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Top 100 Music Youtube channels in Egypt

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December 2019

Here’s a list of the most influential Music YouTubers and channels in the Egypt. Find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category From Egypt Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 Ahmed Kamel - أحمد كامل @BOMB958

Ahmed Kamel - أحمد كامل

Music 86.16% 1.4M 3.9M 204.3K 6.8K Preview
2 Mohamed Ramadan I محمد رمضان @MRamadanOfficial

Mohamed Ramadan I محمد رمضان

Music 55.19% 7.4M 2.7M 142.7K 6.3K Preview
3 El Joker @3amoeljoo

El Joker

Music 84.65% 898.1K 835.4K 71.6K 5.7K Preview
4 Hamada Helalofficial @Hamada Helalofficial

Hamada Helalofficial

Music 64.15% 1M 3.2M 68K 1.5K Preview
5 Amr Diab @amrdiab

Amr Diab

Music 59.16% 3.4M 2.3M 50.7K 2.8K Preview
6 Yahia Alaa - يحيي علاء @Yahia Alaa - يحيي علاء

Yahia Alaa - يحيي علاء

Music 85.69% 1M 364.1K 28.8K 2K Preview
7 أبوالشوق زعيم ميكانيكا الفن -الموزع @micanikaelFan

أبوالشوق زعيم ميكانيكا الفن -الموزع

Music 90.32% 783.2K 647.6K 23.5K 1.1K Preview
8 Wedding Tone ويدنج تون @Wedding Tone ويدنج تون

Wedding Tone ويدنج تون

Music 69.85% 403.1K 1.5M 26.2K 485 Preview
9 Hisham Kharma @HishamKharma

Hisham Kharma

Music 73.33% 36.4K 1.7M 14.5K 545 Preview
10 Nj Music Productions @NJMusicproduction

Nj Music Productions

Music 68.58% 1M 832.3K 18.3K 703.5 Preview
11 Hamo Bika Live @Hamo Bika Live

Hamo Bika Live

Music 85.51% 0 504.6K 16K 686.5 Preview
12 سادات العالمي - Sadat El 3almy @سادات العالمي - Sadat El 3almy

سادات العالمي - Sadat El 3almy

Music 88.51% 648.2K 346.8K 15K 802 Preview
13 EL MADFAAGYA @elmadf3gyaiknow


Music 89.84% 661.1K 617K 15.7K 415 Preview
14 Free Music

Free Music "Nasr Mahrous"

Music 55.3% 3.2M 1.1M 8.9K 626.5 Preview
15 El Megheny @ElmeghenyChannel

El Megheny

Music 73.76% 220.1K 173.5K 20.9K 1.3K Preview
16 Abo El-Anwar @Abo El-Anwar

Abo El-Anwar

Music 89.47% 27.3K 284.5K 19.4K 633 Preview
17 Abyusif I أبيوسف @Abyusif I أبيوسف

Abyusif I أبيوسف

Music 83.61% 266.1K 218.7K 15.4K 849.5 Preview
18 Shahyn @shahinel3abkary


Music 81.98% 58.3K 221K 17K 726 Preview
19 حسن شاكوش - Hassan Shakosh @حسن شاكوش - Hassan Shakosh

حسن شاكوش - Hassan Shakosh

Music 86.04% 602.1K 286.6K 12.2K 620 Preview
20 Karim Mohsen @karimmohsen

Karim Mohsen

Music 62.42% 113.1K 473K 18.4K 305 Preview
21 Elissa @ElissakhTV


Music 23.12% 2.5M 264.3K 11.5K 1.4K Preview
22 تيم الصواريخ - Team El Swarek @تيم الصواريخ - Team El Swarek

تيم الصواريخ - Team El Swarek

Music 79.38% 0 393.5K 11K 252 Preview
23 Ahmed Gamal @Ahmed Gamal

Ahmed Gamal

Music 71.76% 74.1K 499.3K 6.9K 323.5 Preview
24 Oka Wi Ortega @Oka Wi Ortega

Oka Wi Ortega

Music 72.06% 1.3M 235.8K 9.5K 280.5 Preview
25 TinTon Tv @TinTon Tv

TinTon Tv

Music 12.16% 2.5M 2.2M 16.3K 106 Preview
26 Tamer Hosny @tamerhosny

Tamer Hosny

Music 41.78% 5.2M 228.8K 15K 301 Preview
27 Mai Kassab @maikassabmusic

Mai Kassab

Music 63.95% 54.3K 173.9K 5.9K 324.5 Preview


Music 88.55% 15.4K 86.2K 5.5K 468 Preview


Music 49.06% 314.4K 195.7K 8K 209 Preview
30 Moustafa Amar @MoustaAmar

Moustafa Amar

Music 58.82% 42.8K 118.6K 4.8K 443 Preview
31 Ramy Sabry @RamySabrry

Ramy Sabry

Music 54.17% 18.6K 176.4K 7.3K 200 Preview
32 Monia - مونيــا @Monia - مونيــا

Monia - مونيــا

Music 42.86% 8.3K 234.9K 3.5K 381 Preview
33 Marah Tv @Marah Tv

Marah Tv

Music 13.19% 2.2M 1.1M 6.8K 79 Preview
34 JDED Masr l جديد مصر @JDED Masr l جديد مصر

JDED Masr l جديد مصر

Music 61.29% 0 482.4K 1.8K 105 Preview
35 Marah KG @Marah KG

Marah KG

Music 16.98% 558.1K 696.1K 7K 65 Preview
36 احمد موزه - Ahmed Moza @احمد موزه - Ahmed Moza

احمد موزه - Ahmed Moza

Music 66.67% 1.9K 155.6K 5.3K 93 Preview
37 Rami Mohammad l رامي محمد @Rami Mohammad l رامي محمد

Rami Mohammad l رامي محمد

Music 30.56% 532.1K 90.5K 3.9K 405 Preview
38 Fadel Chaker @fadelchaker2

Fadel Chaker

Music 19.3% 261.1K 89.3K 3.5K 703 Preview
39 Turki Alalshikh @Turki Alalshikh

Turki Alalshikh

Music 58.96% 770.2K 75.6K 2K 427.5 Preview
40 Assala Nasri @assalaofficial

Assala Nasri

Music 38.89% 2.9M 93.8K 3K 292 Preview
41 Hakim @HakimOfficialChannel


Music 43.48% 285.1K 2.2M 30.8K 0 Preview
42 Lege-Cy @ThelegendatorBeats


Music 88.24% 32.5K 40.4K 3.2K 249 Preview
43 Ahmed Basyoni احمد بسيوني @Ahmed Basyoni احمد بسيوني

Ahmed Basyoni احمد بسيوني

Music 77.9% 99.6K 48.5K 4.1K 147 Preview
44 فيفتي مصر - Fifty Masr @فيفتي مصر - Fifty Masr

فيفتي مصر - Fifty Masr

Music 91.57% 322.1K 62.8K 2.6K 139 Preview
45 مُسلِم @مُسلِم


Music 88.46% 20.7K 48.9K 3.2K 143 Preview
46 Batistuta Tv @Batistuta Tv

Batistuta Tv

Music 80.62% 20.5K 39K 2.8K 208.5 Preview
47 May Abd El Aziz @mayabdelaziz

May Abd El Aziz

Music 76.86% 95.7K 34K 3.2K 196 Preview
48 Mohamed Hany @Mohamed Hany

Mohamed Hany

Music 50% 13.3K 115.9K 2.8K 84 Preview
49 سامر المدني Samer Elmedany @سامر المدني Samer Elmedany

سامر المدني Samer Elmedany

Music 97.14% 30.7K 83.4K 2.6K 57 Preview
50 EGo Music Creation @cruisssss

EGo Music Creation

Music 69.23% 705.6K 145.9K 2.4K 49.5 Preview
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