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FAQ: Top Most Liked and Disliked YouTube Channels

  • What do likes and dislikes do on YouTube?

    Likes and dislikes serve as a way for users to interact with videos on YouTube. You can understand how the audience feels about the creators’ video content by the number of likes/dislikes. You can see how positively or negatively they react to a particular video. In our YouTube Channel Rankings, you can check the total number of likes and dislikes for all influencers from the top 1000 list.

  • What YouTube channel has the biggest number of likes and dislikes?

    The not found channel has the biggest number of total likes and dislikes. You can check the number of likes and dislikes for other YouTube creators from our top 1000 list. If you want to analyze channel performance in greater detail, you YouTube Analytics is a great place. The report will provide you with in-depth content analytics, including the number of comments and the number of likes/dislikes per 1000 views, as well as like to dislike ratio.

  • Why do YouTubers ask for likes?

    The number of likes helps YouTube algorithms understand which content to recommend on the platform. The algorithm takes into account several factors, including watch time, level of engagement (comments, likes, and dislikes) when deciding which content should get more attention. It can result in more views making YouTube creators more attractive to brands that are looking for effective influencer collaborations.