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Top 100 Comedy Youtube channels in Spain

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October 2019

Here’s a list of the most influential Comedy YouTubers and channels in the Spain. Find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category From Spain Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 elrubiusOMG @elrubiusOMG


Comedy 17.67% 36M 7.7M 920.4K 28.4K Preview
2 AuronPlay @AuronPlay


Comedy 20.15% 18.6M 6.4M 698.4K 32.3K Preview
3 Didac Ribot @Didac Ribot

Didac Ribot

Comedy 24.41% 1.3M 1.4M 83.7K 3K Preview
4 Esttik @esttikSP


Comedy 33% 2.5M 838.3K 89.5K 2.3K Preview
5 Míster Jägger @themisterjagger

Míster Jägger

Comedy 62.38% 926.5K 272.9K 30.8K 2.4K Preview
6 Joseju @Joseju


Comedy 31.46% 384.5K 245.9K 30.9K 2.2K Preview
7 NinchiBoy @NinchiBoy3


Comedy 49.38% 1.6M 232.3K 30.7K 1.1K Preview


Comedy 27.21% 1.2M 401.7K 30K 1.1K Preview
9 TiparracoSA @TiparracoSA


Comedy 58.43% 1.9M 280.1K 20.1K 961 Preview
10 La Resistencia en Movistar+ @La Resistencia en Movistar+

La Resistencia en Movistar+

Comedy 81.5% 1.5M 565.1K 11.3K 556 Preview
11 Naim Darrechi @Naim Darrechi

Naim Darrechi

Comedy 34.27% 772K 283.2K 29.8K 575 Preview
12 Jorge Cremades @jorgescremades

Jorge Cremades

Comedy 43.43% 1.1M 259.7K 17.1K 706.5 Preview
13 Selena Milán @Selena Milán

Selena Milán

Comedy 44.51% 392K 239.7K 21.9K 543 Preview
14 Fortfast WTF @FortfastWTF

Fortfast WTF

Comedy 78.77% 1.2M 189.9K 12.1K 628 Preview
15 JDalmau @JDalmau


Comedy 48.19% 570.2K 204.2K 17.3K 433 Preview
16 soyrafaAnimacion @soyrafaAnimacion


Comedy 23.06% 269K 186.8K 14.7K 886 Preview
17 WildHater @WildHater


Comedy 67.17% 593K 135.5K 10K 524.5 Preview
18 Tik Tok Fortnite @Tik Tok Fortnite

Tik Tok Fortnite

Comedy 9.19% 0 573K 13.1K 623 Preview
19 Pantomima Full @Pantomima Full

Pantomima Full

Comedy 81.23% 191.4K 193.2K 6.8K 309.5 Preview
20 Diego Villalba @dieguito7

Diego Villalba

Comedy 82.87% 63.3K 147.8K 4.3K 150 Preview
21 Yisus Oficial @YisusOficial

Yisus Oficial

Comedy 39.62% 551.5K 137.3K 6.5K 164 Preview
22 David Suárez @David Suárez

David Suárez

Comedy 79.01% 68.9K 70.2K 6.3K 163 Preview
23 Living Postureo @Living Postureo

Living Postureo

Comedy 75.82% 65.3K 52.4K 5.3K 215.5 Preview
24 EstoEsRuyman @EstoEsRuyman


Comedy 76.72% 54.1K 37.3K 4.1K 278 Preview
25 Escardi Fandubs @EscardiFandubs

Escardi Fandubs

Comedy 15.57% 1.8M 91.3K 7.4K 251 Preview
26 Vicio ONE MORE TIME!!!! @1upDav


Comedy 24.05% 1.4M 79K 5.2K 208.5 Preview
27 Carolina Iglesias - Percebesygrelos @Percebesygrelos

Carolina Iglesias - Percebesygrelos

Comedy 81.99% 68.7K 61.3K 2.6K 132 Preview
28 La Vida Moderna @La Vida Moderna

La Vida Moderna

Comedy 78.09% 418K 96.6K 1.7K 99 Preview
29 Late Motiv en Movistar+ @Late Motiv en Movistar+

Late Motiv en Movistar+

Comedy 76.9% 636.5K 104.8K 1.5K 86 Preview
30 Dani Parker @comoelninguno

Dani Parker

Comedy 21.38% 308K 28.4K 4.6K 341.5 Preview
31 Bertus @Bertus


Comedy 90.38% 36.6K 30.1K 4.3K 76 Preview
32 WILBUR victor @WILBUR victor

WILBUR victor

Comedy 88.75% 11.5K 30.3K 2.3K 138 Preview
33 Odiisea @Odiisea


Comedy 27.27% 134.4K 43.7K 2.8K 252 Preview
34 alioli @mostwantedtv2011


Comedy 27.44% 690.1K 63.6K 2.6K 105 Preview
35 You jaja @You jaja

You jaja

Comedy 67.29% 96K 85.1K 1.4K 51 Preview
36 Companys de pis, la sèrie @Companys de pis, la sèrie

Companys de pis, la sèrie

Comedy 76.12% 17.4K 21.7K 2.1K 75 Preview
37 Celia Dail @Celiafreestyle

Celia Dail

Comedy 53.69% 353.4K 36.1K 2K 68 Preview
38 Dikela TV @gitan008

Dikela TV

Comedy 75.42% 12.6K 18.7K 1K 168.5 Preview
39 Ismael Lemais @Ismael Lemais

Ismael Lemais

Comedy 81.51% 84.3K 41.1K 1.5K 34.5 Preview
40 miquel serrano @djmiquelserrano

miquel serrano

Comedy 84.52% 82.1K 13.8K 892 125.5 Preview
41 A vivir que son dos días @A vivir que son dos días

A vivir que son dos días

Comedy 80% 25.2K 22.6K 457 117 Preview
42 Doble Sentido @Doble Sentido

Doble Sentido

Comedy 36.76% 26.1K 15.7K 1.4K 116 Preview
43 Arkanfunkel @Arkanfunkel


Comedy 20.23% 44.8K 11.9K 1.5K 223 Preview
44 Revoltosa Recoletas @Revoltosa Recoletas

Revoltosa Recoletas

Comedy 44.532% 784.1K 257.5K 5.8K 0 Preview
45 RaziVideos @RaziVideos


Comedy 33.24% 114.4K 11.1K 1K 181 Preview
46 EL TERRAT @ElTerrat


Comedy 74.77% 174.1K 19.5K 534.5 86 Preview
47 Phi Beta Lambda @Phi Beta Lambda

Phi Beta Lambda

Comedy 87.72% 37.8K 19.3K 442 85 Preview
48 xurxocarreno @xurxocarreno


Comedy 32.52% 355.5K 14.5K 1.3K 86 Preview
49 Mario Marzo @Mario Marzo

Mario Marzo

Comedy 73.39% 71.7K 8.9K 795.5 77 Preview
50 Nadie Sabe Nada @Nadie Sabe Nada

Nadie Sabe Nada

Comedy 78.26% 37.2K 27.6K 428 23.5 Preview
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