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Top 100 Music Youtube channels in Brazil

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December 2019

Here’s a list of the most influential Music YouTubers and channels in the Brazil. Find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category From Brazil Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 Anitta @AnittaOficial


Music 68.2% 13.1M 32.8M 1.1M 38.1K Preview
2 Pabllo Vittar @Pabllo Vittar

Pabllo Vittar

Music 76.04% 6M 9.5M 591.2K 51.7K Preview
3 Ludmilla @OficialLudmilla


Music 78.79% 5.6M 10M 541.2K 26.2K Preview
4 OficialHungria @OficialHungria


Music 81.61% 8.8M 9.7M 604.9K 14.6K Preview
5 DJ Gabriel Do Borel @DJ Gabriel Do Borel

DJ Gabriel Do Borel

Music 70.31% 639K 21.2M 519.9K 7.6K Preview
6 Mc Caverinha @Mc Caverinha

Mc Caverinha

Music 80.87% 994.1K 3.6M 368K 8.1K Preview
7 Gustavo Mioto @GustavoMioto

Gustavo Mioto

Music 79.16% 4.5M 9.9M 208.4K 4.3K Preview
8 Gloria Groove @Gloria Groove

Gloria Groove

Music 82.25% 1.3M 3.8M 212.9K 10.3K Preview
9 Marginal Supply @Marginal Supply

Marginal Supply

Music 88.54% 181.1K 2.9M 206.7K 7.5K Preview
10 Zé Neto e Cristiano @zncoficial

Zé Neto e Cristiano

Music 79.23% 10M 8.4M 134.7K 2.7K Preview
11 Naiara Azevedo @NaiaraAzevedoOFICIAL

Naiara Azevedo

Music 77.59% 5.6M 6.3M 117.9K 3.7K Preview


Music 81.98% 1.1M 5.1M 194.7K 2.4K Preview
13 Orochi @Orochi


Music 82.55% 781.1K 3.2M 172.7K 4.1K Preview
14 Jão @Jão


Music 86.68% 1.1M 1.9M 167.6K 5.4K Preview


Music 86.01% 372.1K 1.8M 166.4K 5.4K Preview
16 FelipeAraujoVEVO @FelipeAraujoVEVO


Music 81.71% 2.4K 7.8M 82.4K 1.6K Preview
17 Luccas Carlos @TheLuccasCarlos

Luccas Carlos

Music 89.5% 476.4K 3.3M 125.6K 2.1K Preview
18 LuccasCarlosVEVO @LuccasCarlosVEVO


Music 85.55% 284.9K 3.3M 125.7K 2.1K Preview
19 Luísa Sonza @Luísa Sonza

Luísa Sonza

Music 83.86% 4.3M 1.9M 117.7K 3.9K Preview
20 LuisaSonzaVEVO @LuisaSonzaVEVO


Music 78.61% 887.1K 1.8M 115.9K 3.9K Preview
21 Mc Igu @japaneseh00

Mc Igu

Music 89.2% 609.6K 1.1M 83.6K 5.3K Preview
22 TvCostaGold @TvCostaGold


Music 86.34% 2.6M 1.2M 109.5K 3.8K Preview
23 Kant @Kant


Music 86.7% 278.1K 836.3K 115.4K 4K Preview
24 7 Minutoz @7minutoz

7 Minutoz

Music 74.05% 6.7M 848.4K 97.9K 5K Preview
25 Diego e Victor Hugo @diegoevictorhugo

Diego e Victor Hugo

Music 83.58% 1.4M 4.5M 71.3K 878 Preview
26 Ruanzinho @Ruanzinho


Music 67.52% 387.1K 1.6M 88.3K 2.5K Preview
27 DiegoEVictorHugoVEVO @DiegoEVictorHugoVEVO


Music 83.23% 152.2K 4.4M 70.3K 870 Preview
28 Gusttavo Lima Oficial @gusttavolimaoficial

Gusttavo Lima Oficial

Music 77.52% 9M 2.5M 60K 1.6K Preview
29 Raí Saia Rodada @Raí Saia Rodada

Raí Saia Rodada

Music 80.2% 1.7M 3.1M 65.2K 1.1K Preview
30 TurmadoPagodeVEVO @TurmadoPagodeVEVO


Music 79.6% 1.4M 4.6M 57.8K 780 Preview
31 Turma do Pagode @grturmadopagode

Turma do Pagode

Music 77.29% 2.7M 4.6M 57.5K 773 Preview
32 Bagua Records @BaguaRecords

Bagua Records

Music 88.21% 986K 739.8K 79.4K 2.9K Preview


Music 78.13% 722.1K 671.9K 59.7K 4.4K Preview
34 Maiara e Maraisa @maiaramaraisaoficial

Maiara e Maraisa

Music 80.77% 6.3M 2.9M 35.9K 1.6K Preview
35 Gabriela Rocha @gabrielaroficial

Gabriela Rocha

Music 80.09% 5.2M 1.5M 59.2K 1.9K Preview


Music 86.45% 517.1K 732.9K 66.6K 3.1K Preview
37 Mayck & Lyan @mayckelyanbr

Mayck & Lyan

Music 85.13% 301.1K 853.5K 21.7K 8.3K Preview
38 Lifestyle ON @Lifestyle ON

Lifestyle ON

Music 76.41% 560.1K 1.2M 61K 2.3K Preview
39 Leozin @Leozin


Music 86.93% 630.1K 637K 62.5K 3.6K Preview
40 Recayd Mob @Recayd Mob

Recayd Mob

Music 88.69% 845.1K 737.7K 61.8K 2.8K Preview
41 Alok @livealok


Music 77.74% 2.8M 974.3K 60.4K 2.3K Preview
42 Raffa Moreira @Raffa Moreira

Raffa Moreira

Music 86.88% 611K 450.4K 45.4K 4.3K Preview
43 Avine Vinny @Avine Vinny

Avine Vinny

Music 80.25% 592K 3.2M 52K 571 Preview
44 Taina Costa @Taina Costa

Taina Costa

Music 72.7% 2.3M 1.1M 71.9K 1.3K Preview
45 AvineVinnyVEVO @AvineVinnyVEVO


Music 78.51% 635 3.1M 51.9K 570 Preview
46 Rodriguinho Oficial @RodriguinhoReal

Rodriguinho Oficial

Music 81.72% 324.2K 1.6M 53.1K 803 Preview
47 K o d a @K o d a

K o d a

Music 82.65% 131.6K 439.6K 38.8K 3.5K Preview
48 Emicida @emicida


Music 85.95% 1.3M 2.1M 27.1K 977 Preview
49 Simone e Simaria @simoneesimaria

Simone e Simaria

Music 78.09% 7.8M 571.1K 35.4K 2.6K Preview
50 Kelly Key @kellykeytvoficial

Kelly Key

Music 79.78% 226.5K 794.8K 33K 2K Preview
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