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Top 100 Comedy Youtube channels in United Kingdom

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October 2019

Here’s a list of the most influential Comedy YouTubers and channels in the United Kingdom. Find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category From United Kingdom Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 WillNE @BettySchwallocks


Comedy 42.14% 3.1M 1.7M 97.3K 2.8K Preview
2 Michael Dapaah @Michael Dapaah

Michael Dapaah

Comedy 39.68% 1.6M 1.4M 73.6K 4.4K Preview
3 Memeulous @memeulous


Comedy 32.32% 3.7M 1.2M 63K 4.1K Preview
4 JaackMaate @JaackMaate


Comedy 65.99% 1.2M 561.4K 47.2K 1.6K Preview
5 Stephen Tries @Stephen Tries

Stephen Tries

Comedy 76.49% 846.1K 455.4K 41K 923.5 Preview
6 ImAllexx @ImAllexx


Comedy 33.09% 1.6M 389.3K 33.5K 1.8K Preview
7 Jack and Dean @OMFGItsJackAndDean

Jack and Dean

Comedy 42.2% 630K 196.8K 38.1K 1.6K Preview
8 The Zac and Jay Show @The Zac and Jay Show

The Zac and Jay Show

Comedy 56.85% 428.2K 335.6K 25.1K 839 Preview
9 Memeuless @Memeuless


Comedy 44.37% 612K 254.4K 17.4K 676 Preview
10 What I'm Doing Now @WhatImDoingNow

What I'm Doing Now

Comedy 53.42% 38K 114.8K 11.9K 828 Preview
11 BradDoesBanter @BradDoesMC1


Comedy 62.53% 296.4K 65.5K 11.8K 1K Preview
12 Faizaan Kumran @Faizaan Kumran

Faizaan Kumran

Comedy 72.73% 58.2K 180.1K 6.3K 419 Preview
13 David Vujanic @TheVujanic

David Vujanic

Comedy 45.13% 117.6K 55.3K 6.2K 1.8K Preview
14 Sir Froge @Sir Froge

Sir Froge

Comedy 28.46% 225.4K 185K 12.8K 335 Preview
15 Eddache @eddache


Comedy 34.23% 81.7K 114.2K 6.2K 860 Preview
16 Happy Hour Podcast @Happy Hour Podcast

Happy Hour Podcast

Comedy 72.79% 147K 123.4K 4K 483.5 Preview
17 Smile 2 Jannah @smiletojannah

Smile 2 Jannah

Comedy 26.33% 190.5K 89.4K 5.3K 1.2K Preview
18 GDFilms @GDFilms


Comedy 47.46% 111.2K 249.3K 2.3K 522.5 Preview
19 Batchy @iFAILbatchy


Comedy 78.65% 92.5K 49.4K 5.1K 573 Preview
20 Evan Edinger @naveregnide

Evan Edinger

Comedy 37.14% 577.6K 87.1K 4.9K 678 Preview
21 Jimmy Carr @jimmycarrfans

Jimmy Carr

Comedy 30.64% 143.2K 388K 4K 201 Preview
22 Curtis Price @superpricey11

Curtis Price

Comedy 34.1% 24.1K 79.7K 3.5K 977.5 Preview
23 Gatis Kandis @cangatis

Gatis Kandis

Comedy 21.04% 267.5K 72.3K 6.4K 731.5 Preview
24 Lee Evans @Lee Evans

Lee Evans

Comedy 71.28% 91.6K 206.6K 4K 118 Preview
25 Michael McIntyre @Michael McIntyre

Michael McIntyre

Comedy 43.95% 137.2K 277.2K 4.2K 131.5 Preview
26 Russell Howard @russellhoward

Russell Howard

Comedy 58.01% 918.2K 108.2K 5.1K 198 Preview
27 Lloyd Griffith @Lloyd Griffith

Lloyd Griffith

Comedy 60.22% 31.9K 113.5K 4.7K 181 Preview
28 Elle Darby @Elle Darby

Elle Darby

Comedy 68.78% 305.6K 106K 4.3K 181 Preview
29 Chi With A C @Chi With A C

Chi With A C

Comedy 51.62% 220.6K 54.9K 5.1K 341.5 Preview
30 Elliot Giles @Elliot Giles

Elliot Giles

Comedy 35.88% 635.6K 54.9K 4.8K 457 Preview
31 bambinobecky @bambinobecky


Comedy 74.83% 153.4K 56.5K 4.8K 179 Preview
32 Alistair Williams Comedian @Superhand1981

Alistair Williams Comedian

Comedy 56.3% 30K 21.1K 2.6K 954 Preview
33 FarleyTV @TheDarrenFarleyShow


Comedy 71.69% 88.8K 66.5K 2.4K 211 Preview
34 Cam Kirkham @Cam Kirkham

Cam Kirkham

Comedy 73.64% 180.4K 38.2K 3.5K 216 Preview
35 Tiny Tims Adventures @Tiny Tims Adventures

Tiny Tims Adventures

Comedy 44.74% 683.5K 66.1K 2.8K 251 Preview
36 Mark Ferris @TheBifflovesyou

Mark Ferris

Comedy 47.48% 665.5K 65.3K 3.9K 169 Preview


Comedy 36.4% 258.5K 54.5K 3.8K 260 Preview
38 Stranger Crack @Stranger Crack

Stranger Crack

Comedy 38.1% 19K 164.6K 2.9K 78 Preview
39 Munya Chawawa @WTFunkRadio

Munya Chawawa

Comedy 81.51% 12.7K 76.7K 1.9K 101 Preview
40 Jack Whitehall @jackwhitehallcomedy

Jack Whitehall

Comedy 55.5% 680.6K 68.7K 2.9K 82 Preview
41 Lewis Buchan @Lewis Buchan

Lewis Buchan

Comedy 60.55% 102K 20.4K 2.3K 319 Preview
42 Max Fosh @Max Fosh

Max Fosh

Comedy 49.27% 112.2K 44K 3.1K 118 Preview
43 Triforce! @Triforce!


Comedy 39.86% 151.6K 41.8K 1.6K 274.5 Preview
44 Wee Goose @Wee Goose

Wee Goose

Comedy 47.19% 7.5K 30.2K 1.6K 121 Preview
45 JAR Media @JAR Media

JAR Media

Comedy 35.34% 91.6K 23.9K 1.1K 219 Preview


Comedy 59.38% 62.4K 13K 1.4K 170 Preview
47 Mike Fox @Mike Fox

Mike Fox

Comedy 49.75% 1.3M 15.2K 1.3K 155 Preview
48 Universal Comedy @funniestevercomedy

Universal Comedy

Comedy 48.24% 86.4K 51.7K 1.4K 31 Preview
49 Lex Croucher @tyrannosauruslexxx

Lex Croucher

Comedy 45.48% 127.4K 11.5K 1K 175.5 Preview
50 Mike Jeavons @MikeJtvmusic

Mike Jeavons

Comedy 57.68% 133.4K 11.3K 602.5 151 Preview
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