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Top 1000 Most Viewed Youtube channels in Turkey

May 2020

Here’s a list of the most influential YouTubers and channels in the Turkey. Find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category From Turkey Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 Tuğçe Kandemir @Tuğçe Kandemir

Tuğçe Kandemir

Music 71.9% 477.1K 11.7M 186.7K 10.7K Preview
2 Ben Fero @Ben Fero

Ben Fero

Music 76.39% 1.7M 7M 222.8K 25.3K Preview
3 Contra @ContravoltaMusic


Music 88.5% 664.1K 6.4M 292.4K 45K Preview
4 Getir @Getir


Entertainment 71.43% 3.8K 5.9M 84 20 Preview
5 Zen Pırlanta @Zen Pırlanta

Zen Pırlanta

How-to & Style 50% 4.3K 5.5M 100 0 Preview
6 Deli Mi Ne? @Deli Mi Ne?

Deli Mi Ne?

People & Blogs 70.48% 6.2M 4.1M 293.4K 25.9K Preview
7 LC Waikiki @lcwaikikiturkiye

LC Waikiki

People & Blogs 56.25% 62.3K 3.7M 25 3.5 Preview
8 Danla Bilic @Danla Bilic

Danla Bilic

People & Blogs 69.25% 2.6M 3.5M 154.1K 6.8K Preview
9 Enes Batur @newdaynewgame

Enes Batur

Entertainment 61.75% 13M 3.3M 315.9K 53.8K Preview
10 Betül Çakmak @Betül Çakmak

Betül Çakmak

People & Blogs 63.24% 1.9M 3.3M 175K 9.7K Preview
11 Zeynep Bastık @Zeynep Bastık

Zeynep Bastık

Music 80.55% 1.7M 3M 87.2K 3K Preview
12 ام سيف & تحدي الكار @ام سيف & تحدي الكار

ام سيف & تحدي الكار

People & Blogs 66.67% 1.1M 3M 319K 16.5K Preview
13 Vales @Vales


Entertainment 70.26% 624.2K 2.8M 335K 69K Preview
14 Akbank @akbank


Movies and TV 100% 133.5K 2.7M 1.2K 0 Preview
15 196Sekiz @196Sekiz


People & Blogs 75% 360.1K 2.7M 97.3K 8.1K Preview
16 Dila Kent @Dila Kent

Dila Kent

Entertainment 36.33% 2M 2.5M 113.6K 30.3K Preview
17 Alper Rende @Alper Rende

Alper Rende

People & Blogs 68.73% 3.7M 2.4M 174K 7.7K Preview
18 Mesut Can Tomay @Mesut Can Tomay

Mesut Can Tomay

Entertainment 86.31% 1.5M 2.4M 216.2K 8.9K Preview
19 Hayal Ailesi @Hayal Ailesi

Hayal Ailesi

Movies and TV 55% 1.3M 2.3M 19K 0 Preview
20 Uğur @UgurSogutma


How-to & Style 50% 10.8K 2.3M 22 6 Preview
21 Cif Türkiye @cifturkiye

Cif Türkiye

How-to & Style 78.57% 19K 2.2M 29 1 Preview
22 Emir Can İğrek @Emir Can İğrek

Emir Can İğrek

Music 83.41% 324.1K 2.2M 76.5K 5.3K Preview
23 Zen G @Zen G

Zen G

Music 91.57% 51.3K 2.2M 62.9K 4.4K Preview
24 Nour Mar5 @Nour Mar5

Nour Mar5

People & Blogs 16.09% 2.7M 2.2M 221.7K 22.8K Preview
25 فافانابولي @فافانابولي


Movies and TV 21.27% 4.7M 2.1M 202.1K 6.4K Preview
26 Aykut Elmas @Aykut Elmas

Aykut Elmas

Movies and TV 90.93% 782.2K 2.1M 128.8K 4.7K Preview
27 Ziraat Bankası @TCZiraatBankasiAS

Ziraat Bankası

Movies and TV 80.95% 12.3K 2M 179 0 Preview
28 Ali Biçim @Ali Biçim

Ali Biçim

Entertainment 89.46% 1.4M 2M 142.6K 7.7K Preview
29 Aksigorta @AksigortaTV


Cars & Motorbikes 100% 2.2K 1.9M 70 4 Preview
30 140journos @140journos


News & Politics 81.06% 870K 1.9M 91.4K 19.7K Preview
31 DİMES Türkiye @DimesBahcesi

DİMES Türkiye

Travel & Tourism 77.78% 9.9K 1.8M 39 0 Preview
32 Pepsi Türkiye @PepsiTurkiye

Pepsi Türkiye

Movies and TV 76.15% 28.1K 1.7M 110.5 0 Preview
33 BaBaLa TV @OguzhanPIHTI


Entertainment 84.92% 2.3M 1.7M 83.3K 4.8K Preview
34 Sezen Aksu @sezenaksuresmi

Sezen Aksu

Music 64.08% 1.4M 1.6M 55.2K 4.8K Preview
35 Maximum Kart @maximumkart

Maximum Kart

Entertainment 71.59% 21.4K 1.6M 184 10 Preview
36 Maşa İle Koca Ayı @Maşa İle Koca Ayı

Maşa İle Koca Ayı

Movies and TV 66.67% 3.1M 1.6M 15.2K 0 Preview
37 Ece Ronay Official @Ece Ronay Official

Ece Ronay Official

Music 79.7% 247.2K 1.6M 70.4K 9.5K Preview
38 Kafalar @Kafalar


Entertainment 70.61% 6.6M 1.5M 105.2K 4.5K Preview
39 Sesegel Çocuk @Sesegel Çocuk

Sesegel Çocuk

Entertainment 59.75% 1.5M 1.5M 31.3K 2.8K Preview
40 Arçelik @tvarcelik


Education 85.86% 94.2K 1.4M 296.5 23 Preview
41 Ruhi Çenet Videoları @MrRuhicenet

Ruhi Çenet Videoları

Education 75.88% 4.7M 1.4M 88.3K 5.5K Preview
42 ING Türkiye @ingbankturkiye

ING Türkiye

Entertainment 77.78% 73.7K 1.4M 81.5 23.5 Preview


Video games 64.95% 1.8M 1.4M 118.1K 5K Preview
44 MASSAKA @MassakaOfficial


Music 76.54% 404.1K 1.4M 54.7K 9K Preview
45 Meryem Can @beautykitty95

Meryem Can

Entertainment 61.53% 3.2M 1.3M 60.8K 8.9K Preview
46 Şehinşah @AlamutHarameyn


Music 83.51% 302K 1.3M 64.8K 11.6K Preview
47 Patron @Patronflexintv


Music 83.36% 326.1K 1.2M 59.5K 8.7K Preview
48 Berk Coşkun @Berkcoskun

Berk Coşkun

Entertainment 60.01% 2.3M 1.2M 120K 41.3K Preview


Music 57.34% 268.1K 1.2M 23.8K 1.6K Preview
50 Güldür Güldür @guldurguldurtv

Güldür Güldür

Movies and TV 66.97% 1.6M 1.2M 7K 599 Preview
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