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Top 100 Most Subscribed Entertainment Youtube channels in Malaysia

February 2020

Here’s a list of the most influential Entertainment YouTubers and channels in the Malaysia. Find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category From Malaysia Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 Syahmi Sazli @Syahmi Sazli

Syahmi Sazli

Entertainment 78.39% 2.1M 2.4M 89.3K 4.1K Preview
2 Alieff Irfan @Alieff Irfan

Alieff Irfan

Entertainment 69.37% 2.3M 886.8K 32.6K 1.3K Preview
3 bella khann @bella khann

bella khann

Entertainment 83.27% 572.1K 398.6K 18.1K 1.4K Preview
4 Asyraf Rozami @Asyraf Rozami

Asyraf Rozami

Entertainment 79.52% 438.1K 492.3K 22.9K 785 Preview
5 DD.W Channel達玲 @DD.W Channel達玲

DD.W Channel達玲

Entertainment 68.99% 638.1K 422.1K 13.6K 1.7K Preview
6 培永 Phei Yong @培永 Phei Yong

培永 Phei Yong

Entertainment 74.58% 598.5K 519.6K 14.3K 682.5 Preview
7 Isa iSARB @Isa iSARB


Entertainment 79.57% 359.1K 315.7K 12.1K 1.1K Preview
8 isaac osman @isaacosman

isaac osman

Entertainment 80.7% 390.1K 266.2K 8.9K 1.5K Preview
9 Namewee @namewee


Entertainment 46.19% 2.3M 492.7K 12.7K 854 Preview
10 Dumpling Soda @Dumpling Soda

Dumpling Soda

Entertainment 59.19% 865.1K 344.7K 12.7K 756 Preview
11 Jeff & Inthira @Jeff & Inthira

Jeff & Inthira

Entertainment 57.5% 1.1M 550.9K 11.9K 492 Preview
12 Aizat Amdan @OfficialAizatAmdan

Aizat Amdan

Entertainment 74.81% 57.7K 659.3K 9K 326 Preview
13 SamTilla TV @SamTilla TV

SamTilla TV

Entertainment 98.86% 185.1K 225.1K 11.7K 542 Preview
14 MrKokom @MrKokom


Entertainment 63.48% 640.1K 168.4K 11.6K 1K Preview
15 Jonathan Tan @Jonathan Tan

Jonathan Tan

Entertainment 42.49% 116.1K 257.2K 8.1K 1.3K Preview
16 Luqman Podolski @luqman142

Luqman Podolski

Entertainment 76.86% 81.9K 154.4K 11.5K 740.5 Preview
17 大牛 DanielLe @大牛 DanielLe

大牛 DanielLe

Entertainment 88.89% 54.5K 208.9K 5.3K 961 Preview
18 F͟͞A͟͞I͟͞Z͟͞A͟͞L͟͞ R͟͞O͟͞Z͟͞I͟͞ V͟͞L͟͞O͟͞G͟͞S͟͞ @Sprt69

F͟͞A͟͞I͟͞Z͟͞A͟͞L͟͞ R͟͞O͟͞Z͟͞I͟͞ V͟͞L͟͞O͟͞G͟͞S͟͞

Entertainment 76.05% 176.1K 156.2K 5.7K 1.3K Preview
19 Dashen大神 @Dashen大神


Entertainment 72.77% 355.1K 210.6K 6.7K 793 Preview
20 CodyHongTV @CodyHongTV


Entertainment 63.15% 1M 234.2K 7.8K 381 Preview
21 JinnyboyTV @JinnyboyTV


Entertainment 47.78% 1.1M 594.3K 5K 266 Preview
22 Syamim Hasni @Syamim Hasni

Syamim Hasni

Entertainment 73.42% 343.1K 185.8K 6.8K 388.5 Preview
23 NK Studio @NK Studio

NK Studio

Entertainment 98.58% 196.1K 153.5K 8.8K 234.5 Preview
24 Gladish @Gladish


Entertainment 82.69% 70.1K 493.2K 3.7K 186 Preview
25 MeleTOP @AstroMeleTop


Entertainment 77.62% 1.4M 307K 3.9K 292 Preview
26 Cupcake Aisyah @aisyahrazip

Cupcake Aisyah

Entertainment 69.61% 379.5K 160.8K 7K 341.5 Preview
27 TV Terlajak Laris @DeherbsHealthySdnBhd

TV Terlajak Laris

Entertainment 82.98% 1.3M 117.9K 3.4K 597 Preview
28 MTAS Production @MrTheAllshared

MTAS Production

Entertainment 77.67% 423.1K 117.1K 4.7K 340 Preview
29 Lupk Tv @Lupk Tv

Lupk Tv

Entertainment 94.89% 100.5K 169.8K 3.3K 272 Preview


Entertainment 60.89% 436.1K 127.4K 3.9K 443 Preview
31 朱浩仁Haoren @Octohikkus


Entertainment 82.7% 305.1K 170.7K 3.8K 240 Preview
32 Elvin Romeo @crazypopperrko

Elvin Romeo

Entertainment 81.5% 85.5K 40.2K 5.1K 739.5 Preview
33 Rushdan Wafa @Rushdan Wafa

Rushdan Wafa

Entertainment 100% 60.3K 177.6K 6.8K 98.5 Preview
34 Lim Shang Jin @PerfectShang89

Lim Shang Jin

Entertainment 80.9% 648.5K 137.8K 3.2K 300 Preview
35 米斯Mizzie &莱恩Ryan @shineejonghyun5201

米斯Mizzie &莱恩Ryan

Entertainment 65.53% 136.1K 140.5K 4.6K 248.5 Preview
36 Team Bangkit Malaysia @Team Bangkit Malaysia

Team Bangkit Malaysia

Entertainment 70.2% 283.1K 49.2K 3.9K 745.5 Preview
37 Miki咏瑄 @Miki咏瑄


Entertainment 75.58% 181.1K 143.2K 4.2K 197 Preview
38 AI Entertainment @AI Entertainment

AI Entertainment

Entertainment 66.67% 225.1K 182.1K 5.8K 118 Preview
39 Sterk Production @SterkProduction

Sterk Production

Entertainment 79.06% 406.5K 82.2K 4.3K 255.5 Preview
40 Thinker Studios @Thinker Studios

Thinker Studios

Entertainment 88.06% 725.5K 86.1K 3.1K 259.5 Preview
41 Tempoyak petai TV @Tempoyak petai TV

Tempoyak petai TV

Entertainment 100% 2.9K 164K 677 411 Preview
42 Norreen TV @Norreen TV

Norreen TV

Entertainment 97.06% 133.5K 62.3K 4.1K 177 Preview
43 Aisyah Habshee @Aisyah Habshee

Aisyah Habshee

Entertainment 89.02% 130.5K 61.6K 2.8K 202.5 Preview
44 Tupak Production @Tupak Production

Tupak Production

Entertainment 77.08% 195.1K 82.6K 2.5K 192.5 Preview
45 Izdrzx Channel @Izdrzx Channel

Izdrzx Channel

Entertainment 100% 44K 64.6K 2.5K 181 Preview
46 Musang King Channel @Musang King Channel

Musang King Channel

Entertainment 85.21% 132.1K 86.4K 2.3K 172.5 Preview
47 CharlesTee & Mona @CharlesTee & Mona

CharlesTee & Mona

Entertainment 65.79% 182.1K 138.8K 2.2K 125 Preview
48 Harry Kok Siew Yok @Harry Kok Siew Yok

Harry Kok Siew Yok

Entertainment 87.16% 48K 49.7K 2.1K 261 Preview


Entertainment 78.57% 112.1K 102.7K 3.1K 89.5 Preview
50 chili padi brothers @chili padi brothers

chili padi brothers

Entertainment 70.91% 29.5K 79.1K 1.8K 206.5 Preview
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