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Top Most Subscribed Music Youtube channels in Turkey

Updated: July 2020

Here’s a list of the top 100 most subscribed Music YouTubers and channels in Turkey. Find out who is the #1 YouTuber in Turkey and get a list of the most popular Music YouTube channels in 2020. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

Rank Channel Category From Turkey Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 INNA @InnaRomania


Music 22.82% 6M 972.3K 32.9K 1.1K Preview
2 BASS BOOSTED SONGS @djkeskin47


Music 18.44% 3.4M 39.4K 1.6K 76.5 Preview
3 Poll Production @PollProductionWeb

Poll Production

Music 69.53% 3.3M 43.3K 1.2K 98 Preview
4 DokuzSekiz Müzik @dokuzsekizmuzikyapim

DokuzSekiz Müzik

Music 69.72% 2.8M 139K 1.9K 133 Preview
5 Sobhi Mohammad - صبحي محمد @Sobhi Mohammad - صبحي محمد

Sobhi Mohammad - صبحي محمد

Music 25.75% 2.2M 58.4K 4.2K 462.5 Preview
6 HouseMusicHD @HouseMusicHD


Music 14.91% 2.2M 157.7K 5.8K 191 Preview
7 Zeynep Bastık @Zeynep Bastık

Zeynep Bastık

Music 80.55% 1.8M 614.7K 24.8K 1.1K Preview
8 Furkan Soysal @furkansoysalofficial

Furkan Soysal

Music 68.13% 1.5M 412.9K 13K 626 Preview
9 Sezen Aksu @sezenaksuresmi

Sezen Aksu

Music 64.08% 1.5M 1.5M 63.9K 4.4K Preview
10 Buray @Buray


Music 48.82% 1.4M 11.3K 1K 216 Preview
11 Ezhel @ezhelmusic


Music 76.91% 1.4M 2.2M 106.4K 8.4K Preview
12 Arabic Trap جبهة العربية @ARABTRAP

Arabic Trap جبهة العربية

Music 24.14% 1.3M 19.7K 986.5 68.5 Preview
13 Serhat Durmus Music @Serhat Durmus Music

Serhat Durmus Music

Music 60.21% 1.3M 320.7K 15.9K 1.1K Preview
14 SancakOfficial @SancakOfficial


Music 74.89% 1.2M 1.5M 48.9K 3.4K Preview


Music 32.14% 1.1M 18K 695 19 Preview
16 اسماعيل تمر - IsmaeilTamr @اسماعيل تمر - IsmaeilTamr

اسماعيل تمر - IsmaeilTamr

Music 35.73% 1M 893.3K 93.3K 8.1K Preview
17 Infinity by VideoHUB @Infinity by VideoHUB

Infinity by VideoHUB

Music 13.64% 917.1K 119.3K 3.8K 120 Preview
18 Ferhat Kantik @sanzalize45

Ferhat Kantik

Music 30.95% 902K 70.3K 1.6K 115 Preview
19 Burak Balkan @OfficialDjBurak

Burak Balkan

Music 36.32% 863.2K 38.9K 1.6K 86 Preview
20 BÖ @BÖ

Music 70.07% 856K 108.7K 6.6K 667 Preview
21 No.1 @No1Online


Music 83.69% 809.6K 566.5K 50.3K 5.6K Preview
22 Musicom Prodüksiyon @musicomproduksiyon

Musicom Prodüksiyon

Music 58.15% 756.4K 1.1M 23.4K 2.3K Preview
23 Burak King @kingo787

Burak King

Music 76.1% 730.2K 3.5M 94.5K 4.6K Preview
24 Contra @ContravoltaMusic


Music 88.5% 691.5K 3.9M 178.2K 24.6K Preview
25 PDND Müzik @pdndmuzik

PDND Müzik

Music 69.03% 660.1K 104.8K 1.2K 303.5 Preview
26 Miss DeepShine @Miss DeepShine

Miss DeepShine

Music 23.47% 636.5K 14.4K 722.5 46.5 Preview
27 Ebru Gündeş @gundesofficial

Ebru Gündeş

Music 63.12% 591.1K 36.8K 515 51 Preview
28 Anıl Piyancı @AnilPiyanci

Anıl Piyancı

Music 83.24% 567.2K 40.2K 4K 388 Preview
29 Yusuf Ekşioğlu @Yusuf Ekşioğlu

Yusuf Ekşioğlu

Music 23.94% 519.1K 31.3K 1.1K 120 Preview
30 Dünyadan Sesler @dunyadansesler

Dünyadan Sesler

Music 73.46% 496K 13.7K 635 64.5 Preview


Music 80% 448.1K 7.9K 563 114.5 Preview
32 Bayar Music @Bayar Music

Bayar Music

Music 58.33% 433.5K 20.4K 512 62 Preview
33 HiphoplifePRO @HiphoplifePRO


Music 83.46% 432.5K 34.9K 3.2K 412 Preview
34 melek mosso @melek mosso

melek mosso

Music 81.62% 431.4K 573.4K 16K 730 Preview
35 İMERA @grupimera


Music 75.77% 424.1K 80.1K 2.4K 157 Preview
36 Sero Produktion @UndercoverKanack

Sero Produktion

Music 29.77% 421.2K 58K 2.3K 232.5 Preview
37 MASSAKA @MassakaOfficial


Music 76.54% 417.1K 141.2K 9.5K 1.6K Preview
38 Ismaeil Tamr Productions @esmaeeltammr

Ismaeil Tamr Productions

Music 28.01% 395.2K 13.2K 1.4K 133 Preview
39 رنا كباريتي - Rana kabarete @رنا كباريتي - Rana kabarete

رنا كباريتي - Rana kabarete

Music 26.06% 391.5K 14.1K 1.2K 118.5 Preview
40 Trio Mandili @tatulikaaa1

Trio Mandili

Music 20.92% 391.1K 214.9K 13.3K 1.6K Preview
41 RIKODISCO @rikodisco


Music 54.44% 388.2K 19.4K 551 52 Preview
42 Patron @Patronflexintv


Music 83.36% 384.1K 6.9M 203.9K 25K Preview
43 Tuğçe Haşimoğlu @Tuğçe Haşimoğlu

Tuğçe Haşimoğlu

Music 77.39% 379.2K 51.1K 2.8K 481 Preview
44 Halit Bilgiç @devsorbe47

Halit Bilgiç

Music 67.15% 369.2K 204K 4.3K 315.5 Preview
45 Piano by VN @Piano by VN

Piano by VN

Music 41.18% 350.2K 11.5K 559.5 114.5 Preview
46 Tuğkan @Tugkaann


Music 79.67% 341.4K 187.1K 10.1K 1.1K Preview
47 Arsız Bela @alimetinofficiall

Arsız Bela

Music 68.11% 335K 189.3K 8.8K 1.8K Preview
48 dur biraz dusuneyim @durbirazdusuneyim

dur biraz dusuneyim

Music 73.24% 332.5K 15.5K 851.5 216.5 Preview
49 Amorf @Amorf


Music 57.44% 331.6K 19.4K 1.3K 144 Preview
50 Soner Arıca @aricas

Soner Arıca

Music 69.66% 327K 28.8K 282 36 Preview
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