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Top 100 Most Subscribed Movies and TV Youtube channels in Turkey

February 2020

Here’s a list of the most influential Movies and TV YouTubers and channels in the Turkey. Find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category From Turkey Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 فافانابولي @فافانابولي


Movies and TV 21.27% 4.1M 1.8M 173.9K 8.4K Preview
2 Facia Üçlü @Facia Üçlü

Facia Üçlü

Movies and TV 72.71% 2.6M 842.5K 58.9K 5K Preview
3 جيفارا العلي - givara alali @جيفارا العلي - givara alali

جيفارا العلي - givara alali

Movies and TV 41.39% 2.5M 807.4K 79.1K 2.6K Preview
4 نزار الحموي Nizar @نزار الحموي Nizar

نزار الحموي Nizar

Movies and TV 51.01% 138.1K 2M 65.1K 692 Preview
5 Chaby Han @chabyhan

Chaby Han

Movies and TV 75.35% 1M 496.7K 28K 3.1K Preview
6 Röportaj Adam @Röportaj Adam

Röportaj Adam

Movies and TV 78.69% 1.1M 499.6K 26.4K 1.3K Preview
7 tahsin hasoğlu @tahsinhasoglu

tahsin hasoğlu

Movies and TV 81.03% 261.1K 393.5K 31.6K 1.2K Preview
8 Ali Sürücü @Ali Sürücü

Ali Sürücü

Movies and TV 65.76% 311.5K 678.7K 17.7K 1.2K Preview
9 محمد و رامي موصللي Moussallı @محمد و رامي موصللي Moussallı

محمد و رامي موصللي Moussallı

Movies and TV 41.85% 873.1K 261.3K 26.7K 1.3K Preview
10 Berke Kalfa @Berke Kalfa

Berke Kalfa

Movies and TV 54.97% 651.5K 163.2K 11.8K 2.9K Preview
11 Çok Güzel Hareketler @Bkmmutfaktv

Çok Güzel Hareketler

Movies and TV 74.54% 1.9M 790.7K 10.5K 490 Preview
12 Ezgi'nin Kanalı @Ezgi'nin Kanalı

Ezgi'nin Kanalı

Movies and TV 78.07% 582.5K 171.7K 13.1K 1.6K Preview
13 Obada sykh _ عبادة خير الدين @Obada sykh _ عبادة خير الدين

Obada sykh _ عبادة خير الدين

Movies and TV 20.59% 1.6M 362.1K 38.7K 881 Preview
14 ريدر - Raider @ريدر - Raider

ريدر - Raider

Movies and TV 28.88% 448.1K 164.3K 32.6K 1.3K Preview
15 Sıfır Bir @Sıfır Bir

Sıfır Bir

Movies and TV 79.95% 1.4M 455.9K 8.2K 615 Preview
16 İşte Benim Hikayem @İşte Benim Hikayem

İşte Benim Hikayem

Movies and TV 84.83% 47.4K 303.2K 6.7K 965 Preview


Movies and TV 78.29% 100.5K 172.3K 11.7K 795 Preview
18 Nalet Bebe @Nalet Bebe

Nalet Bebe

Movies and TV 81.54% 68.8K 1.2M 5.9K 201.5 Preview
19 Çukur @Çukur


Movies and TV 65.98% 4.4M 776.6K 5.3K 442 Preview
20 احمد و رجاء _ Ahmad & Rajaa @احمد و رجاء _ Ahmad & Rajaa

احمد و رجاء _ Ahmad & Rajaa

Movies and TV 29.88% 418.1K 204.9K 16.1K 1.1K Preview
21 Adal @Adal


Movies and TV 79.84% 105.1K 178.9K 8.5K 750 Preview
22 Celal Sevim @Celal Sevim

Celal Sevim

Movies and TV 60.99% 161.5K 304K 5.6K 857.5 Preview
23 Mohammed and Ramı @Mohammed and Ramı

Mohammed and Ramı

Movies and TV 35.98% 527.1K 143.9K 18.5K 899 Preview
24 Prenses Lina Tv @Prenses Lina Tv

Prenses Lina Tv

Movies and TV 48.94% 540.1K 598.5K 5.1K 540.5 Preview
25 Nulook @Nulook


Movies and TV 68.71% 103.1K 737.9K 6.2K 251.5 Preview


Movies and TV 78.39% 229.1K 87.8K 7K 1.2K Preview
27 ꧁༺Galaksi Stüdyo༻꧂ @꧁༺Galaksi Stüdyo༻꧂

꧁༺Galaksi Stüdyo༻꧂

Movies and TV 98.46% 32.1K 116.2K 4.7K 978.5 Preview
28 Güldür Güldür @guldurguldurtv

Güldür Güldür

Movies and TV 66.97% 1.4M 564.3K 4.8K 267.5 Preview
29 Kutsal Kavga Film @Kutsal Kavga Film

Kutsal Kavga Film

Movies and TV 58.33% 2.5K 2.3M 1.2K 281.5 Preview
30 Omar Hamo - عمر حمو @Omar Hamo - عمر حمو

Omar Hamo - عمر حمو

Movies and TV 27.45% 429.1K 153.2K 18.5K 531.5 Preview
31 Show TV @ShowTVShowTV

Show TV

Movies and TV 56.17% 3.1M 505.8K 5.6K 259.5 Preview


Movies and TV 21.43% 37.3K 718.5K 6K 370 Preview
33 Liste Delisi @listedelisi

Liste Delisi

Movies and TV 72.82% 972.5K 198.9K 7.2K 245 Preview
34 Animatrak @Animatrak


Movies and TV 71.51% 432.5K 108.2K 4.9K 591 Preview
35 Ümit Ateş @tasarimumit

Ümit Ateş

Movies and TV 61.28% 42.2K 88K 4.2K 977 Preview


Movies and TV 69.43% 186.5K 153.8K 4.7K 441 Preview
37 Serhat Taş @Serhat Taş

Serhat Taş

Movies and TV 69.07% 316.5K 128K 6.2K 379 Preview
38 KURCALA @kurcaLaa


Movies and TV 84.33% 154.5K 87.8K 7.1K 358.5 Preview
39 Flu TV @ilkercanikligil

Flu TV

Movies and TV 83.87% 248.1K 70.5K 5.2K 604 Preview
40 Kuzey Yıldızı İlk Aşk @Kuzey Yıldızı İlk Aşk

Kuzey Yıldızı İlk Aşk

Movies and TV 36.93% 812.1K 636.5K 4.5K 172.5 Preview
41 İsmail Baki @ismailbakiofficial

İsmail Baki

Movies and TV 75.59% 328.1K 138.4K 4.3K 377 Preview
42 Spiderman Lightning McQueen @Spiderman Lightning McQueen

Spiderman Lightning McQueen

Movies and TV 48.22% 912.5K 167.7K 4.4K 471 Preview
43 Hiç Komik Değil @Hckmkdgl

Hiç Komik Değil

Movies and TV 83.25% 115.5K 47.6K 6.6K 610 Preview
44 Sefirin Kızı @Sefirin Kızı

Sefirin Kızı

Movies and TV 54.67% 704.1K 489.7K 2.8K 205 Preview
45 Youssef Kabani @Youssef Kabani

Youssef Kabani

Movies and TV 14.18% 608.1K 97.7K 11.5K 944 Preview
46 VTR Production @watchVTR

VTR Production

Movies and TV 68.79% 70.6K 267.8K 1.9K 418 Preview
47 Yer 6 @Yer 6

Yer 6

Movies and TV 70.37% 271.5K 82.1K 6.1K 348.5 Preview
48 Mesut Süre İle İlişki Testi @Mesut Süre İle İlişki Testi

Mesut Süre İle İlişki Testi

Movies and TV 83.58% 166.1K 143K 3.6K 252.5 Preview
49 Eyyüp Kurt @Eyyüp Kurt

Eyyüp Kurt

Movies and TV 74.12% 69.2K 75.6K 4.2K 399.5 Preview
50 Mohamed Eid @Mohamed Eid

Mohamed Eid

Movies and TV 19.16% 1.3M 137.5K 8.2K 428.5 Preview
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