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Top 500 Most Subscribed Youtube channels in Movies and TV

February 2020

Here’s a list of the most influential Movies and TV YouTubers and channels in the world. Find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category Audience Country Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 CarryMinati @AddictedA1


Movies and TV India 9.9M 11.6M 1.6M 85.4K Preview
2 TheOdd1sOut @TheOdd1sOut


Movies and TV United States 14M 19.2M 805K 90.1K Preview
3 ashish chanchlani vines @ashchanchlani

ashish chanchlani vines

Movies and TV India 16.2M 8.9M 982.9K 89K Preview
4 AuronPlay @AuronPlay


Movies and TV Spain 20.9M 7.7M 1.1M 40.5K Preview
5 Michael Reeves @Michael Reeves

Michael Reeves

Movies and TV United States 3.5M 4.8M 460.5K 68.1K Preview
6 MissaSinfonia @MissaSinfonia


Movies and TV Mexico 5.3M 6.2M 633.7K 37.5K Preview
7 whinderssonnunes @whinderssonnunes


Movies and TV Brazil 38.6M 4.6M 1.1M 28.3K Preview
8 Jaiden Animations @Jaiden Animations

Jaiden Animations

Movies and TV United States 7.5M 5.3M 321K 44.6K Preview
9 Josh Pieters @Josh Pieters

Josh Pieters

Movies and TV United Kingdom 1.3M 6M 388.1K 28.6K Preview
10 What The Fukrey @What The Fukrey

What The Fukrey

Movies and TV India 1.6M 10.2M 577.6K 10.7K Preview
11 Kyle Exum @KyleExumTV

Kyle Exum

Movies and TV United States 3.3M 5.9M 450.1K 19.1K Preview
12 The Bong Guy @The Bong Guy

The Bong Guy

Movies and TV India 2.3M 2.5M 364.8K 26.8K Preview
13 Mister V @mistervofficial

Mister V

Movies and TV France 5.5M 4.8M 420.1K 10.5K Preview
14 JennaMarbles @JennaMarbles


Movies and TV United States 20.1M 4.2M 248.5K 19.6K Preview
15 NORMAN FAIT DES VIDÉOS @NormanFaitDesVideos


Movies and TV France 11.8M 4.4M 325.4K 13.1K Preview
16 BarryTube @BarryTube


Movies and TV Saudi Arabia 4.1M 2.1M 333K 23.5K Preview
17 Abhishek Upmanyu @upmanyukaran

Abhishek Upmanyu

Movies and TV India 2.5M 6.2M 358.8K 6.5K Preview
18 FUMI Studio @FUMI Studio

FUMI Studio

Movies and TV United States 30.8K 5.7M 277.5K 8.9K Preview
19 Luisito Comunica @LuisitoComunicaa

Luisito Comunica

Movies and TV Mexico 29.6M 3.9M 218.9K 13.4K Preview
20 Karikku @Karikku


Movies and TV India 4M 5.3M 223.3K 9.6K Preview


Movies and TV Russia 2.4M 2.5M 310.9K 12.5K Preview
22 Ducky Bhai @Ducky Bhai

Ducky Bhai

Movies and TV Pakistan 1.5M 1.9M 208.4K 22.4K Preview
23 Maria Venture @Maria Venture

Maria Venture

Movies and TV Brazil 6.4M 2.4M 315K 10.1K Preview
24 Kunal Kamra @Kunal Kamra

Kunal Kamra

Movies and TV India 1.5M 2.1M 187.7K 17.7K Preview
25 iDubbbzTV @iDubbbzTV


Movies and TV United States 7.9M 3.2M 199.8K 11K Preview


Movies and TV France 3.1M 2.2M 210.8K 14.4K Preview
27 Bad Lip Reading @BadLipReading

Bad Lip Reading

Movies and TV United States 7.8M 5.9M 129.2K 8.2K Preview
28 DripReport @DripReport


Movies and TV United States 281.1K 4.2M 171.5K 8.3K Preview
29 Voice Makers @voicemakers1

Voice Makers

Movies and TV Brazil 2M 1.9M 267.9K 11.5K Preview
30 Triggered Insaan @Triggered Insaan

Triggered Insaan

Movies and TV India 3.3M 2.2M 235.9K 11K Preview
31 How It Should Have Ended @HISHEdotcom

How It Should Have Ended

Movies and TV United States 9.5M 3.1M 163.6K 11.2K Preview
32 Minecraft Animation Indonesia @Minecraft Animation Indonesia

Minecraft Animation Indonesia

Movies and TV Indonesia 430.1K 2.7M 117.9K 17K Preview
33 Danny Gonzalez @ActualDannyGonzalez

Danny Gonzalez

Movies and TV United States 3.4M 2.4M 177.9K 12.6K Preview
34 NELK @NelkFilmz


Movies and TV United States 4M 2.6M 214.8K 9.4K Preview
35 علي عذاب - Ali athab @علي عذاب - Ali athab

علي عذاب - Ali athab

Movies and TV Iran 4M 2.3M 106.1K 20.6K Preview
36 Prankedy @Pr3nkedy


Movies and TV Mexico 3.6M 2.3M 242.9K 9K Preview
37 エガちゃんねる EGA-CHANNEL @エガちゃんねる EGA-CHANNEL


Movies and TV Japan 1.6M 2.7M 143.2K 12.9K Preview


Movies and TV Mexico 4M 2.5M 194K 10.2K Preview
39 Drew Gooden @Drew Gooden

Drew Gooden

Movies and TV United States 2.1M 2.1M 146.6K 14K Preview
40 SomeThingElseYT @trolldawgz


Movies and TV United States 3.1M 2.5M 148.5K 11.4K Preview
41 Liza Koshy @Liza Koshy

Liza Koshy

Movies and TV United States 17.9M 2.3M 193.3K 9.4K Preview
42 Jeff Wittek @jeffzilla3000

Jeff Wittek

Movies and TV United States 2.1M 3.5M 186.1K 6K Preview


Movies and TV Mexico 10.6M 1.5M 270.7K 9.4K Preview
44 Vivziepop @SpindleHorse


Movies and TV United States 3M 1.6M 222.1K 10.4K Preview
45 Freememeskids @Freememeskids


Movies and TV United States 3.2M 3.2M 199.3K 5.3K Preview
46 Вэлл @Вэлл


Movies and TV Russia 1.6M 1.1M 203.6K 15.6K Preview
47 Arif muhammad @Arif muhammad

Arif muhammad

Movies and TV Indonesia 8.5M 3.9M 119.9K 7K Preview
48 Casually Explained @Casually Explained

Casually Explained

Movies and TV United States 2.8M 2.4M 163.2K 8.2K Preview
49 Germán Rodezel @EsGermandz

Germán Rodezel

Movies and TV Costa Rica 1.5M 2.2M 193K 7.4K Preview
50 Super Eyepatch Wolf @Super Eyepatch Wolf

Super Eyepatch Wolf

Movies and TV United States 759.1K 1.9M 107.2K 14K Preview
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