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Top 100 Most Subscribed Movies and TV Youtube channels in Pakistan

February 2020

Here’s a list of the most influential Movies and TV YouTubers and channels in the Pakistan. Find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category From Pakistan Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 Ducky Bhai @Ducky Bhai

Ducky Bhai

Movies and TV 64.96% 1.5M 1.6M 165.5K 18.6K Preview
2 KhujLee Family @KhujLee Family

KhujLee Family

Movies and TV 77.06% 1.2M 538.1K 43.1K 2.7K Preview
3 Danish Ali @danishalishow

Danish Ali

Movies and TV 74.5% 369.6K 295K 19.1K 938 Preview
4 ARY Films @ARY Films

ARY Films

Movies and TV 71.7% 623.5K 349.7K 11.3K 1K Preview
5 Zindabad vines @Zindabad vines

Zindabad vines

Movies and TV 79.95% 224K 279.1K 8.5K 1K Preview
6 Ozzy Raja Videos @ozzyboxer

Ozzy Raja Videos

Movies and TV 47.49% 657K 412.3K 12.7K 624.5 Preview
7 Thugs of Pakistan @Thugs of Pakistan

Thugs of Pakistan

Movies and TV 80.03% 164.1K 128.1K 13.9K 928 Preview
8 Muneeb Ki Memes @Muneeb Ki Memes

Muneeb Ki Memes

Movies and TV 75.31% 90.5K 160.8K 12.4K 613 Preview
9 Sunny Jafry @Sunny Jafry

Sunny Jafry

Movies and TV 52.46% 565.1K 202.9K 12.2K 530 Preview
10 TP Comedy @TP Comedy

TP Comedy

Movies and TV 88.52% 162.2K 176.3K 6.3K 653 Preview
11 RG Entertainment @RG Entertainment

RG Entertainment

Movies and TV 25.68% 3.3M 624.1K 10.7K 303 Preview
12 Dumb TV @Dumb TV

Dumb TV

Movies and TV 63.41% 1M 119.6K 7.7K 523 Preview
13 sada gul vines @sada gul vines

sada gul vines

Movies and TV 86.49% 35.8K 182.7K 5.6K 316 Preview
14 The Fun Fin @The Fun Fin

The Fun Fin

Movies and TV 81.53% 114K 138.1K 6.2K 392 Preview
15 Night Owl @Night Owl

Night Owl

Movies and TV 50% 109K 253.3K 5.1K 275.5 Preview
16 Hindi Stories For All @Hindi Stories For All

Hindi Stories For All

Movies and TV 50% 145.1K 702.6K 4.5K 111 Preview
17 WamIndia Movie Talkies @wamindiamovietalkies

WamIndia Movie Talkies

Movies and TV 46.15% 3.5M 383.9K 2.4K 343 Preview
18 Charsadda Vines @Charsadda Vines

Charsadda Vines

Movies and TV 79.43% 86.2K 115.9K 3.7K 369.5 Preview
19 Sajjad Jani - Official @Sajjad Jani - Official

Sajjad Jani - Official

Movies and TV 73.45% 125.6K 104.6K 3.7K 325.5 Preview
20 Road Show with Abeera Khan @Road Show with Abeera Khan

Road Show with Abeera Khan

Movies and TV 61.75% 120.1K 103.1K 3.2K 308 Preview


Movies and TV 82.28% 139.5K 90.7K 2.5K 282 Preview
22 Sherpao Vines @Sherpao Vines

Sherpao Vines

Movies and TV 76% 43.9K 152.1K 3.2K 127 Preview
23 ZeeShan IDol @ZeeShan IDol

ZeeShan IDol

Movies and TV 78.7% 14K 54K 3.4K 328 Preview


Movies and TV 79.51% 78.5K 54.4K 3.7K 293 Preview
25 Istaal Films @Istaal Films

Istaal Films

Movies and TV 96% 9.4K 87.9K 2.3K 211 Preview
26 Zalmi Da Pukhtoon Khwa @Zalmi Da Pukhtoon Khwa

Zalmi Da Pukhtoon Khwa

Movies and TV 78.79% 40.6K 71.6K 2.6K 216 Preview
27 Hi-Tech Pakistani Films @Hi-Tech Pakistani Films

Hi-Tech Pakistani Films

Movies and TV 73.86% 0 203K 2.3K 70 Preview
28 Hyper Insaan @Hyper Insaan

Hyper Insaan

Movies and TV 76.34% 27.4K 30.8K 3.5K 261 Preview
29 Animo Comedy @Animo Comedy

Animo Comedy

Movies and TV 33.33% 17.9K 164K 3.9K 92 Preview
30 Asghar Khoso @Asghar Khoso

Asghar Khoso

Movies and TV 84.66% 572K 53.9K 2.6K 151.5 Preview
31 Ali Chaudhry @Ali Chaudhry

Ali Chaudhry

Movies and TV 61.87% 91.9K 62.7K 3.3K 131 Preview
32 Gopi Modi @Gopi Modi

Gopi Modi

Movies and TV 100% 45.7K 373.6K 1.5K 28 Preview
33 Sherpao Vines Vlogs @Sherpao Vines Vlogs

Sherpao Vines Vlogs

Movies and TV 88% 32.1K 71.9K 1.9K 90 Preview
34 Babujee Entertainment @Babujee Entertainment

Babujee Entertainment

Movies and TV 80% 139.5K 35.2K 1.6K 226.5 Preview
35 Danish and Abbas jugat bazi @Danish and Abbas jugat bazi

Danish and Abbas jugat bazi

Movies and TV 79.37% 35.7K 23.7K 1.9K 264 Preview
36 Urdu Fairy Tales @Urdu Fairy Tales

Urdu Fairy Tales

Movies and TV 71.04% 1.4M 136.5K 1.2K 78 Preview
37 NaveedJi @NaveedJi


Movies and TV 88.41% 150.6K 25.9K 1.5K 169 Preview
38 Wisal Khan Official @Wisal Khan Official

Wisal Khan Official

Movies and TV 66.16% 267.6K 21.4K 1.8K 202.5 Preview
39 Fun and Info LMM @Fun and Info LMM

Fun and Info LMM

Movies and TV 40% 15.3K 37.5K 1.4K 243 Preview
40 Fairy Tube @Fairy Tube

Fairy Tube

Movies and TV 56.25% 72.8K 108.3K 1.1K 50 Preview
41 Khan Vines @Khan Vines

Khan Vines

Movies and TV 88.55% 56K 39K 999.5 82.5 Preview
42 MovieboxMovies @MovieboxMovies


Movies and TV 73.53% 602.2K 123.7K 669 42 Preview
43 Pashtoon Vines @Pashtoon Vines

Pashtoon Vines

Movies and TV 80.06% 112.5K 15.6K 1K 144 Preview
44 Azizi One @Azizi One

Azizi One

Movies and TV 97.22% 8.2K 69.1K 758 35.5 Preview
45 Zohaib Pendu @Zohaib Pendu

Zohaib Pendu

Movies and TV 73.53% 28.2K 19.2K 1K 118 Preview
46 Maansals @Maansals


Movies and TV 71.46% 104.6K 23.5K 1.3K 65.5 Preview
47 Dugdugee @Dugdugee


Movies and TV 68.97% 290.5K 30.2K 1.3K 52 Preview
48 Hollywood Action Dhamaka @Hollywood Action Dhamaka

Hollywood Action Dhamaka

Movies and TV 47.37% 927K 166.4K 969 23 Preview


Movies and TV 50% 4K 39.3K 1.3K 51 Preview
50 You Tv HD @You Tv HD

You Tv HD

Movies and TV 88.64% 591.1K 35.8K 843.5 39.5 Preview
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