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Top 100 Most Subscribed Movies and TV Youtube channels in Vietnam

February 2020

Here’s a list of the most influential Movies and TV YouTubers and channels in the Vietnam. Find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category From Vietnam Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 Thắng Cá Chép @Thắng Cá Chép

Thắng Cá Chép

Movies and TV 85.42% 1.1M 2.3M 64.8K 7.3K Preview


Movies and TV 78.74% 4.2M 2.9M 59K 4.8K Preview
3 FAP TV @FAPtivi


Movies and TV 87.33% 11.1M 3.1M 64.4K 2.3K Preview
4 Ghiền Mì Gõ @Ghiền Mì Gõ

Ghiền Mì Gõ

Movies and TV 76.56% 5.6M 1.3M 18.3K 1.2K Preview
5 Challenge Me - Hãy Thách Thức Tôi @NamChallengeMe

Challenge Me - Hãy Thách Thức Tôi

Movies and TV 86.71% 2.1M 1M 13.8K 1.2K Preview
6 The Reviewer @The Reviewer

The Reviewer

Movies and TV 87.89% 153K 322.1K 26.2K 1.6K Preview


Movies and TV 95.45% 35.7K 2M 9K 472 Preview
8 ToRung @ToRung


Movies and TV 47.52% 855.1K 2.2M 13.4K 153 Preview
9 Gãy TV @Gãy TV

Gãy TV

Movies and TV 87.87% 2.2M 583.7K 7.5K 387 Preview
10 Mạc Văn Khoa Official @Mạc Văn Khoa Official

Mạc Văn Khoa Official

Movies and TV 88.74% 929.1K 441.8K 6.7K 247 Preview
11 Bua No TV @Bua No TV

Bua No TV

Movies and TV 90.91% 47.7K 529.7K 5K 240 Preview
12 Phê Phim @Phê Phim

Phê Phim

Movies and TV 85.32% 752.1K 216.7K 7.1K 438 Preview
13 Diễn viên Duy Khánh @Diễn viên Duy Khánh

Diễn viên Duy Khánh

Movies and TV 81.61% 700.1K 236.8K 6.2K 328 Preview
14 Chị 9 Nghĩa @Chị 9 Nghĩa

Chị 9 Nghĩa

Movies and TV 100% 34.5K 429.9K 3.2K 224 Preview
15 Vietnamese Fairy Tales @Vietnamese Fairy Tales

Vietnamese Fairy Tales

Movies and TV 77.99% 1.4M 732K 3K 117 Preview
16 Fan Trúc Anh @Fan Trúc Anh

Fan Trúc Anh

Movies and TV 50% 24.5K 176.4K 3.6K 610 Preview
17 Trinh Pham @trinhtrontrinh

Trinh Pham

Movies and TV 72.91% 1.1M 139.5K 5.2K 282 Preview
18 Nam Anh Official @Nam Anh Official

Nam Anh Official

Movies and TV 90.77% 294.1K 88.8K 3.5K 433 Preview
19 Nam Thư Entertainment @Nam Thư Entertainment

Nam Thư Entertainment

Movies and TV 65.38% 271.1K 271.3K 4.8K 138 Preview
20 W2W Cartoon @W2W Cartoon

W2W Cartoon

Movies and TV 84.17% 277.1K 117.6K 3.6K 310 Preview
21 ꧁Shuko ༺Bánh bao࿐ @꧁Shuko ༺Bánh bao࿐

꧁Shuko ༺Bánh bao࿐

Movies and TV 75% 14.7K 116.7K 3K 399 Preview
22 quoc thienthu @quoc thienthu

quoc thienthu

Movies and TV 91.67% 31.1K 118.5K 3.8K 250.5 Preview
23 Ginnギン @Ginnギン


Movies and TV 98.98% 16.1K 71.2K 2.9K 324.5 Preview
24 Muối Vkook @Muối Vkook

Muối Vkook

Movies and TV 53% 55.7K 62.5K 4K 501 Preview
25 林Teki Akuma @林Teki Akuma

林Teki Akuma

Movies and TV 69.03% 22.3K 59.5K 2.3K 628 Preview
26 Phim Hài - Bình Minh Film @Phim Hài - Bình Minh Film

Phim Hài - Bình Minh Film

Movies and TV 85.22% 2.7M 539.7K 1.1K 74 Preview
27 Phạm Ngọc TV @Phạm Ngọc TV

Phạm Ngọc TV

Movies and TV 92% 70.2K 81.4K 3.9K 112 Preview
28 Tien Le @lethanhthuytien

Tien Le

Movies and TV 52.5% 38.4K 132.4K 4.6K 102 Preview


Movies and TV 88.74% 359K 259.5K 1.5K 77 Preview


Movies and TV 92.59% 73.5K 35.5K 2.7K 272 Preview
31 Loi Lolyti Chan @Loi Lolyti Chan

Loi Lolyti Chan

Movies and TV 71.83% 44.8K 69.7K 2K 177.5 Preview
32 Mọt Phim Plus @Mọt Phim Plus

Mọt Phim Plus

Movies and TV 82.08% 402.2K 82K 1.8K 148 Preview
33 WEPRO Entertainment @WEPRO Entertainment

WEPRO Entertainment

Movies and TV 84.21% 402.6K 207.4K 2.5K 36 Preview
34 Hải Triều @Hải Triều

Hải Triều

Movies and TV 97.67% 25.4K 92.3K 2.2K 78.5 Preview
35 ღнᴀᴘᴘʏ ԍᴀcнᴀღ @ღнᴀᴘᴘʏ ԍᴀcнᴀღ

ღнᴀᴘᴘʏ ԍᴀcнᴀღ

Movies and TV 70.68% 69.2K 41.8K 1.9K 273 Preview
36 Tùng Phạm @Tùng Phạm

Tùng Phạm

Movies and TV 82.78% 122.4K 43.1K 2.2K 160.5 Preview
37 Công Tử Bột TV @Công Tử Bột TV

Công Tử Bột TV

Movies and TV 94.44% 99.6K 77.2K 1.8K 83.5 Preview
38 Tuta. Nguyen @Tuta. Nguyen

Tuta. Nguyen

Movies and TV 71.23% 45.7K 36.4K 1.6K 272 Preview
39 The Ngáo @The Ngáo

The Ngáo

Movies and TV 87.15% 204K 42.8K 2.1K 137.5 Preview
40 Lippi -Pie @Lippi -Pie

Lippi -Pie

Movies and TV 100% 8.1K 29.5K 1.6K 238 Preview
41 Linh Tran Family Cuộc Sống Úc @Linh Tran Family Cuộc Sống Úc

Linh Tran Family Cuộc Sống Úc

Movies and TV 58.33% 123.5K 69K 1.7K 148 Preview
42 keeb khang @keeb khang

keeb khang

Movies and TV 37.86% 40.6K 147.7K 2.3K 79 Preview
43 Kem Bơ @Kem Bơ

Kem Bơ

Movies and TV 68.85% 724.6K 32.9K 1.6K 267.5 Preview
44 Thái Calvin @Thái Calvin

Thái Calvin

Movies and TV 89.36% 86.4K 86.2K 1.1K 115 Preview
45 Audio Film Việt @Audio Film Việt

Audio Film Việt

Movies and TV 92.33% 142.5K 498.7K 752 25 Preview
46 Truyện Cổ Tích Việt Nam @Truyện Cổ Tích Việt Nam

Truyện Cổ Tích Việt Nam

Movies and TV 80% 64K 162.7K 1.4K 45 Preview
47 Tài Pô Độ @Tài Pô Độ

Tài Pô Độ

Movies and TV 90.56% 458.1K 61.6K 1.8K 77.5 Preview
48 Shadow THE WOLF @Shadow THE WOLF


Movies and TV 52.08% 8.9K 23.1K 1.9K 310 Preview
49 Mọt Khám Phá @Mọt Khám Phá

Mọt Khám Phá

Movies and TV 83.77% 111.2K 65K 1.1K 102 Preview
50 Ngộ Không TV @Ngộ Không TV

Ngộ Không TV

Movies and TV 83.37% 322K 117.6K 781 81 Preview
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