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Top 1000 Most Viewed YouTube Channels in the world

April 2020

Here’s a list of the most influential YouTubers and channels in the world. From Ed Sheeran to PewDiePie and T-Series, find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category Audience Country Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 GoogleDoodles @googledoodles


Music United States 1.6M 56M 0 0 Preview
2 109 Bad Bunny @Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny

Music United States 24.1M 51.9M 1.8M 90.8K Preview
3 NutriSari ID @NutrisariOfficial

NutriSari ID

Entertainment Indonesia 19.4K 47.3M 20 0 Preview
4 803 Like Nastya @Like Nastya

Like Nastya

Entertainment Russia 52.2M 45.3M 299.5K 0 Preview
5 Apple India @Apple India

Apple India

Technology & Science 4.9M 42.2M 129K 0 Preview


Movies and TV India 4.7M 33.7M 193.4K 1.4K Preview
7 CamiloVEVO @CamiloVEVO


Music Colombia 489 32.3M 1.1M 23.6K Preview
8 2.3K Golden Boy Society @Golden Boy Society

Golden Boy Society

Music Romania 488.2K 30M 519K 27.1K Preview
9 1.1K 123 GO! SCHOOL @123 GO! SCHOOL


People & Blogs United States 325.1K 29.3M 162.4K 3K Preview
10 SebastianYatraVEVO @SebastianYatraVEVO


Music Colombia 2.9M 29.1M 488.9K 15.9K Preview
11 Anisa Rahman @Anisa Rahman

Anisa Rahman

Music Indonesia 433.1K 26.1M 582.3K 30.5K Preview
12 7 Indie Music Label @Indie Music Label

Indie Music Label

Music India 2.6M 25.5M 1.3M 307.1K Preview
13 10.2K Matt Jordan @jordan010178

Matt Jordan

People & Blogs United States 696.1K 25.3M 409.1K 17.7K Preview
14 Maruti Suzuki True Value @Maruti Suzuki True Value

Maruti Suzuki True Value

People & Blogs India 9.2K 24.8M 282 0 Preview
15 ✿ Kids Diana Show @✿ Kids Diana Show

✿ Kids Diana Show

Entertainment Russia 50.8M 24.7M 180.3K 0 Preview
16 Nước Tăng lực Number 1 @Nước Tăng lực Number 1

Nước Tăng lực Number 1

People & Blogs Viet Nam 69.1K 24.6M 27 0 Preview
17 YouTube @YouTube


Entertainment United States 30M 24.2M 40.7K 7K Preview
18 20 Camilo @CamiloMusicaVideo


Music Colombia 5M 24M 926K 18.6K Preview
19 LuisaSonzaVEVO @LuisaSonzaVEVO


Music Brazil 887.1K 23.9M 858.1K 18.7K Preview
20 달콤한라떼SweetLatte @달콤한라떼SweetLatte


Pets Korea, Republic of 94.8K 23.6M 190.1K 13.4K Preview
21 NachoVEVO @NachoVEVO


Music Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of 3.6M 23.1M 421.6K 17.1K Preview
22 Jimmy John's @jimmyjohns

Jimmy John's

Movies and TV United States 4.2K 22.8M 15 0 Preview
23 10.4K STR Hits @STR Hits

STR Hits

Entertainment India 1.2M 22.8M 258.4K 6K Preview
24 1.1K Lele Pons @Lele Pons

Lele Pons

Movies and TV United States 16.2M 22.5M 276.6K 34.5K Preview
25 Luísa Sonza @Luísa Sonza

Luísa Sonza

Music Brazil 4.6M 22.2M 827.3K 18.2K Preview
26 98 Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell @Kurzgesagt

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

Education United States 11.6M 22.2M 847.7K 45.3K Preview
27 Sam Alxr @Sam Alxr

Sam Alxr

How-to & Style United States 740.1K 22.1M 204.3K 5.6K Preview
28 713 Desi Music Factory @Desi Music Factory

Desi Music Factory

Music India 15M 21.9M 880.9K 36.9K Preview
29 Nutella Br @Nutella Br

Nutella Br

People & Blogs Brazil 16K 21.8M 41 8 Preview
30 Ozuna @Ozuna


Music United States 27.8M 21.4M 121K 5.6K Preview
31 Industria Mexicana de Coca-Cola @CocacoladeMexico

Industria Mexicana de Coca-Cola

Movies and TV Mexico 126.1K 20.8M 126 3 Preview
32 KAROL G @Karolgmusic


Music Colombia 15.8M 20.6M 946.2K 27.9K Preview
33 Apple México @Apple México

Apple México

Technology & Science Mexico 1.8M 19.5M 44.7K 0 Preview
34 124 Dua Lipa @DuaLipa1

Dua Lipa

Music United States 13.1M 19.5M 802.7K 26.8K Preview
35 3 ashish chanchlani vines @ashchanchlani

ashish chanchlani vines

Movies and TV India 17.4M 19.4M 1.8M 66.3K Preview
36 1 MrBeast @MrBeast6000


Entertainment United States 33.6M 19.3M 963.1K 50.8K Preview
37 Round2hell @Round2hell


Movies and TV India 13M 19.2M 1.3M 72.3K Preview
38 Alan Becker @noogai89

Alan Becker

Movies and TV United States 10.8M 18.6M 546.8K 39.9K Preview
39 Kuentin Studio l คืนถิ่น สตูดิโอ @Kuentin Studio l คืนถิ่น สตูดิโอ

Kuentin Studio l คืนถิ่น สตูดิโอ

Music Thailand 1.9M 18.4M 231.4K 12.7K Preview
40 Bilal Sonses @bilalsonses

Bilal Sonses

Music Turkey 1.2M 17.6M 354.6K 29.2K Preview
41 27 Jkk Entertainment @Jkk Entertainment

Jkk Entertainment

Movies and TV India 15.9M 17.5M 131.8K 1.7K Preview
42 Syakir Daulay @Syakir Daulay

Syakir Daulay

People & Blogs Indonesia 2.3M 17.2M 617.2K 36.5K Preview
43 Cocomelon - Nursery Rhymes @checkgate

Cocomelon - Nursery Rhymes

Education United States 78.1M 16.4M 146.1K 0 Preview


Music Indonesia 3.6M 16.2M 640.8K 51.3K Preview
45 Vlad and Nikita @Vlad and Nikita

Vlad and Nikita

People & Blogs 37.6M 15.7M 117.7K 0 Preview
46 922 The MriDul @The MriDul

The MriDul

Movies and TV India 1.5M 15.7M 195.2K 4.6K Preview
47 Brawl Stars @Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars

Video games United States 4.6M 15.4M 587.8K 37.8K Preview
48 Armaan Malik @22armaanmalik

Armaan Malik

Music India 1.7M 15.3M 211.8K 11.3K Preview
49 LilBabyVEVO @LilBabyVEVO


Music United States 150.5K 15.2M 201K 7.2K Preview
50 ElAlfaElJefeTV @ElAlfaElJefeTV


Music Dominican Republic 3.9M 15M 339.8K 11.3K Preview
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