 134K 104.9K 7.3K 1.3K Preview
22 shaposhnikov news @roadcontrol

shaposhnikov news

Nonprofits & Activism Ukraine 305.2K 84.2K 8.4K 1.4K Preview
23 Earthling Ed @Earthling Ed

Earthling Ed

Nonprofits & Activism United States 222.2K 48.5K 6.6K 2.8K Preview
24 Белая Рысь @Белая Рысь

Белая Рысь

Nonprofits & Activism Russia 331.6K 63.4K 10K 1.4K Preview
25 Cocinando En El Rancho @Cocinando En El Rancho

Cocinando En El Rancho

Nonprofits & Activism United States 228.6K 135.1K 7.1K 684.5 Preview
26 Воронов @Воронов


Nonprofits & Activism Russia 80.9K 65.7K 7.9K 1.1K Preview
27 Чёрный Рыцарь @Чёрный Рыцарь

Чёрный Рыцарь

Nonprofits & Activism Russia 12.2K 103K 4.1K 1.3K Preview
28 Ecosia @EcosiaORG


Nonprofits & Activism United States 86.6K 156.8K 6.6K 516 Preview
29 PRINCE Mouad @mouadl7a9d


Nonprofits & Activism Morocco 122.4K 115K 9.5K 488 Preview


Nonprofits & Activism Russia 406.4K 97.1K 5.9K 909.5 Preview
31 ещёнепознер @ещёнепознер


Nonprofits & Activism Russia 233.1K 154K 5.2K 615 Preview
32 TheraminTrees @TheraminTrees


Nonprofits & Activism United States 130.2K 57.9K 5.8K 1.3K Preview
33 Onliner @onlinerby


Nonprofits & Activism Russia 501.5K 97.8K 5.2K 758 Preview
34 Transformation Church @TransformChurchTV

Transformation Church

Nonprofits & Activism United States 819K 144.6K 5.8K 450.5 Preview
35 Acute Angle @Acute Angle

Acute Angle

Nonprofits & Activism Russia 215.2K 84.2K 6.6K 682 Preview
36 Вызов TV @Вызов TV

Вызов TV

Nonprofits & Activism Colombia 109.4K 64.1K 8.2K 615 Preview
37 TFP Student Action @tfpstudentaction

TFP Student Action

Nonprofits & Activism United States 96.3K 62.8K 4.5K 1.1K Preview
38 Joel Osteen @joelosteenministries

Joel Osteen

Nonprofits & Activism United States 1.1M 159K 5.3K 353.5 Preview
39 Photohunter @Photohunter


Nonprofits & Activism Russia 53.4K 58.7K 5.1K 989 Preview
40 Globalista TV @Globalista TV

Globalista TV

Nonprofits & Activism Poland 123.1K 100.7K 3.7K 778.5 Preview
41 Катя Гагосова @KreativBitvaComfy

Катя Гагосова

Nonprofits & Activism Russia 322.5K 117.8K 6.2K 379 Preview
42 Behold Israel @beholdisrael

Behold Israel

Nonprofits & Activism United States 185.4K 91.9K 4.5K 649 Preview
43 Vaseslav @Vaseslav


Nonprofits & Activism Russia 174.5K 53.6K 5.6K 859 Preview
44 Segredos de Ana Oficial @Segredos de Ana Oficial

Segredos de Ana Oficial

Nonprofits & Activism Brazil 117.6K 76.4K 7K 476 Preview
45 Борис Иванов @kukuku56

Борис Иванов

Nonprofits & Activism Russia 90.3K 36.2K 4.3K 1.6K Preview
46 Aleksandr Semchenko @Aleksandr Semchenko

Aleksandr Semchenko

Nonprofits & Activism Russia 354.5K 70.1K 4.5K 793 Preview
47 NewTV Патруль @NewTV Патруль

NewTV Патруль

Nonprofits & Activism Kyrgyzstan 127.4K 173.2K 1.6K 700 Preview
48 Michael Moreno @Michael Moreno

Michael Moreno

Nonprofits & Activism United States 45.3K 27.4K 4.3K 1.6K Preview
49 ꧁Аки꧂ @꧁Аки꧂


Nonprofits & Activism Russia 10K 118.4K 6K 263 Preview
50 Tamil Chinthanaiyalar Peravai @tamilsantham

Tamil Chinthanaiyalar Peravai

Nonprofits & Activism India 152.5K 41.9K 2.2K 1.8K Preview
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