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Top 100 Most Subscribed Entertainment Youtube channels in United States

February 2020

Here’s a list of the most influential Entertainment YouTubers and channels in the United States. Find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category From United States Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 MrBeast @MrBeast6000


Entertainment 40.7% 30.5M 19.5M 912.7K 51.8K Preview
2 J97 @J97


Entertainment 50% 996.2K 7.3M 526.2K 80.6K Preview
3 Matt Stonie @MegatoadStonie

Matt Stonie

Entertainment 39.66% 10.8M 8.2M 309.6K 27.7K Preview
4 LastWeekTonight @LastWeekTonight


Entertainment 53.81% 7.5M 5.5M 179.9K 33K Preview
5 superbowserlogan @superbowserlogan


Entertainment 64.22% 2.6M 4.7M 126.4K 25.7K Preview
6 OverSimplified @Webzwithaz


Entertainment 32.67% 3.2M 5.5M 204.6K 19.2K Preview
7 Ryland Adams @ryanadams7

Ryland Adams

Entertainment 54.74% 4.6M 3.5M 191.7K 14.4K Preview


Entertainment 31.05% 7.1M 4.1M 158K 25.4K Preview
9 Logan Paul @Logan Paul

Logan Paul

Entertainment 40.78% 20.5M 4.4M 258.9K 10.9K Preview
10 Collins Key @CollinsKey

Collins Key

Entertainment 35.55% 20.6M 5.9M 205.2K 11.3K Preview
11 Davie504 @Davie504


Entertainment 26.04% 5.9M 2M 358.6K 22K Preview
12 Exposing Project Zorgo @Exposing Project Zorgo

Exposing Project Zorgo

Entertainment 27.49% 4M 6.3M 104.9K 21.1K Preview
13 Karim Jovian @AreWeFamousNow

Karim Jovian

Entertainment 22.11% 2M 4.4M 228.5K 16.7K Preview
14 Chad Wild Clay @chadwildclay

Chad Wild Clay

Entertainment 31.96% 10.7M 5.4M 99.4K 17.4K Preview
15 Life of Luxury @Life of Luxury

Life of Luxury

Entertainment 39.85% 2.3M 3.2M 143.2K 16.6K Preview
16 Daily Dose Of Internet @Daily Dose Of Internet

Daily Dose Of Internet

Entertainment 38.13% 7M 3.7M 179K 10.4K Preview
17 FlyingKitty @FlyingKitty900


Entertainment 25.11% 2.4M 3.6M 251.3K 11.3K Preview
18 The Slow Mo Guys @theslowmoguys

The Slow Mo Guys

Entertainment 37.25% 13.4M 7.1M 168.4K 5.1K Preview
19 Reigarw Comparisons @reigarw

Reigarw Comparisons

Entertainment 27.39% 1.6M 3.8M 116.4K 16.8K Preview
20 Moriah Elizabeth @GeniunelyMoriah

Moriah Elizabeth

Entertainment 31.99% 4.3M 3.5M 106.6K 16.7K Preview
21 Sam and Colby @Sam and Colby

Sam and Colby

Entertainment 51.85% 4M 1.6M 123.1K 18.8K Preview
22 Brent Rivera @MrBrent98

Brent Rivera

Entertainment 35.59% 11.5M 3.2M 184K 8.3K Preview
23 RØB @RobertEntertains


Entertainment 59.01% 1.4M 2.8M 159.4K 6.1K Preview
24 FaZe Rug @oRugrat

FaZe Rug

Entertainment 54.87% 14.5M 2.9M 122.9K 7.4K Preview
25 Primink @Primink


Entertainment 57.85% 599K 1.8M 98.1K 13.6K Preview
26 Quackity @QuackityHQ


Entertainment 42.26% 2.6M 1.5M 146.6K 13.8K Preview
27 emma chamberlain @emma chamberlain

emma chamberlain

Entertainment 57.52% 8.7M 2.4M 152.3K 6K Preview
28 KianAndJc @KianAndJc


Entertainment 63.43% 3.7M 1.4M 117.1K 11.6K Preview
29 Simply Nailogical @simplynailogical

Simply Nailogical

Entertainment 46.16% 7.5M 1.6M 133.7K 12K Preview
30 Mike Majlak Vlogs @michaelmajlak

Mike Majlak Vlogs

Entertainment 53.21% 701K 3.3M 132.9K 5K Preview
31 Dani @Dani


Entertainment 23.2% 687.1K 1.4M 90.2K 36.3K Preview
32 loveliveserve @loveliveserve


Entertainment 57.1% 6.1M 1.8M 86.8K 10.3K Preview
33 How To Cook That @howtocookthat

How To Cook That

Entertainment 30.72% 4M 2.5M 130.8K 8K Preview
34 kenzie @kenzie


Entertainment 30.76% 3.4M 7.6M 71.9K 4.4K Preview
35 Aperture @Aperture


Entertainment 43.25% 701K 1.3M 112.2K 9.4K Preview
36 Ben Azelart @Ben Azelart

Ben Azelart

Entertainment 37.79% 2.8M 2.6M 116.3K 5.2K Preview
37 Rebecca Zamolo @rebeccazamolo1

Rebecca Zamolo

Entertainment 33.23% 8.4M 2.9M 59K 10.5K Preview
38 SSSniperWolf @SSSniperWolf


Entertainment 44.67% 18.4M 2.5M 78.2K 6.5K Preview
39 Solfa @Solfa


Entertainment 29.99% 1.4M 2.8M 121.1K 5.4K Preview
40 Nicole Tv @Nicole Tv

Nicole Tv

Entertainment 66.89% 3.6M 1.6M 82.8K 6K Preview
41 SteveWillDoIt @SteveWillDoIt


Entertainment 66.48% 1.7M 1.7M 77.3K 6K Preview


Entertainment 46.35% 4.2M 1.7M 110.8K 5.8K Preview
43 Morgz @Morgz


Entertainment 33.15% 11.1M 3M 59.1K 8.4K Preview
44 RiceGum @RiceGum


Entertainment 51.26% 10.7M 1M 103.2K 9K Preview
45 LongBeachGriffy @LongBeachGriffy


Entertainment 58.94% 1.9M 1M 117.8K 6.4K Preview
46 Lopez Brothers @Lopez Brothers

Lopez Brothers

Entertainment 72.41% 346K 1.1M 114.7K 5K Preview
47 Eric Fisher @ericfisher100

Eric Fisher

Entertainment 64.12% 3.1K 4.7M 29K 4.4K Preview
48 TearItDown @TearItDown


Entertainment 25% 66K 7.8M 48.5K 4K Preview
49 Jaidencurls @Jaidencurls


Entertainment 60.81% 521K 2.5M 86.5K 2.9K Preview
50 Binging with Babish @bgfilms

Binging with Babish

Entertainment 55.62% 6.2M 1.9M 68.1K 4.9K Preview
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