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Top 100 Most Subscribed Movies and TV Youtube channels in Australia

February 2020

Here’s a list of the most influential Movies and TV YouTubers and channels in the Australia. Find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category From Australia Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 Vincent 文森特 MOVIE CHANNEL @Vincent 文森特 MOVIE CHANNEL


Movies and TV 75.86% 28.9K 1.1M 20.8K 2.9K Preview
2 thejuicemedia @thejuicemedia


Movies and TV 26.69% 299.2K 503.6K 30.7K 2.8K Preview
3 THE BIG LEZ SHOW OFFICIAL @guitarfingerz2112


Movies and TV 48.45% 868.1K 292.3K 26.7K 2.4K Preview
4 Georgia Productions @ProductionsGeorgia

Georgia Productions

Movies and TV 55.83% 783.2K 229.8K 16.9K 2.8K Preview
5 Isaac Butterfield @Isaac Butterfield

Isaac Butterfield

Movies and TV 61.53% 1.3M 187.2K 15.1K 2K Preview
6 friendlyjordies @friendlyjordies


Movies and TV 76.51% 382.2K 165.1K 15.5K 1K Preview
7 Marty and Michael @Marty and Michael

Marty and Michael

Movies and TV 19.13% 628.2K 322.4K 12.6K 660 Preview
8 Chloe and Mitch @Chloe and Mitch

Chloe and Mitch

Movies and TV 69.9% 101.4K 128.2K 5.2K 260 Preview
9 VioletteGL @VioletteGL


Movies and TV 28.57% 64.8K 142.9K 4.7K 467 Preview
10 Frenchy SungaAttack @SungaAttack

Frenchy SungaAttack

Movies and TV 64.96% 542.5K 92.5K 5.3K 218 Preview
11 Sooshi Mango @selespeed06

Sooshi Mango

Movies and TV 72.34% 54.6K 66.4K 2.4K 175 Preview
12 Harlito & Jo Jo @Harlito & Jo Jo

Harlito & Jo Jo

Movies and TV 74.19% 16.8K 31.4K 2.1K 201 Preview
13 Million Dollar Bogan @Million Dollar Bogan

Million Dollar Bogan

Movies and TV 30.08% 43.6K 35.3K 1.8K 469 Preview
14 kreifish @kreifish


Movies and TV 20.78% 9.9K 58.7K 4.8K 131.5 Preview
15 TK's Plane Spotting @kulczynski

TK's Plane Spotting

Movies and TV 22.09% 71.6K 144.3K 1.2K 160 Preview
16 Stella Mar Films @Stella Mar Films

Stella Mar Films

Movies and TV 42.52% 16.2K 43.2K 763 427 Preview
17 Neel Kolhatkar @neel30394

Neel Kolhatkar

Movies and TV 32.06% 599.4K 27K 2.4K 266.5 Preview
18 Lewis Spears @NebzAdlay

Lewis Spears

Movies and TV 29.32% 417.4K 29.4K 3.2K 187.5 Preview
19 Hamish & Andy @hamishandyofficial

Hamish & Andy

Movies and TV 81.74% 433.1K 62.3K 1.5K 63 Preview
20 Lily Brown @lilybrown89

Lily Brown

Movies and TV 61.95% 238.4K 56.5K 1.8K 69.5 Preview
21 The Slendy Show EDM & Comedy @SlenderTheMan22

The Slendy Show EDM & Comedy

Movies and TV 15.79% 94.2K 24.4K 1.7K 361 Preview
22 Skye Wheatley @Skye Wheatley

Skye Wheatley

Movies and TV 66.18% 241.6K 36.5K 997.5 83 Preview
23 Lily's Garden ADS @Lily's Garden ADS

Lily's Garden ADS

Movies and TV 36.79% 20K 19.8K 904 154 Preview
24 Tanya Hennessy @Tanya Hennessy

Tanya Hennessy

Movies and TV 56.9% 124.6K 16.2K 1.2K 85 Preview
25 Christian Hull @artsider

Christian Hull

Movies and TV 76.76% 92K 11.6K 844 98 Preview
26 Tommy Smith @Tommy Smith

Tommy Smith

Movies and TV 43.75% 4.8K 12.3K 772 87.5 Preview
27 CarlBarronVideos @CarlBarronVideos


Movies and TV 71.53% 78.4K 20.7K 797 24 Preview
28 Caden MacDonald @cados09

Caden MacDonald

Movies and TV 80.43% 40.6K 5.8K 479.5 70.5 Preview
29 Screen Australia @ScreenAustralia

Screen Australia

Movies and TV 61.11% 9.1K 12.2K 496.5 66.5 Preview
30 hijosh @sayhijosh


Movies and TV 67.86% 41.7K 18K 501 34 Preview
31 Luke Kidgell @Luke Kidgell

Luke Kidgell

Movies and TV 64.96% 86.4K 7.6K 670 53 Preview
32 Tara BelleRose @Tara BelleRose

Tara BelleRose

Movies and TV 41.98% 33.6K 3.4K 617 189 Preview
33 The Roundabout Crew @TheRoundaboutCrew

The Roundabout Crew

Movies and TV 78.06% 116.5K 7.8K 620 41 Preview
34 HD Melbourne Aviation @HD Melbourne Aviation

HD Melbourne Aviation

Movies and TV 21.34% 146.4K 21K 389 50 Preview
35 Elliot Loney @Elbowsthechameleon

Elliot Loney

Movies and TV 28.37% 34.5K 12.9K 431 35 Preview
36 ScarnonCunce ? @ScarnonCunce ?

ScarnonCunce ?

Movies and TV 44.84% 21.8K 5.2K 684 74 Preview
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