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Top 100 Most Subscribed Movies and TV Youtube channels in Canada

February 2020

Here’s a list of the most influential Movies and TV YouTubers and channels in the Canada. Find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category From Canada Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 WTFKeV @afafasquenou


Movies and TV 85.36% 87K 72.9K 7.4K 548 Preview
2 Julien Lacroix @jlacroix100

Julien Lacroix

Movies and TV 89.4% 109.1K 165.1K 9.1K 182 Preview
3 Lobot the Robot @TheItaliianStalliion

Lobot the Robot

Movies and TV 66.67% 1.6K 183.9K 3.6K 220 Preview
4 Danick Martineau @Danick Martineau

Danick Martineau

Movies and TV 92.59% 65.1K 74K 4.6K 292 Preview
5 Émile Roy @Émile Roy

Émile Roy

Movies and TV 53.15% 129.5K 67.3K 8.3K 343 Preview
6 희극인 @희극인


Movies and TV 33.33% 51.3K 206.7K 2.5K 226 Preview
7 Cassandra Bouchard @Cassandra Bouchard

Cassandra Bouchard

Movies and TV 85% 81.9K 67.9K 3.6K 133 Preview
8 Quick Dick McDick @Quick Dick McDick

Quick Dick McDick

Movies and TV 57.26% 25.5K 50.2K 2.5K 346 Preview
9 댓글의민족 @댓글의민족


Movies and TV 97.73% 2K 145.4K 1.5K 106 Preview
10 Sous Écoute @Sous Écoute

Sous Écoute

Movies and TV 89.23% 74.9K 64K 995 225 Preview
11 jayaddict @jayaddict


Movies and TV 57.89% 46.3K 21.8K 2.7K 299 Preview
12 Katapa TV @Katapa TV

Katapa TV

Movies and TV 44.29% 16.9K 49K 2.7K 165 Preview
13 Letterkenny Problems @PlayFunGamesPictures

Letterkenny Problems

Movies and TV 42.06% 375.5K 93.6K 2.2K 92 Preview
14 MexFlix @MexFlix


Movies and TV 50% 6.6K 244.2K 1.3K 23 Preview
15 Lovely gacha @Lovely gacha

Lovely gacha

Movies and TV 43.75% 1.4K 30.4K 1.2K 161 Preview
16 Basement Reels @BasementReels

Basement Reels

Movies and TV 22.34% 74K 43.4K 1.9K 136 Preview
17 TheWildNorth @TheWildNorth


Movies and TV 46.75% 49K 25.4K 1.5K 166 Preview


Movies and TV 69.12% 13.7K 29.9K 1.1K 98 Preview
19 Maire de Laval @Maire de Laval

Maire de Laval

Movies and TV 90.16% 30K 15.6K 1.3K 100 Preview
20 Random Order @Random Order

Random Order

Movies and TV 44.65% 83.6K 25.9K 1.3K 117.5 Preview
21 Cath&Jay @Cath&Jay


Movies and TV 55.13% 181.5K 17.5K 1.2K 87 Preview
22 that one weird girl @that one weird girl

that one weird girl

Movies and TV 42.86% 3.9K 31.9K 759.5 57.5 Preview
23 Aaron Parecki @TheAaronpk

Aaron Parecki

Movies and TV 89.84% 2.2K 13.9K 482 83 Preview
24 Eric's Hobby Workshop @Eric's Hobby Workshop

Eric's Hobby Workshop

Movies and TV 41.86% 7K 8.1K 853 137 Preview
25 Sèxe Illégal @LegalPony

Sèxe Illégal

Movies and TV 97.26% 7.5K 13.6K 377 65 Preview
26 Tikka @Tikka


Movies and TV 50% 2.6K 36.7K 419 45 Preview
27 Raph Lapointe @Raph Lapointe

Raph Lapointe

Movies and TV 95.06% 25.8K 8.3K 874 42 Preview
28 2 Average Dudes @2 Average Dudes

2 Average Dudes

Movies and TV 72.89% 8K 2.5K 612 252 Preview
29 Plenty Of Ali @Plenty Of Ali

Plenty Of Ali

Movies and TV 66.67% 5.5K 7K 1.1K 76 Preview
30 Dave Morgan @Dave Morgan

Dave Morgan

Movies and TV 100% 1.3K 7.9K 311 65 Preview
31 Le temps d'une laine - Podcast tricot @Le temps d'une laine - Podcast tricot

Le temps d'une laine - Podcast tricot

Movies and TV 50% 2.9K 5.8K 502 154 Preview
32 Riches k @Riches k

Riches k

Movies and TV 45.83% 29.2K 15.8K 491.5 46.5 Preview
33 AnneSo _Classy @AnneSo _Classy

AnneSo _Classy

Movies and TV 78.43% 12.3K 7.2K 375 35 Preview
34 En route vers-To Survivor @En route vers-To Survivor

En route vers-To Survivor

Movies and TV 71.43% 3.6K 9.2K 192 41 Preview


Movies and TV 33.33% 11.9K 22.1K 285.5 38.5 Preview
36 Jhawk23 @jhawk23


Movies and TV 82.64% 30.7K 6.4K 392 29 Preview
37 conway kootenay @cksmooth11

conway kootenay

Movies and TV 58.49% 7.9K 10.7K 327 31 Preview
38 Mark Forward @ForwardMark

Mark Forward

Movies and TV 60% 2.8K 7.6K 390 33 Preview
39 Stand Up Club Kazan @Stand Up Club Kazan

Stand Up Club Kazan

Movies and TV 48.78% 5.9K 10.5K 336.5 33 Preview
40 Le Lineup du Bordel @Le Lineup du Bordel

Le Lineup du Bordel

Movies and TV 100% 4.4K 9.4K 247 36 Preview


Movies and TV 18.52% 19.1K 10.1K 324.5 91 Preview
42 ComediHa! @festivalgrandrire


Movies and TV 91.67% 35.5K 16K 223 27 Preview
43 Steve Saretsky @Steve Saretsky

Steve Saretsky

Movies and TV 79.17% 0 4.8K 220 141 Preview
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