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Top 100 Most Subscribed Entertainment Youtube channels in Philippines

February 2020

Here’s a list of the most influential Entertainment YouTubers and channels in the Philippines. Find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category From Philippines Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 Ja Mill @Ja Mill

Ja Mill

Entertainment 58.84% 8M 1.8M 96.9K 10.3K Preview
2 Trinidad Siblings @Trinidad Siblings

Trinidad Siblings

Entertainment 96.23% 2M 1.7M 91.5K 4.9K Preview
3 Jomar Lovena @Jomar Lovena

Jomar Lovena

Entertainment 96.76% 674.1K 1.3M 60.4K 7.5K Preview
4 Jollibee Studios @jollibeedigital1

Jollibee Studios

Entertainment 63.68% 542.1K 9.7M 24.9K 1.2K Preview
5 Niana Guerrero @nianaguerrero

Niana Guerrero

Entertainment 41.25% 9.4M 999.8K 46.7K 3.2K Preview
6 Xiaomanyc 小马在纽约 @Xiaomanyc 小马在纽约

Xiaomanyc 小马在纽约

Entertainment 23.65% 1.9M 1.6M 37.5K 4.2K Preview
7 Lloyd Cafe Cadena @LloydCafeCadena2

Lloyd Cafe Cadena

Entertainment 66.91% 4.6M 586.7K 21.6K 4.7K Preview
8 Ranz Kyle @ranziscool

Ranz Kyle

Entertainment 42.56% 10.6M 742.2K 31.9K 2.4K Preview
9 The Gold Squad @The Gold Squad

The Gold Squad

Entertainment 87.18% 1.9M 584.5K 24.4K 1.7K Preview
10 Sammie Rimando @Sammie Rimando

Sammie Rimando

Entertainment 88.89% 61.7K 540.6K 21.1K 1.8K Preview
11 keith talens @keith talens

keith talens

Entertainment 58.06% 2.4M 462K 22K 2.5K Preview
12 Asheru Animation @Asheru Animation

Asheru Animation

Entertainment 97.35% 156.2K 255.6K 17.6K 2.2K Preview
13 KellyChews @KellyChews


Entertainment 90.28% 673.1K 313.5K 16.6K 1.3K Preview
14 Love Marie Escudero @Love Marie Escudero

Love Marie Escudero

Entertainment 57.63% 1.5M 505.7K 16.5K 1.1K Preview
15 Leti Sha @Leti Sha

Leti Sha

Entertainment 90.63% 575.1K 201K 8.6K 3.2K Preview
16 Unexpected But Planned @Unexpected But Planned

Unexpected But Planned

Entertainment 96.23% 674.1K 286.4K 10.4K 1.4K Preview
17 Black Diamond @narniapotter30

Black Diamond

Entertainment 25.49% 24.6K 768.1K 16.8K 1.1K Preview
18 Star Image Digital Network TV @Star Image Digital Network TV

Star Image Digital Network TV

Entertainment 61.04% 32.3K 360.4K 5.8K 2.8K Preview


Entertainment 61.72% 1.4M 245.3K 14.8K 1.5K Preview


Entertainment 73.17% 586.1K 312K 9.8K 1.5K Preview
21 Aye Ramalla @Aye Ramalla

Aye Ramalla

Entertainment 71.03% 365.1K 267.1K 11.1K 1.5K Preview
22 Nisa Nuggets @Nisa Nuggets

Nisa Nuggets

Entertainment 78.37% 137.1K 225.7K 11.1K 1K Preview
23 Rico Blanco @RicoBlancoTV

Rico Blanco

Entertainment 76.55% 276.1K 181.2K 7.2K 1.7K Preview
24 Karaoketutor Celine Daddy Vocal Coach @karaoketutor

Karaoketutor Celine Daddy Vocal Coach

Entertainment 16% 360.5K 476.4K 19.7K 804.5 Preview
25 MichLiggayuTV @paolinnemichelleTV


Entertainment 64.96% 389.1K 257.2K 6.5K 1.1K Preview
26 Kim Chiu PH @Kim Chiu PH

Kim Chiu PH

Entertainment 57.42% 1.4M 262.4K 9.1K 827.5 Preview
27 Pamela Swing @phamswing

Pamela Swing

Entertainment 67.75% 2.2M 169.8K 10.9K 899.5 Preview
28 PaoLUL @PaoLUL


Entertainment 72.05% 449.1K 158.4K 11.4K 847 Preview
29 Kristian PH @Kristian PH

Kristian PH

Entertainment 54.56% 1.2M 144.1K 9.4K 1.3K Preview
30 Andrek Vlogs @Andrek Vlogs

Andrek Vlogs

Entertainment 65.7% 81.5K 207K 8.2K 830 Preview
31 Claro the Third @PrinceLynx08

Claro the Third

Entertainment 67% 2.6M 203.5K 8.1K 729.5 Preview
32 Donnalyn Bartolome @d0NSKiEb00

Donnalyn Bartolome

Entertainment 69.58% 3M 198.4K 9K 636 Preview
33 Graham Caygill @Graham Caygill

Graham Caygill

Entertainment 60% 21.6K 144.8K 7.3K 1.3K Preview
34 Jodi Sta. Maria PH @Jodi Sta. Maria PH

Jodi Sta. Maria PH

Entertainment 52.57% 131.5K 234.6K 8.8K 669 Preview
35 EmmanNimedezTV @TheEmmanZ


Entertainment 80.82% 758.1K 130.7K 7.8K 559.5 Preview
36 Wilbert Ross @Wilbert Ross

Wilbert Ross

Entertainment 88.57% 897.1K 108K 5.9K 738 Preview
37 simply rhaze @rhazezigz

simply rhaze

Entertainment 52.76% 866.1K 189.1K 6K 665 Preview
38 Silent Princess @Silent Princess

Silent Princess

Entertainment 18.32% 221.1K 139.5K 6.2K 1.9K Preview
39 Ogie Diaz @OgieDiaz1

Ogie Diaz

Entertainment 74.44% 505.1K 161.1K 4.5K 553 Preview
40 Mika Salamanca @Mika Salamanca

Mika Salamanca

Entertainment 62.97% 1.8M 229.1K 4.8K 426 Preview
41 Kyline Alcantara @Kyline Alcantara

Kyline Alcantara

Entertainment 89% 274.1K 132.2K 6.4K 389 Preview
42 Madam Ely @Madam Ely

Madam Ely

Entertainment 66% 431.1K 127.9K 3.5K 938.5 Preview


Entertainment 43.2% 298.5K 156.4K 6.4K 599.5 Preview
44 XIAN LIM @XianLim8


Entertainment 51.79% 166.1K 193.3K 7.5K 347 Preview
45 Bont Bryan Oropel @Bont Bryan Oropel

Bont Bryan Oropel

Entertainment 69.12% 993.1K 118.9K 5.8K 503.5 Preview
46 CIMB Bank Philippines @CIMB Bank Philippines

CIMB Bank Philippines

Entertainment 100% 3.7K 1.2M 1.8K 112.5 Preview
47 anneclutzVLOGS @fsgvsfh


Entertainment 72.63% 893.1K 152.4K 3.9K 533 Preview
48 Selecta Cornetto @selectacornetto

Selecta Cornetto

Entertainment 76.26% 33.9K 1.4M 1.7K 131.5 Preview
49 KYO QUIJANO @imgioquijano


Entertainment 68.47% 1.8M 81K 6.5K 585.5 Preview
50 Michelle Fox @Michelle Fox

Michelle Fox

Entertainment 69.69% 742.1K 123.3K 3.5K 697 Preview
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