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Top 100 Entertainment Youtube channels in Pakistan

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November 2019

Here’s a list of the most influential Entertainment YouTubers and channels in the Pakistan. Find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category From Pakistan Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 Rahim Pardesi @Rahim Pardesi

Rahim Pardesi

Entertainment 61.54% 2.2M 2.1M 31.6K 1.5K Preview
2 ZaidAliT Vlogs @Baloch6731

ZaidAliT Vlogs

Entertainment 38.69% 1.9M 799.3K 52.6K 3.3K Preview
3 Wrestling Time @Wrestling Time

Wrestling Time

Entertainment 60% 2.1M 1.7M 30.7K 553 Preview
4 Haris Awan @Haris Awan

Haris Awan

Entertainment 66.65% 815.1K 375.7K 24.3K 1.8K Preview
5 The Idiotz @shikra123456789

The Idiotz

Entertainment 76.36% 923.1K 502.8K 24.8K 1K Preview
6 Our Vines @Our Vines

Our Vines

Entertainment 75.03% 738.6K 423.2K 20.1K 1.5K Preview
7 CBA - Arslan Naseer @ComicsbyArslan

CBA - Arslan Naseer

Entertainment 65.03% 254.6K 289.1K 22.5K 2.2K Preview
8 Shahveer Jafry @Shahveer Jafry

Shahveer Jafry

Entertainment 63.58% 1.9M 358.6K 22.2K 1.7K Preview
9 P 4 Pakao @P 4 Pakao

P 4 Pakao

Entertainment 52.26% 2.8M 512.7K 22.1K 1.3K Preview
10 Pardesi Squad @Pardesi Squad

Pardesi Squad

Entertainment 65.57% 365.1K 359.4K 15.6K 1.6K Preview
11 Bekaar Films @Bekaar Films

Bekaar Films

Entertainment 76.47% 863.1K 290.5K 14.7K 977 Preview
12 Karachi Vynz Official @karachivinesofficial

Karachi Vynz Official

Entertainment 75.85% 803.5K 293.5K 17K 741 Preview
13 Moiz Shah @Moiz Shah

Moiz Shah

Entertainment 78.55% 130.2K 333.8K 11.7K 879 Preview
14 Sham Idrees VLOGS @Sham Idrees VLOGS

Sham Idrees VLOGS

Entertainment 51.57% 1.8M 355.9K 13.5K 864 Preview
15 Woh Kya Tha Official @Woh Kya Tha Official

Woh Kya Tha Official

Entertainment 39.82% 433.1K 174.4K 15.1K 2.2K Preview
16 Haqeeqat TV @Haqeeqat TV

Haqeeqat TV

Entertainment 69.94% 2.5M 175.3K 12.8K 1.1K Preview


Entertainment 73.42% 109K 345.2K 8K 819 Preview
18 Zain Ul Abadin @Zain Ul Abadin

Zain Ul Abadin

Entertainment 70.58% 204.1K 169.5K 9.5K 1.1K Preview
19 Shahmeer Abbas Official @Shahmeer Abbas Official

Shahmeer Abbas Official

Entertainment 56.11% 1.4M 127K 14.3K 1.2K Preview
20 Sham Idrees @ehteshamidrees

Sham Idrees

Entertainment 40.65% 1.8M 321.5K 14.1K 501 Preview
21 Wisal Batingar @Wisal Batingar

Wisal Batingar

Entertainment 76.17% 203.5K 183.2K 8.7K 703.5 Preview
22 LahoriFied @LahoriFied


Entertainment 63.45% 879.1K 182K 10.5K 667 Preview
23 Crazy Prank TV @Crazy Prank TV

Crazy Prank TV

Entertainment 53.66% 1.1M 145.6K 10K 741 Preview
24 Lightingale Productions @Lightingale Productions

Lightingale Productions

Entertainment 54.57% 90.8K 316.1K 9.5K 283 Preview
25 Cute Pathan Ahmad Shah @Cute Pathan Ahmad Shah

Cute Pathan Ahmad Shah

Entertainment 38.84% 873.2K 165.4K 8.9K 803 Preview
26 Humanitarians @Humanitarians


Entertainment 55.02% 344.2K 122K 7.6K 555 Preview
27 Teeli @Teeli


Entertainment 66.63% 350.1K 89.8K 7.7K 569 Preview
28 Sajid Ali @Sajid Ali

Sajid Ali

Entertainment 79.38% 245.1K 104.5K 7.1K 411 Preview
29 Queen Froggy @Queen Froggy

Queen Froggy

Entertainment 26.92% 672.5K 228.7K 7.9K 366.5 Preview
30 Ruby Ka Kitchen @Ruby Ka Kitchen

Ruby Ka Kitchen

Entertainment 41.28% 1.8M 116.6K 4.5K 513 Preview


Entertainment 66.05% 167K 130.5K 2.9K 419 Preview
32 Affan-Istan @Affan-Istan


Entertainment 68.25% 142.1K 42.1K 5.7K 588 Preview
33 Showcase Tv @Showcase Tv

Showcase Tv

Entertainment 74.47% 259.5K 96K 3.1K 368.5 Preview


Entertainment 45.95% 148.1K 46.8K 5.1K 611 Preview
35 Baloch Bhai @Baloch Bhai

Baloch Bhai

Entertainment 61.49% 155.1K 38.8K 3.6K 736 Preview
36 Samiah Khan's Lounge @Samiah Khan's Lounge

Samiah Khan's Lounge

Entertainment 68.15% 125.2K 69.1K 2.1K 518.5 Preview
37 pir Azmat Nawaz patriata shareef @pir Azmat Nawaz patriata shareef

pir Azmat Nawaz patriata shareef

Entertainment 53.25% 491.1K 113.6K 3.1K 269.5 Preview
38 Rooh @coolguy688


Entertainment 57.66% 82.1K 62.4K 3.8K 364 Preview
39 Something Haute @Something Haute

Something Haute

Entertainment 59.39% 138.2K 90.7K 1.4K 677.5 Preview
40 VeLLa MunDa @VeLLa MunDa

VeLLa MunDa

Entertainment 86.32% 111.2K 60.2K 2.3K 351 Preview
41 Sami Asim @Sami Asim

Sami Asim

Entertainment 50.68% 315.4K 99.5K 3.8K 200 Preview
42 Ashir Azeem @Ashir Azeem

Ashir Azeem

Entertainment 69.45% 138.2K 56.1K 2.5K 390 Preview
43 MoonVines @MoonVines


Entertainment 52.22% 264.1K 162.8K 2.8K 117.5 Preview
44 My Village Food Secrets @My Village Food Secrets

My Village Food Secrets

Entertainment 62.97% 192.1K 65.9K 2.6K 258.5 Preview
45 Pk Mast @Pk Mast

Pk Mast

Entertainment 62.22% 1.9M 242.5K 2.7K 46.5 Preview
46 Pros Lab @Pros Lab

Pros Lab

Entertainment 82.47% 29.6K 30.5K 2.4K 250.5 Preview
47 Wisal Khan Official @Wisal Khan Official

Wisal Khan Official

Entertainment 66.16% 242.5K 38K 2.5K 238 Preview
48 Mazaaq Raat Official @Mazaaq Raat Official

Mazaaq Raat Official

Entertainment 71.29% 1.8M 119K 1.7K 91 Preview
49 ACE of PAF @ACE of PAF


Entertainment 77.5% 15K 31.8K 1.9K 267 Preview
50 irebelmac @krimletch


Entertainment 41% 78.6K 37.8K 2.5K 301.5 Preview
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