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Top 1000 Most Viewed Youtube channels in Vietnam

May 2020

Here’s a list of the most influential YouTubers and channels in the Vietnam. Find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category From Vietnam Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 ERIK Official @ERIK Official

ERIK Official

Music 80.15% 1.3M 22.6M 362.7K 22.9K Preview
2 Sting World Vietnam @Sting World Vietnam

Sting World Vietnam

Entertainment 79.37% 186.5K 11.4M 161 35 Preview
3 FAP TV @FAPtivi


Movies and TV 87.33% 11.5M 7.8M 163K 5K Preview
4 7UP Vietnam @7UP Vietnam

7UP Vietnam

Entertainment 81.97% 193.5K 6.3M 269 23 Preview
5 BabyBus - Nhạc thiếu nhi @BabyBus - Nhạc thiếu nhi

BabyBus - Nhạc thiếu nhi

Education 62.5% 3.7M 6M 39.6K 0 Preview
6 comfortvietnam @comfortvietnam


Entertainment 87.5% 366.4K 5.7M 23 0 Preview
7 Hoàng Thùy Linh @HoangThuyLinhSACVIET

Hoàng Thùy Linh

Music 69.73% 826.1K 5.1M 60K 2.1K Preview
8 HI Entertainment @Phanconghoanganh

HI Entertainment

Music 72.73% 16.3K 4.7M 15.2K 297.5 Preview
9 LAY TV & Family @LAY TV & Family

LAY TV & Family

Entertainment 84.86% 3.8M 4M 26.2K 809.5 Preview
10 TH true MILK @TH true MILK

TH true MILK

How-to & Style 75% 69K 4M 41.5 3.5 Preview
11 1977 Trung Anh @1977 Trung Anh

1977 Trung Anh

Entertainment 89.46% 271.1K 3.9M 178K 4.2K Preview
12 Soobin Hoàng Sơn Official @SoobinNguyen

Soobin Hoàng Sơn Official

Music 82.27% 928K 3.9M 67.3K 5.4K Preview
13 Cris Devil Gamer @CrisDevilGamer

Cris Devil Gamer

Video games 86.24% 8.6M 3.7M 156.1K 7K Preview
14 G5R Squad @G5R Squad

G5R Squad

Music 85.44% 2.1M 3.2M 124.9K 5.5K Preview
15 Huỳnh Lập Official @Huỳnh Lập Official

Huỳnh Lập Official

Entertainment 78.38% 2.4M 3.2M 124.9K 9.3K Preview
16 Bà Tân Vlog @Bà Tân Vlog

Bà Tân Vlog

Entertainment 82.71% 3.8M 3.2M 61.1K 2.7K Preview
17 Trai Ngoan @gudboizteam

Trai Ngoan

Music 86.58% 1.1M 3.1M 37.8K 2.4K Preview


Entertainment 84.38% 5.2M 3M 83.8K 2.6K Preview
19 Top 10 Huyen Bi @Top 10 Huyen Bi

Top 10 Huyen Bi

Entertainment 85.83% 425K 2.9M 25.3K 706 Preview
20 Thơ Nguyễn @Thơ Nguyễn

Thơ Nguyễn

People & Blogs 79.52% 7.9M 2.8M 37.5K 4K Preview
21 Gãy Media @Gãy Media

Gãy Media

Entertainment 85.29% 1.3M 2.8M 30K 2.4K Preview
22 Bua No TV @Bua No TV

Bua No TV

Movies and TV 90.91% 137.2K 2.7M 19.5K 803.5 Preview
23 Thế Dũ channel @Thế Dũ channel

Thế Dũ channel

Movies and TV 80.49% 279.1K 2.7M 25.7K 1.5K Preview
24 AS Mobile Vlog @AS Mobile Vlog

AS Mobile Vlog

People & Blogs 81.75% 1.1M 2.7M 86.8K 2.8K Preview


Music 80.54% 1.3M 2.6M 54.7K 2.3K Preview
26 Mr. Siro @Mr. Siro

Mr. Siro

Music 85.4% 1.6M 2.6M 83.7K 4.4K Preview
27 RedhoodVN @RedhoodVN


Video games 80.92% 4.4M 2.4M 74.8K 2.4K Preview
28 My Natural Food @My Natural Food

My Natural Food

People & Blogs 33.33% 329.1K 2.3M 19.5K 509 Preview
29 Hari Won @HariWonofficial

Hari Won

Music 77.44% 1.8M 2.2M 21.8K 693 Preview
30 Ngân Sát Thủ @Ngân Sát Thủ

Ngân Sát Thủ

People & Blogs 84.55% 449.1K 2.2M 65.1K 1.6K Preview
31 Ngọc Trinh Official @Ngọc Trinh Official

Ngọc Trinh Official

Entertainment 70.45% 1.7M 2.1M 52.8K 2.1K Preview
32 Độc Lạ Bình Dương @Độc Lạ Bình Dương

Độc Lạ Bình Dương

People & Blogs 86.21% 425.1K 2.1M 20.6K 762 Preview
33 AnAn ToysReview TV @AnAn ToysReview TV

AnAn ToysReview TV

Entertainment 57.14% 3.2M 2.1M 9.7K 0 Preview
34 StarTech TV @StarTech TV

StarTech TV

Technology & Science 100% 71.3K 2M 9.7K 163 Preview
35 Oops Banana @Oops Banana

Oops Banana

Entertainment 82.78% 4.6M 1.9M 34.2K 1.9K Preview
36 Mều Channel @Mều Channel

Mều Channel

Video games 79.73% 3.8M 1.9M 71.8K 2.2K Preview
37 MangoVid @MangoVid


How-to & Style 91.06% 258.1K 1.8M 14.4K 446 Preview
38 Đinh Đại Vũ Official @Đinh Đại Vũ Official

Đinh Đại Vũ Official

Entertainment 74.74% 375.2K 1.8M 24.5K 970 Preview
39 Thiên An Official @Thiên An Official

Thiên An Official

Entertainment 82.09% 2.4M 1.8M 30.1K 4.6K Preview
40 Tony Vlogs @Tony Vlogs

Tony Vlogs

Entertainment 82.18% 689K 1.8M 39.8K 5.4K Preview
41 Long Đẹp Trai @Long Đẹp Trai

Long Đẹp Trai

Entertainment 85.91% 495K 1.7M 24.2K 862 Preview
42 Ken & Bi @Ken & Bi

Ken & Bi

People & Blogs 97.89% 805K 1.7M 72.1K 6.1K Preview
43 123GO! Vietnamese @123GO! Vietnamese

123GO! Vietnamese

Entertainment 66.67% 655.1K 1.7M 10.6K 473 Preview
44 8 Giờ Tối @bbenninghoff

8 Giờ Tối

Entertainment 85.08% 291.1K 1.7M 8.7K 447 Preview
45 Sang vlog @Sang vlog

Sang vlog

Entertainment 89.56% 2.2M 1.7M 65.3K 3.5K Preview
46 Cua Mề @Cua Mề

Cua Mề

Music 84.91% 953K 1.7M 22K 1.7K Preview


Movies and TV 78.74% 4.6M 1.7M 40.1K 3.1K Preview
48 ViBo & Family @ViBo & Family

ViBo & Family

Entertainment 85.22% 508K 1.6M 11.9K 408 Preview
49 Quynh Tran JP & Family - Cuộc sống ở Nhật @Quynh Tran JP & Family - Cuộc sống ở Nhật

Quynh Tran JP & Family - Cuộc sống ở Nhật

Entertainment 62.97% 3M 1.6M 35.6K 1.6K Preview
50 Gãy TV @Gãy TV

Gãy TV

Movies and TV 87.87% 2.7M 1.6M 16.8K 1.3K Preview
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