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Top 100 Most Subscribed Movies and TV Youtube channels in Saudi Arabia

February 2020

Here’s a list of the most influential Movies and TV YouTubers and channels in the Saudi Arabia. Find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category From Saudi Arabia Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 BarryTube @BarryTube


Movies and TV 22.02% 4.1M 2.1M 333K 23.5K Preview
2 وليد الغابر @وليد الغابر

وليد الغابر

Movies and TV 52.08% 2.2M 3.6M 107.5K 3.1K Preview
3 اكسمسح - xms77 @xms77sa

اكسمسح - xms77

Movies and TV 34.94% 1.5M 875.6K 67.8K 4K Preview
4 MstreH مالك @MstreH مالك

MstreH مالك

Movies and TV 71.93% 267.5K 410.8K 40.1K 2.7K Preview
5 أبوعابد @أبوعابد


Movies and TV 50.1% 123.5K 232.9K 35.1K 2.4K Preview


Movies and TV 27.76% 1.5M 252.7K 29K 2.8K Preview
7 Mn8ar _ منقار @Mn8ar _ منقار

Mn8ar _ منقار

Movies and TV 37.9% 0 264.8K 31.2K 1.6K Preview
8 Lion KinG I ليون @Lion KinG I ليون

Lion KinG I ليون

Movies and TV 36.16% 1.9M 460K 21.9K 701 Preview
9 Alcomedy Club @JedComedyClub

Alcomedy Club

Movies and TV 65.09% 895.1K 179.4K 19.3K 611.5 Preview
10 safah9 @safah9


Movies and TV 20.07% 830.5K 142.5K 26.5K 1.8K Preview
11 Zool Sagel - زول سغيل @Zool Sagel - زول سغيل

Zool Sagel - زول سغيل

Movies and TV 33.33% 113.1K 265.8K 12.4K 1.1K Preview
12 ERiiTO - اريتو @ERiiTO - اريتو

ERiiTO - اريتو

Movies and TV 24.53% 342.5K 159K 20.4K 1.5K Preview
13 Rami AlHarby صويلح @Rami AlHarby صويلح

Rami AlHarby صويلح

Movies and TV 78.14% 237.1K 334.1K 11.5K 330 Preview
14 Magdi l مجدي @Magdi l مجدي

Magdi l مجدي

Movies and TV 27.89% 378.1K 106K 15.6K 1.8K Preview
15 cr2sh75 @cr2sh75


Movies and TV 40.9% 118.5K 66.3K 9.8K 2.9K Preview
16 آيريس سان_ iris san @آيريس سان_ iris san

آيريس سان_ iris san

Movies and TV 22.99% 54.1K 116.7K 10K 1.6K Preview
17 عامر/3AMR @عامر/3AMR


Movies and TV 47.26% 2.1M 167.7K 12.3K 294 Preview
18 32aam @32aam


Movies and TV 58.33% 133.1K 48K 7.6K 1.2K Preview
19 شوف دراما خليجية - Shoof Drama Khalijiyya @شوف دراما خليجية - Shoof Drama Khalijiyya

شوف دراما خليجية - Shoof Drama Khalijiyya

Movies and TV 40% 262.1K 395.1K 6K 268 Preview
20 Ahmad Animations @sephirith007

Ahmad Animations

Movies and TV 36.75% 159.1K 58.7K 10.7K 1.1K Preview
21 Swalif DiHaiem @Swalif DiHaiem

Swalif DiHaiem

Movies and TV 64.85% 152.1K 102.9K 7.5K 462 Preview
22 ابو حده @ابو حده

ابو حده

Movies and TV 71.11% 132.5K 207.3K 7.1K 187 Preview
23 Filmmer Productions @Filmmer Productions

Filmmer Productions

Movies and TV 29.33% 281.1K 64.1K 10.4K 565 Preview
24 DiHaiem Mutairi @DiHaiem Mutairi

DiHaiem Mutairi

Movies and TV 91.46% 53K 43.8K 4K 607 Preview
25 Kareemtime Official @Kareemtime Official

Kareemtime Official

Movies and TV 21.02% 1.4M 438.4K 8.2K 126 Preview
26 رافت @رافت


Movies and TV 72.22% 2.7K 149.9K 2.1K 383.5 Preview
27 Anime Ghost @Anime Ghost

Anime Ghost

Movies and TV 29.02% 393.2K 81K 7.5K 467 Preview
28 Abbas is here عباس هنا @D1600R

Abbas is here عباس هنا

Movies and TV 54.17% 98.6K 69.5K 5.3K 387.5 Preview
29 Ultra Dragon @za90589

Ultra Dragon

Movies and TV 22.22% 326.1K 50.4K 8.9K 745 Preview
30 عبودي باد Abodybad l @عبودي باد Abodybad l

عبودي باد Abodybad l

Movies and TV 61.09% 555.5K 62.1K 4.7K 404 Preview
31 Loko Friends @Loko Friends

Loko Friends

Movies and TV 38.1% 56.5K 50.7K 6.4K 503 Preview
32 A.Mkhidsh عبدالله المخيدش @A.Mkhidsh عبدالله المخيدش

A.Mkhidsh عبدالله المخيدش

Movies and TV 71.48% 87.4K 48.9K 3.5K 501.5 Preview
33 i3mory TV @i3mory TV

i3mory TV

Movies and TV 45.43% 644.1K 122.6K 5.4K 197 Preview
34 تالا تايم // Tala Time @تالا تايم // Tala Time

تالا تايم // Tala Time

Movies and TV 81.82% 34.5K 62.5K 5.2K 180 Preview
35 ممباوي | Mmbawe @1wailking

ممباوي | Mmbawe

Movies and TV 19.62% 2.3M 50.9K 7.1K 598.5 Preview


Movies and TV 34.14% 91.3K 113.5K 5.6K 193 Preview
37 anex - انيكس @anex - انيكس

anex - انيكس

Movies and TV 18.7% 101.5K 30.7K 6.4K 785 Preview
38 AMQ I عبدالله القحطاني @AMQ I عبدالله القحطاني

AMQ I عبدالله القحطاني

Movies and TV 60.38% 176.5K 24.7K 4.2K 400 Preview
39 Maher Mosly @Maher Mosly

Maher Mosly

Movies and TV 23.14% 670.1K 65.5K 4.3K 372 Preview
40 هارلي harley_111 @هارلي harley_111

هارلي harley_111

Movies and TV 83.61% 96.2K 59K 2.8K 178.5 Preview
41 رموش_ Rmwsh @رموش_ Rmwsh

رموش_ Rmwsh

Movies and TV 25.46% 27.5K 37.4K 3.1K 808 Preview
42 Fahad-ness @Fahad-ness


Movies and TV 36.86% 375.5K 62.6K 3.5K 244.5 Preview
43 HeOne @HeOne


Movies and TV 15.74% 60.6K 260.1K 2.7K 171 Preview
44 نيفو THE BOY @نيفو THE BOY

نيفو THE BOY

Movies and TV 25.06% 2M 36.4K 6.1K 273 Preview
45 القناة الرسمية للشيخ خالد الجليل @oo2111

القناة الرسمية للشيخ خالد الجليل

Movies and TV 17.24% 710.1K 75.1K 3.9K 289 Preview
46 عيد وسعيد @MyFahad555

عيد وسعيد

Movies and TV 84.62% 333.5K 607.7K 26.2K 0 Preview
47 عسوله العسيري Aβha @عسوله العسيري Aβha

عسوله العسيري Aβha

Movies and TV 65.71% 7.2K 69.6K 790 326 Preview
48 ليه تسوي كذا || Leh tesawe ketha @ليه تسوي كذا || Leh tesawe ketha

ليه تسوي كذا || Leh tesawe ketha

Movies and TV 60.59% 607.1K 994.2K 19.2K 0 Preview


Movies and TV 37.59% 101.5K 22.4K 3.4K 388 Preview
50 ابو قحطن @ابو قحطن

ابو قحطن

Movies and TV 55.43% 569.5K 31.7K 2K 284 Preview
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