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Top 100 Gaming Youtube channels in Vietnam

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October 2019

Here’s a list of the most influential Gaming YouTubers and channels in the Vietnam. Find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category From Vietnam Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 Cris Devil Gamer @CrisDevilGamer

Cris Devil Gamer

Gaming 86.24% 7.3M 1.6M 67.9K 2.5K Preview
2 Mều Channel @Mều Channel

Mều Channel

Gaming 79.73% 2.9M 2M 40.4K 1.4K Preview
3 RedhoodVN @RedhoodVN


Gaming 80.92% 3.2M 1.9M 47.8K 1.1K Preview


Gaming 93.02% 1.4M 524.6K 30.6K 3K Preview
5 Trường Quân TQ97 Gaming @Trường Quân TQ97 Gaming

Trường Quân TQ97 Gaming

Gaming 88.82% 1.6M 1.2M 25.9K 1.3K Preview
6 SlenderMan™ @SlenderMan™


Gaming 83.82% 3.9M 1.2M 14.2K 1.1K Preview
7 Quang Ngọc Trinh @Quang Ngọc Trinh

Quang Ngọc Trinh

Gaming 90.91% 146.4K 560.4K 25.7K 1.1K Preview
8 Dung Senpai @MrDragonCandy9x

Dung Senpai

Gaming 87.5% 1.3M 548.1K 16.9K 1.7K Preview
9 Milona TV @Milona TV

Milona TV

Gaming 87.27% 943.2K 431.2K 12.3K 1.4K Preview
10 Nam Lầy @Nam Lầy

Nam Lầy

Gaming 82.43% 715K 431.4K 18.2K 999 Preview


Gaming 78.57% 825K 470.4K 11.5K 460 Preview
12 Mister Vit @Mister Vit

Mister Vit

Gaming 76.13% 629.1K 210.3K 5.9K 1.8K Preview
13 AS Mobile @AS Mobile

AS Mobile

Gaming 82.54% 2.8M 448.9K 9.1K 451 Preview
14 Bí Kíp Troll Team @Bí Kíp Troll Team

Bí Kíp Troll Team

Gaming 87.05% 487.5K 306.6K 9.1K 611 Preview


Gaming 82% 238K 209.6K 11.3K 735 Preview
16 Siro Official @Siro Official

Siro Official

Gaming 80.77% 471.1K 142.3K 5.7K 2.1K Preview
17 Jaki Natsumi™ @catviprovip

Jaki Natsumi™

Gaming 83.54% 1.8M 370.2K 6K 634 Preview
18 GilGaming TV @GilGaming TV

GilGaming TV

Gaming 76.37% 749.1K 269.6K 8.8K 650 Preview
19 Toàn Tây @Toàn Tây

Toàn Tây

Gaming 85.64% 189.2K 125.1K 7.8K 1.4K Preview
20 VinhMC @VinhMC


Gaming 84.32% 335K 226K 6.6K 892 Preview
21 loc bignose @loc bignose

loc bignose

Gaming 86.15% 876K 287.6K 8.7K 498 Preview
22 Lộc Zutaki @Lộc Zutaki

Lộc Zutaki

Gaming 87.39% 165.1K 312.8K 5.1K 697 Preview


Gaming 92.61% 1.3M 199.3K 7.8K 602 Preview
24 Rùa Ngáo @Rùa Ngáo

Rùa Ngáo

Gaming 83.48% 1.2M 362.2K 8.1K 354 Preview
25 Pirate TV @Pirate TV

Pirate TV

Gaming 78.26% 1.5M 301.8K 8.1K 439 Preview
26 Mobile MOBA Việt @Mobile MOBA Việt

Mobile MOBA Việt

Gaming 88.89% 4M 248.6K 7.3K 463.5 Preview
27 Anhhao Live @Anhhao Live

Anhhao Live

Gaming 87.27% 588.6K 165.2K 9.7K 513 Preview
28 Mèo Simmy @Mèo Simmy

Mèo Simmy

Gaming 71.27% 1.1M 175.4K 6K 938.5 Preview
29 GAM Esports @GAM Esports

GAM Esports

Gaming 84.35% 101.4K 183K 5.9K 712 Preview
30 Phong Cận Tv @Phong Cận Tv

Phong Cận Tv

Gaming 75.23% 717.2K 392.1K 5.1K 401 Preview
31 Meow Funny @Meow Funny

Meow Funny

Gaming 90.68% 60.6K 321.7K 5.8K 265 Preview
32 MV Channel @MV Channel

MV Channel

Gaming 75.61% 399K 371K 7.8K 203 Preview
33 Minh Long LQ @Minh Long LQ

Minh Long LQ

Gaming 82.72% 232.5K 327.3K 7K 224 Preview
34 Dương FG @Dương FG

Dương FG

Gaming 82.89% 1.4M 187.8K 6.1K 345 Preview
35 Mạnh Blue Channel @Mạnh Blue Channel

Mạnh Blue Channel

Gaming 86.32% 754K 155.6K 4.4K 493 Preview
36 conan gaming @conan gaming

conan gaming

Gaming 54.42% 215.2K 224.5K 7.1K 333 Preview
37 T Gaming @T Gaming

T Gaming

Gaming 84.62% 964.2K 342.2K 4.3K 218.5 Preview
38 StarBoyVN @StarBoyVN


Gaming 82.01% 1.3M 127.9K 5.5K 457 Preview
39 Lão Gió @Lão Gió

Lão Gió

Gaming 83.62% 684.1K 191.9K 4.5K 359 Preview
40 Anhhao @Anhhao


Gaming 90.63% 1.7M 115.6K 6.4K 357.5 Preview
41 ShadowHP Free Fire @ShadowHP Free Fire

ShadowHP Free Fire

Gaming 70.54% 167K 156.9K 6K 358.5 Preview
42 Ender DragonVN @Ender DragonVN

Ender DragonVN

Gaming 85.93% 371.1K 121.2K 4.1K 549.5 Preview
43 Thụt TV @Thụt TV

Thụt TV

Gaming 89.1% 299.2K 121.6K 4.8K 450 Preview
44 Gầy Best Leesin @Gầy Best Leesin

Gầy Best Leesin

Gaming 89.63% 273.2K 205.4K 4.1K 267 Preview
45 Ba Rọi Béo @Ba Rọi Béo

Ba Rọi Béo

Gaming 89.18% 930.2K 220.2K 5.2K 187 Preview
46 Meow DGame @Meow DGame

Meow DGame

Gaming 83.91% 571.1K 181.1K 5.1K 238 Preview
47 GhastBoyMC @GhastBoyMC


Gaming 89.25% 448.1K 105.8K 4K 490 Preview
48 ythienTV @ythiengaming


Gaming 90.56% 277.5K 106.7K 4.2K 443.5 Preview
49 Happiest Kids @Happiest Kids

Happiest Kids

Gaming 83.33% 28.9K 54K 2.6K 1.5K Preview
50 Rikaki Gaming @Rikaki Gaming

Rikaki Gaming

Gaming 83.06% 585K 210K 4.5K 218.5 Preview
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