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Top 500 Most Viewed Youtube channels in Entertainment

May 2020

Here’s a list of the most influential Entertainment YouTubers and channels in the world. Find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category Audience Country Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 Dr. Squatch Soap Company @Dr. Squatch Soap Company

Dr. Squatch Soap Company

Entertainment United States 39.6K 51.3M 1.4K 416 Preview
2 ✿ Kids Diana Show @✿ Kids Diana Show

✿ Kids Diana Show

Entertainment 54.2M 46.9M 295.1K 0 Preview
3 DONA 도나 @DONA 도나


Entertainment Korea, Republic of 3.4M 41.1M 196.6K 3K Preview
4 Vlad and Niki @Vlad and Niki

Vlad and Niki

Entertainment 41.1M 37.4M 235.3K 0 Preview
5 Like Nastya @Like Nastya

Like Nastya

Entertainment 55.3M 25.9M 195.9K 0 Preview
6 Maria Clara & JP @Maria Clara & JP

Maria Clara & JP

Entertainment 19.5M 24.6M 306.2K 0 Preview
7 vivo Indonesia @vivo Indonesia

vivo Indonesia

Entertainment Indonesia 1.7M 23.3M 38.8K 184 Preview


Entertainment Thailand 51.3K 23M 2.7K 30 Preview
9 Mr. Faisu @Mr. Faisu

Mr. Faisu

Entertainment 726.1K 21.6M 4M 24.6K Preview
10 TC @TC


Entertainment 22.3M 20M 105.2K 0 Preview
11 Taco Bell @tacobell

Taco Bell

Entertainment United States 99.6K 19.8M 259 38 Preview
12 Amit Bhadana @Amit Bhadana

Amit Bhadana

Entertainment India 20.1M 19.6M 1.1M 63.4K Preview
13 Parle Products @ParleProducts

Parle Products

Entertainment India 249.5K 18.9M 509 0 Preview
14 Yo Menita @Yo Menita

Yo Menita

Entertainment Brazil 461.1K 18.6M 201.8K 5.9K Preview
15 Mercado Livre Brasil Oficial @mercadolivreoficial

Mercado Livre Brasil Oficial

Entertainment Brazil 858.5K 18.4M 94 1 Preview
16 Like Nastya AE @Like Nastya AE

Like Nastya AE

Entertainment 9.7M 18.1M 165.4K 0 Preview
17 Eva Bravo Play @Eva Bravo Play

Eva Bravo Play

Entertainment 6.8M 17.9M 131.9K 0 Preview
18 Postmates @Postmates


Entertainment United States 2K 16.2M 1.4K 679 Preview
19 BB Ki Vines @BB Ki Vines

BB Ki Vines

Entertainment India 17.7M 15.2M 1.9M 42.8K Preview
20 MrBeast @MrBeast6000


Entertainment United States 35.3M 15.1M 952.7K 56K Preview
21 Moral Stories Hindi Kahaniya @Moral Stories Hindi Kahaniya

Moral Stories Hindi Kahaniya

Entertainment United States 979K 14.4M 68.4K 764 Preview
22 James Charles @James Charles

James Charles

Entertainment United States 19.2M 13.8M 700.3K 57.8K Preview
23 TRT Ertugrul by PTV @TRT Ertugrul by PTV

TRT Ertugrul by PTV

Entertainment Pakistan 4.3M 12.5M 165.5K 9.2K Preview
24 Diana Show PRT @Diana Show PRT

Diana Show PRT

Entertainment 4.2M 12.4M 116.2K 0 Preview
25 Sting World Vietnam @Sting World Vietnam

Sting World Vietnam

Entertainment Viet Nam 186.5K 11.4M 161 35 Preview
26 IDJVideos.TV @IdentityDjoloVideos


Entertainment Serbia 3.2M 11.2M 182K 4.4K Preview
27 Bizarrap @Bizarrap


Entertainment Argentina 4.8M 11.1M 680.3K 65.2K Preview
28 A4 @A4


Entertainment Russia 19.1M 10.4M 1.6M 341.7K Preview
29 Like Nastya Show @Like Nastya Show

Like Nastya Show

Entertainment 29.2M 10.4M 78.7K 0 Preview
30 SUBWAY Restaurants @subway

SUBWAY Restaurants

Entertainment 91.8K 9.5M 0 0 Preview


Entertainment United States 12.2M 9M 329.1K 139.6K Preview
32 Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen @popeyes

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

Entertainment United States 13K 8.9M 48 0 Preview
33 Marias MX @MariasMx

Marias MX

Entertainment Mexico 5.5K 8.8M 65 0 Preview
34 Samsung Korea 삼성전자 @SamsungMobileKorea

Samsung Korea 삼성전자

Entertainment Korea, Republic of 173K 8.8M 1.4K 136 Preview
35 Jadu Tv - Hindi Moral Stories @Jadu Tv - Hindi Moral Stories

Jadu Tv - Hindi Moral Stories

Entertainment India 2.6M 8.7M 53.3K 1.3K Preview
36 Luis Fonsi @LuisFonsiVivo

Luis Fonsi

Entertainment India 27.5M 8.5M 109.3K 4.3K Preview
37 PDK Films @PDKFilms

PDK Films

Entertainment United States 12.9M 8.4M 167.2K 5.1K Preview
38 SunlightThailand @SunlightThailand


Entertainment 26.1K 8.3M 0 0 Preview
39 SIS vs BRO @SIS vs BRO


Entertainment United Kingdom 13.1M 8.3M 218.8K 0 Preview
40 Diana Play @Diana Play

Diana Play

Entertainment 12.1M 8.3M 68.5K 0 Preview
41 Collins Key @CollinsKey

Collins Key

Entertainment United States 21.4M 8.1M 280.1K 16K Preview
42 iFood @ifooddelivery


Entertainment Brazil 426.5K 8.1M 67 15 Preview
43 Dudu Moura @ExetrizeGamer

Dudu Moura

Entertainment Brazil 9.3M 8.1M 611.3K 6.5K Preview
44 PauligRussia @PauligRussia


Entertainment Russia 1.1K 8M 5 0 Preview
45 lactaoficial @lactaoficial


Entertainment Brazil 37.5K 7.5M 155 12 Preview
46 Karol Friz Wiśniewski @StudioFreeZe

Karol Friz Wiśniewski

Entertainment Poland 3.9M 7.4M 508.4K 20.8K Preview
47 Swagger Sharma @Swagger Sharma

Swagger Sharma

Entertainment India 3M 7.3M 501.6K 33.1K Preview
48 Filmy Duniya @Filmy Duniya

Filmy Duniya

Entertainment India 3.1M 7.2M 25.1K 304 Preview
49 Logan Paul @Logan Paul

Logan Paul

Entertainment United States 21.6M 7.2M 467.8K 18.5K Preview
50 YouTube @YouTube


Entertainment United States 30.3M 7.1M 5K 1.3K Preview
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