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Top 500 Most Commented Youtube channels in Entertainment

May 2020

Here’s a list of the most influential Entertainment YouTubers and channels in the world. Find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category Audience Country Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 EeOneGuy @EeOneGuy


Entertainment Russia 16.4M 7.6M 1.5M 164.5K Preview


Entertainment United States 12.2M 9M 329.1K 139.6K Preview
3 Team Nawab @Team Nawab

Team Nawab

Entertainment India 238K 5.7M 1.1M 138.4K Preview
4 קורן כרמלי - Koren carmeli @קורן כרמלי - Koren carmeli

קורן כרמלי - Koren carmeli

Entertainment Israel 131.5K 125.1K 9.3K 122.6K Preview
5 A4 @A4


Entertainment Russia 19M 8.6M 1.5M 120.8K Preview
6 Awez Darbar @Awez Darbar

Awez Darbar

Entertainment India 2.7M 5M 960.9K 108.8K Preview
7 Fukru Vlogs @Fukru Vlogs

Fukru Vlogs

Entertainment India 119.1K 3M 544.6K 99.5K Preview
8 Fede Vigevani @fedexvige

Fede Vigevani

Entertainment Argentina 5.4M 2.7M 276.3K 90.2K Preview
9 Yudist Ardhana @Yudist Ardhana

Yudist Ardhana

Entertainment Indonesia 8.2M 2.7M 134.3K 85.9K Preview


Entertainment Indonesia 11.9M 647.2K 80.8K 85.7K Preview


Entertainment Russia 2.6M 1.1M 155.3K 74.5K Preview
12 h3h3Productions @h3h3Productions


Entertainment United States 6.6M 5.3M 652.7K 70.9K Preview
13 Vales @Vales


Entertainment Turkey 624.2K 2.8M 335K 69K Preview
14 Bizarrap @Bizarrap


Entertainment Argentina 4.8M 10.3M 671.6K 64.6K Preview
15 Amit Bhadana @Amit Bhadana

Amit Bhadana

Entertainment India 20.1M 19.6M 1.1M 63.4K Preview
16 TheBrianMaps @TheBrianMaps


Entertainment Russia 13.7M 4.3M 647.1K 60.6K Preview
17 James Charles @James Charles

James Charles

Entertainment United States 19.2M 13.8M 700.3K 57.8K Preview
18 Дима Масленников @pognalishow

Дима Масленников

Entertainment Russia 7.9M 4.1M 366.6K 57.4K Preview
19 MrBeast @MrBeast6000


Entertainment United States 35.3M 15.1M 952.7K 56K Preview
20 Saiman Says @Saimandar

Saiman Says

Entertainment India 666.2K 1.8M 263.8K 55.6K Preview
21 Rans Entertainment @Rans Entertainment

Rans Entertainment

Entertainment Indonesia 15.4M 1.2M 89.6K 53.4K Preview
22 Frost Diamond @Frost Diamond

Frost Diamond

Entertainment Indonesia 11.5M 1.1M 106.5K 47.4K Preview
23 Lizbeth Rodriguez @Lizbeth Rodriguez

Lizbeth Rodriguez

Entertainment Mexico 8.6M 3.4M 244.2K 47.3K Preview
24 Enes Batur @newdaynewgame

Enes Batur

Entertainment Turkey 12.9M 3M 288.5K 46.4K Preview
25 Данкар @DanKarChannel


Entertainment Russia 4M 2M 335.5K 44.1K Preview
26 BB Ki Vines @BB Ki Vines

BB Ki Vines

Entertainment India 17.7M 15.2M 1.9M 42.8K Preview
27 Berk Coşkun @Berkcoskun

Berk Coşkun

Entertainment Turkey 2.3M 1.2M 120K 41.3K Preview
28 Kamuś @Kamuś


Entertainment Poland 560K 743.4K 74.3K 36.7K Preview
29 Moriah Elizabeth @GeniunelyMoriah

Moriah Elizabeth

Entertainment United States 4.9M 5.3M 196.9K 36.2K Preview
30 Alex Vikodinov @AlexVikodinov

Alex Vikodinov

Entertainment Russia 2.9M 391.8K 21.4K 36.2K Preview
31 Deddy Corbuzier @corbuzierprediction

Deddy Corbuzier

Entertainment Indonesia 9.5M 4.6M 164.4K 34.8K Preview
32 Naisa Alifia Yuriza (N.A.Y) @Naisa Alifia Yuriza (N.A.Y)

Naisa Alifia Yuriza (N.A.Y)

Entertainment Indonesia 10.6M 1.3M 107K 34.4K Preview
33 Shawar @Shawar


Entertainment Egypt 4.1M 1.4M 129.7K 34.2K Preview
34 Felipe Neto @felipeneto

Felipe Neto

Entertainment Brazil 38.1M 3.8M 420.9K 33.7K Preview
35 YoSoyPlex @YoSoyPlex


Entertainment Spain 2M 1.4M 125.8K 33.4K Preview
36 Arjyou @Arjyou


Entertainment India 2.1M 5.7M 540.4K 33.3K Preview
37 Chad Wild Clay @chadwildclay

Chad Wild Clay

Entertainment United States 11.5M 5M 105.1K 33.2K Preview
38 Swagger Sharma @Swagger Sharma

Swagger Sharma

Entertainment India 3M 7.3M 501.6K 33.1K Preview
39 PewDiePie @PewDiePie


Entertainment United States 104.5M 6.6M 489.4K 32.5K Preview
40 Atta Halilintar @Atta Halilintar

Atta Halilintar

Entertainment Indonesia 23.2M 1.6M 106.3K 32K Preview
41 superbowserlogan @superbowserlogan


Entertainment United States 3.2M 5.2M 145.6K 32K Preview
42 JuegaGerman @JuegaGerman


Entertainment Mexico 39.8M 2.1M 227.8K 31.8K Preview
43 Ben Azelart @Ben Azelart

Ben Azelart

Entertainment United States 3.8M 3.7M 175.5K 31.6K Preview
44 Jessica Jane @Jessica Jane

Jessica Jane

Entertainment Indonesia 3.3M 646.5K 44.5K 30.8K Preview
45 FaZe Rug @oRugrat

FaZe Rug

Entertainment United States 15.5M 2.5M 216.9K 30.5K Preview
46 Dila Kent @Dila Kent

Dila Kent

Entertainment Turkey 2M 2.5M 113.6K 30.3K Preview
47 Ja Mill @Ja Mill

Ja Mill

Entertainment Philippines 9.2M 2.2M 206.7K 29.6K Preview
48 Você Sabia? @vcsabiavideos

Você Sabia?

Entertainment Brazil 34.5M 6.2M 760.6K 29.4K Preview
49 MrPoladoful @MrPoladoful


Entertainment Brazil 5.6M 1.5M 402.6K 28.6K Preview
50 Holdik Live @Holdik Live

Holdik Live

Entertainment Russia 1.3M 972.7K 89K 28.3K Preview
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