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Top Most Commented YouTube Education Channels

Updated: July 2020

Get a list of the top 500 most commented Education YouTubers and channels in 2020. Find out who is the #1 Education YouTuber in 2020. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

Rank Channel Category Audience Country Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell @Kurzgesagt

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

Education United States 12.3M 3.7M 283.3K 38.9K Preview
2 Jim Browning @Jim Browning

Jim Browning

Education United States 1.5M 6.2M 380.3K 31.1K Preview
3 Defensive Offence @Defensive Offence

Defensive Offence

Education India 798K 4.1M 203.8K 27.2K Preview
4 RealLifeLore @RealLifeLore


Education United States 3.7M 962.8K 45.6K 20.2K Preview
5 Barış Özcan @b31416

Barış Özcan

Education Turkey 4.6M 1.3M 117K 17.7K Preview
6 Khan GS Research Centre @Khan GS Research Centre

Khan GS Research Centre

Education India 1.2M 2.5M 125.3K 15.6K Preview
7 Tom Scott @enyay

Tom Scott

Education United States 2.8M 1.5M 137K 14.3K Preview
8 Doctor Mike @Doctor Mike

Doctor Mike

Education United States 5.9M 1.4M 100.1K 12.4K Preview
9 Hungry Birds @Hungry Birds

Hungry Birds

Education India 3.2M 2.8M 79K 11.1K Preview
10 Микитко сын Алексеев @Микитко сын Алексеев

Микитко сын Алексеев

Education Russia 159K 493.9K 61.6K 10.8K Preview
11 Donut Operator @Donut Operator

Donut Operator

Education United States 1.7M 692.4K 50.7K 9.7K Preview
12 Beyhan Budak @PsikolojiTV

Beyhan Budak

Education Turkey 1M 80.8K 9.2K 9.1K Preview
13 LegalEagle @LegalEagle


Education United States 1.1M 976.3K 87.1K 8.5K Preview
14 Bruno Souza @Bruno Souza

Bruno Souza

Education Brazil 919.2K 74.3K 18.8K 8.3K Preview
15 rebecanemer @rebecanemer


Education Brazil 337K 398.8K 43.3K 7.8K Preview
16 Ruhi Çenet Videoları @MrRuhicenet

Ruhi Çenet Videoları

Education Turkey 4.8M 704.4K 50.2K 6.4K Preview
17 Physics Wallah - Alakh Pandey @Physics Wallah - Alakh Pandey

Physics Wallah - Alakh Pandey

Education India 3.1M 177.8K 20.4K 6.2K Preview


Education India 2.8M 836.5K 136.9K 6.2K Preview
19 ALRA TV @mehdifoundation


Education Pakistan 190.1K 9.3K 1K 6.2K Preview
20 蒟蒻講幹話 @蒟蒻講幹話


Education Taiwan, Province of China 494.1K 305.7K 10.9K 6.1K Preview
21 CosmicSkeptic @alexjoconnor


Education United States 348.5K 95.5K 4.9K 6K Preview
22 Olavo de Carvalho @olavodeca

Olavo de Carvalho

Education Brazil 976.2K 600.7K 90K 5.8K Preview
23 Mr Scientific @Mr Scientific

Mr Scientific

Education United States 834K 2.2M 47.4K 5.8K Preview
24 Forgotten Weapons @ForgottenWeapons

Forgotten Weapons

Education United States 1.8M 749.8K 34.2K 5.6K Preview


Education Germany 204.4K 345.2K 45.1K 5.6K Preview
26 Nicolai @Nicolai


Education United States 122K 1.4M 43.5K 5.3K Preview
27 Inspire Discipline @Inspire Discipline

Inspire Discipline

Education United States 397.1K 1.1M 31.9K 5.3K Preview
28 Kosay Betar @Kosay Betar

Kosay Betar

Education Morocco 51.5K 70.3K 6.9K 5.2K Preview
29 Louis Rossmann @rossmanngroup

Louis Rossmann

Education United States 1.2M 710.7K 13.3K 4.9K Preview
30 AnthonyPadilla @AnthonyPadilla


Education United States 4.5M 989.4K 84.1K 4.8K Preview
31 Active Self Protection @Active Self Protection

Active Self Protection

Education United States 1.8M 104.5K 6.3K 4.8K Preview
32 Yusuf Kayaalp @TurkceDublaj07

Yusuf Kayaalp

Education Turkey 710.1K 358.5K 36.7K 4.5K Preview
33 Ustad Gaming @Ustad Gaming

Ustad Gaming

Education India 0 61.7K 0 4.5K Preview
34 American Renaissance @AmRenVideos

American Renaissance

Education United States 134.6K 81.2K 14K 4.5K Preview
35 Acts17Apologetics @Acts17Apologetics


Education United States 476.4K 115.2K 12.3K 4.3K Preview


Education Turkey 1.1M 295.5K 39.6K 4.3K Preview
37 Wise Flys @Wise Flys

Wise Flys

Education United States 186K 197.4K 9.7K 4.3K Preview
38 MrWissen2go @MrWissen2go


Education Germany 1.3M 332.2K 23.2K 4.2K Preview
39 Beige Frequency @Beige Frequency

Beige Frequency

Education United States 70.7K 553.1K 13.8K 4.1K Preview
40 ClearValue Tax @ClearValue Tax

ClearValue Tax

Education United States 692.2K 596.7K 17.3K 4.1K Preview
41 J.J. McCullough @wartmamu

J.J. McCullough

Education United States 183.2K 139.4K 7.7K 4.1K Preview
42 YouTube Teacher @YouTube Teacher

YouTube Teacher

Education Turkey 264.1K 35.8K 3.6K 4K Preview
43 Prof. Dr. Özgür Demirtaş @persistence2000

Prof. Dr. Özgür Demirtaş

Education Turkey 415.1K 461.2K 27.6K 4K Preview
44 Indian Muslim @Indian Muslim

Indian Muslim

Education India 1.2M 436.7K 42.9K 4K Preview
45 City Beautiful @City Beautiful

City Beautiful

Education United States 260K 745.4K 34.5K 3.9K Preview
46 reallygraceful @reallygraceful


Education United States 328K 200.7K 19.9K 3.9K Preview
47 입시덕후 @입시덕후


Education Korea, Republic of 588.2K 289.9K 8.6K 3.9K Preview
48 Garand Thumb @BritishTang

Garand Thumb

Education United States 757.2K 615.5K 37.5K 3.8K Preview
49 CarryTrainer @CarryTrainer


Education United States 154.1K 860.7K 20.2K 3.8K Preview
50 The Armchair Historian @The Armchair Historian

The Armchair Historian

Education United States 706.2K 298.6K 20.3K 3.8K Preview
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