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Top 100 Most Subscribed Movies and TV Youtube channels in Argentina

February 2020

Here’s a list of the most influential Movies and TV YouTubers and channels in the Argentina. Find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category From Argentina Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 Te lo resumo @Te lo resumo

Te lo resumo

Movies and TV 29.18% 4M 1.7M 152.3K 9.6K Preview
2 PedritoVM @PedritoVM


Movies and TV 47.71% 3.3M 696.3K 80.1K 11.1K Preview
3 Miguel Martin - Oficial Gordillo @ElMiguelMartin

Miguel Martin - Oficial Gordillo

Movies and TV 76.26% 409.2K 1.8M 43.9K 1.3K Preview
4 Sofi Maure @Sofi Maure

Sofi Maure

Movies and TV 47.49% 625K 491.2K 65.7K 3.8K Preview
5 La Galera @La Galera

La Galera

Movies and TV 77.85% 180.4K 290K 36.7K 3.3K Preview
6 Axl Kss @axlkss

Axl Kss

Movies and TV 30.56% 629.1K 404.6K 46.2K 3.2K Preview
7 ElcanaldeJoaco @ElcanaldeJoaco


Movies and TV 81.48% 280.2K 370.9K 35.4K 1.2K Preview
8 Pimpeano @Pimpeano


Movies and TV 77.3% 344.2K 339.4K 34.2K 1K Preview
9 Coscu @Shacoscu


Movies and TV 58.96% 2.4M 422.8K 28.1K 1.2K Preview
10 Los Displicentes @Los Displicentes

Los Displicentes

Movies and TV 52.95% 1.6M 367.6K 24.3K 1.5K Preview
11 Oxey Army @Oxey Army

Oxey Army

Movies and TV 80.84% 67.1K 291.9K 27.1K 800 Preview
12 Dinastinta @ronaldinhomini


Movies and TV 75% 217K 386.4K 27K 418.5 Preview
13 Telmogo @Telmogo


Movies and TV 58.35% 231K 147.4K 18.6K 1.9K Preview
14 maritobaracus @maritobaracus


Movies and TV 74.1% 1.5M 140.1K 20.5K 918.5 Preview
15 PassThor @abelash18


Movies and TV 58.46% 417K 137.6K 21.9K 1K Preview
16 If you laugh you get lost @If you laugh you get lost

If you laugh you get lost

Movies and TV 14.81% 0 926.1K 16.4K 656 Preview
17 Hecatombe Producciones @HecatombeOk

Hecatombe Producciones

Movies and TV 68.28% 1.5M 128.8K 16.2K 1K Preview
18 Dai Hernandez's way @daihernandez3

Dai Hernandez's way

Movies and TV 69.18% 162.6K 172.9K 11.7K 824.5 Preview
19 Tincho Ruiz @Tincho Ruiz

Tincho Ruiz

Movies and TV 59.48% 712.2K 138.1K 14.4K 777 Preview
20 Chinito @Chinito


Movies and TV 70.27% 60.2K 308.7K 14.5K 274 Preview
21 nicolas de tracy @nicolasdetracy

nicolas de tracy

Movies and TV 80.06% 86.9K 100.5K 5.9K 1.7K Preview
22 Matias Ponce @MatiasPonceOk

Matias Ponce

Movies and TV 72.09% 1.2M 132.7K 12K 641 Preview
23 Gonzalo Soloa @Gonzalo Soloa

Gonzalo Soloa

Movies and TV 62.93% 320.1K 95.7K 8K 1.3K Preview
24 Biscarrita @Biscarrita


Movies and TV 52.5% 371.1K 197K 14.3K 427 Preview
25 Historias De Reddit @Historias De Reddit

Historias De Reddit

Movies and TV 26.71% 111.2K 255K 9.8K 887 Preview
26 Casados Con Hijos @Casados Con Hijos

Casados Con Hijos

Movies and TV 68.32% 237K 514.9K 4.7K 306 Preview


Movies and TV 27.49% 2.7K 163.2K 7.6K 1.3K Preview
28 FFran Gomez @FFran Gomez

FFran Gomez

Movies and TV 87.14% 137.2K 117.6K 14.7K 261 Preview
29 Kalil Iglesias @MrKalilsuper99

Kalil Iglesias

Movies and TV 66.89% 307.5K 76.1K 10K 646.5 Preview
30 Gabriel Lucero @Gabriel Lucero

Gabriel Lucero

Movies and TV 72.84% 477.5K 141.2K 6.1K 458.5 Preview
31 LeviNoise @LeviNoise


Movies and TV 71.82% 184.5K 128K 11K 268 Preview
32 Albertiwi @Albertiwi


Movies and TV 13.54% 528.4K 432.1K 10.2K 435.5 Preview
33 Harry of Shit @Harry of Shit

Harry of Shit

Movies and TV 22.42% 33.5K 62.8K 7.9K 2.2K Preview
34 Una Alienada @Una Alienada

Una Alienada

Movies and TV 24.38% 55K 79.1K 8.6K 1.3K Preview
35 JulianSerrano7 @JulianSerrano7


Movies and TV 62.9% 2.8M 115K 8.9K 311 Preview
36 Kaparoid @Kaparoid


Movies and TV 81.48% 7K 53.6K 5.8K 789.5 Preview
37 Peewee Poops @Peewee Poops

Peewee Poops

Movies and TV 45.08% 10K 77K 7.6K 561 Preview
38 Leu'Name 光 @ShintaHimura9

Leu'Name 光

Movies and TV 22.91% 113.5K 67.6K 6.6K 1.3K Preview
39 chopamontoya @chopita23453


Movies and TV 87.34% 87.5K 94.5K 6.7K 232 Preview
40 Juanfrita @Juanfrita


Movies and TV 80.08% 50.3K 91.3K 8K 204 Preview
41 Pandom @Pandom


Movies and TV 69.28% 88.9K 43.8K 8.1K 451 Preview
42 Taton @fadermadergas


Movies and TV 50.86% 185.4K 57K 6.9K 544.5 Preview
43 Mr. Katman @Mr. Katman

Mr. Katman

Movies and TV 37.23% 27.5K 61.4K 7.3K 630 Preview
44 ·Fun with Yumiko· @·Fun with Yumiko·

·Fun with Yumiko·

Movies and TV 32.87% 64.6K 82K 7.5K 501 Preview
45 Jero Freixas @Jero Freixas

Jero Freixas

Movies and TV 41.37% 166K 103.7K 5.6K 416 Preview
46 Melanie Celeste @Melanie Celeste

Melanie Celeste

Movies and TV 34.55% 893.2K 96.9K 6.8K 424.5 Preview
47 Frankkaster @Frankkaster


Movies and TV 71.55% 623.5K 74.9K 5.8K 261.5 Preview
48 🌟Bebepine🌟 @BebePine


Movies and TV 46.03% 67.3K 48.4K 8.2K 397.5 Preview
49 Vincha de la Luisa @Vincha de la Luisa

Vincha de la Luisa

Movies and TV 77.43% 353.4K 52.8K 4.5K 283 Preview
50 Reddit en Español @Reddit en Español

Reddit en Español

Movies and TV 34.54% 73.4K 95.8K 3.5K 446 Preview
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