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Top 100 Most Subscribed Movies and TV Youtube channels in Germany

February 2020

Here’s a list of the most influential Movies and TV YouTubers and channels in the Germany. Find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category From Germany Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 Varion @Varion


Movies and TV 85.32% 1M 1.3M 125K 1.9K Preview
2 ZDF heute-show @ZDF heute-show

ZDF heute-show

Movies and TV 80.52% 776.1K 623.4K 20.4K 1.7K Preview
3 Pumping mnky @Pumping mnky

Pumping mnky

Movies and TV 73.33% 80.7K 335.3K 16.9K 1.7K Preview
4 Wailam @Wailam


Movies and TV 80.09% 371.5K 222.3K 21.5K 1.3K Preview
5 Younes Jones @Younes Jones

Younes Jones

Movies and TV 70.38% 1.1M 292.8K 16.7K 664 Preview
6 Talha @Talha


Movies and TV 69.38% 727.5K 213.7K 14.8K 679 Preview
7 Bodyformus @Bodyformus


Movies and TV 74.75% 1.4M 100.7K 11.6K 1.7K Preview


Movies and TV 81.14% 437.1K 177.4K 4.8K 1.3K Preview
9 Mix Select @Mix Select

Mix Select

Movies and TV 14.44% 219.1K 274.5K 15.8K 890 Preview
10 Hier ist Arnold @Hier ist Arnold

Hier ist Arnold

Movies and TV 76.82% 239.1K 221.7K 9.1K 319 Preview
11 Freshtorge @freshaltefolie


Movies and TV 76.09% 3.2M 98.4K 8.8K 639 Preview
12 RobBubble @RobBubble


Movies and TV 83.77% 202.5K 106K 11.8K 401.5 Preview
13 Raafey @Raafey


Movies and TV 78.67% 279.1K 95.9K 6.7K 597 Preview
14 elsterglanzoffiziell @elsterglanzoffiziell


Movies and TV 76.47% 21.3K 207.9K 6K 275 Preview
15 KüsengsTV @KüsengsTV


Movies and TV 59.27% 250.5K 89.7K 5.1K 933.5 Preview
16 Birger @silox2


Movies and TV 74.96% 84.6K 79.7K 7.9K 526 Preview
17 Marocain @Marocain


Movies and TV 96.61% 29.8K 113.7K 5.9K 228 Preview
18 IdiotenWatch @IdiotenWatch


Movies and TV 72.85% 43.9K 44K 5.7K 741 Preview
19 Oliver Janich @OliverJanich

Oliver Janich

Movies and TV 70.28% 99.8K 63.5K 4.5K 658 Preview
20 LUKE - Die Greatnightshow @LukeMockridge

LUKE - Die Greatnightshow

Movies and TV 79.36% 1.7M 235.4K 4.3K 151 Preview
21 JokaH Tululu @thespaceboyzTV

JokaH Tululu

Movies and TV 74.93% 728.4K 71.2K 4.4K 426 Preview
22 SerienReviewer @MrSerienReviewer


Movies and TV 79.84% 143.5K 71.3K 4.6K 348 Preview
23 OnionDog @OnionDog


Movies and TV 81.75% 83.4K 64.5K 3K 466.5 Preview
24 TheoryTv - Meliodas @TheoryTv2

TheoryTv - Meliodas

Movies and TV 74.77% 95.1K 51.4K 3.4K 553.5 Preview


Movies and TV 74.74% 367.5K 74.1K 5.8K 222.5 Preview
26 BroadcastMyAss @BroadcastMyAss


Movies and TV 90.43% 41.5K 36.4K 4.5K 478.5 Preview
27 212th - Tom & Taha @212th - Tom & Taha

212th - Tom & Taha

Movies and TV 80.57% 152.1K 75.3K 3.6K 281.5 Preview
28 extra 3 @extra3

extra 3

Movies and TV 81.65% 568.1K 90.3K 2.6K 304 Preview
29 imp @imp


Movies and TV 75.24% 43K 33.8K 3.4K 685.5 Preview
30 3thedward @3thedward


Movies and TV 81.76% 155.1K 60.7K 3.1K 379.5 Preview
31 Hazel & Thomas @oswaldundfidelio

Hazel & Thomas

Movies and TV 80.66% 172.1K 111.6K 3.6K 172 Preview
32 Cinema Strikes Back @Cinema Strikes Back

Cinema Strikes Back

Movies and TV 82.48% 206.5K 58.8K 3.1K 304 Preview
33 Lisa mag Pelmeni @Lisa mag Pelmeni

Lisa mag Pelmeni

Movies and TV 91.78% 16.3K 24.9K 2.2K 884 Preview


Movies and TV 81.59% 1.7M 33K 4.5K 311 Preview
35 Franky Allstar @Franky Allstar

Franky Allstar

Movies and TV 68.44% 242.5K 74.9K 4.5K 159 Preview
36 Lucy's Plauderecke @Lucy's Plauderecke

Lucy's Plauderecke

Movies and TV 87.8% 55K 53.9K 2.8K 273 Preview
37 Kino Plus @Kino Plus

Kino Plus

Movies and TV 80.56% 73.4K 64.8K 2.3K 286 Preview
38 Laura Sophie @Laura Sophie

Laura Sophie

Movies and TV 69.7% 220.5K 74.6K 3.5K 185 Preview
39 Tommy Toalingling @ToaLingLing

Tommy Toalingling

Movies and TV 81.4% 92.1K 26.3K 3.6K 417 Preview
40 Dalia Mya @Daliamya2002

Dalia Mya

Movies and TV 69.23% 183.1K 57.9K 4.4K 179 Preview
41 ZDF Comedy @ZDFlachbar

ZDF Comedy

Movies and TV 77.34% 132.1K 85.3K 2.8K 153.5 Preview
42 Hados @Hados


Movies and TV 80.79% 51.2K 33.9K 2.4K 395 Preview
43 ninotakutv @ninotakutv


Movies and TV 84.74% 392.5K 34.6K 2.5K 283.5 Preview


Movies and TV 28.05% 0 79.5K 4.4K 199 Preview
45 JustKetchupAnimation @JustKetchupAnimation


Movies and TV 79.25% 240.5K 38.3K 3.5K 177 Preview
46 Star Wars News @Star Wars News

Star Wars News

Movies and TV 80.25% 113.5K 40.5K 2.8K 208 Preview
47 Stand-Up 44 @Stand-Up 44

Stand-Up 44

Movies and TV 90.41% 60.6K 75.8K 2.6K 95 Preview
48 One Piece Theoretiker @One Piece Theoretiker

One Piece Theoretiker

Movies and TV 79.07% 168.5K 51.1K 1.7K 231 Preview
49 Markus Krebs TV @Markus Krebs TV

Markus Krebs TV

Movies and TV 80.21% 67.1K 187.3K 1.8K 56.5 Preview
50 Henry @Henry


Movies and TV 65.56% 510.1K 42K 3.6K 142 Preview
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