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Top Most Viewed Youtube channels in Taiwan

Updated: July 2020

Here’s a list of the top 1000 most viewed YouTubers and channels in Taiwan. Find out who is the #1 YouTuber in Taiwan and get a list of the most popular YouTube channels in 2020. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

Rank Channel Category From Taiwan Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 蕭敬騰官方專屬頻道 Jam's Official Channel @jamhsiaoofficial

蕭敬騰官方專屬頻道 Jam's Official Channel

Music 64.34% 237.1K 3.4M 26.9K 1.5K Preview
2 Mr & Mrs Gao @Mr & Mrs Gao

Mr & Mrs Gao

Entertainment 54.79% 3.1M 2.6M 70.6K 7.1K Preview
3 TGOP (This Group Of People) @e84768131

TGOP (This Group Of People)

Entertainment 79.8% 3.3M 1.6M 38.9K 2K Preview
4 木曜4超玩 @木曜4超玩


Entertainment 83.96% 1.7M 1.2M 19.8K 1.5K Preview
5 千千進食中 @千千進食中


People & Blogs 80.3% 1.5M 1M 17.7K 1.1K Preview
6 Joeman @JoemanStarCraft


People & Blogs 79.15% 1.9M 1M 11.4K 1.5K Preview
7 Ronghao Li's Official Channel李榮浩官方專屬頻道 @Ronghao Li's Official Channel李榮浩官方專屬頻道

Ronghao Li's Official Channel李榮浩官方專屬頻道

49.45% 224K 959.2K 18.9K 715 Preview
8 狠愛演 @狠愛演


People & Blogs 88.24% 1.6M 941.2K 17.3K 1K Preview
9 Hebe Tien's Official Channel田馥甄官方專屬頻道 @Hebe Tien's Official Channel田馥甄官方專屬頻道

Hebe Tien's Official Channel田馥甄官方專屬頻道

People & Blogs 37.5% 78.7K 910.6K 10.9K 715 Preview
10 美秀集團 Bisiugroup @美秀集團 Bisiugroup

美秀集團 Bisiugroup

Music 90.85% 96.8K 870.2K 19.1K 821 Preview
11 愛莉莎莎 Alisasa @愛莉莎莎 Alisasa

愛莉莎莎 Alisasa

People & Blogs 72.56% 1.1M 820.3K 18.1K 1K Preview
12 WACKYBOYS 反骨男孩 @KEVIN0204660


Entertainment 78.94% 1.5M 814.8K 16.7K 1K Preview
13 上班不要看 NSFW @上班不要看 NSFW

上班不要看 NSFW

Entertainment 93.1% 782K 797K 17.7K 1.9K Preview
14 台灣大胃王丁丁/Ding-Ding @台灣大胃王丁丁/Ding-Ding


People & Blogs 80.32% 737.2K 783.2K 12.3K 2.2K Preview
15 鍾明軒 @鍾明軒


Entertainment 67.92% 1M 747.5K 32.4K 2.3K Preview
16 呱吉 @FroggyChiu


People & Blogs 91.56% 570.2K 651K 35.4K 3.6K Preview
17 魏嘉瑩 @weiwater


Music 77.92% 79.1K 649.1K 1.8K 116.5 Preview
18 Onion Man @Onion Man

Onion Man

Movies and TV 80.58% 935K 631.7K 18.6K 4.3K Preview
19 谷阿莫Life @谷阿莫Life


People & Blogs 66.21% 510.1K 626K 12.2K 1.1K Preview
20 眾量級CROWD @眾量級CROWD


Movies and TV 64.14% 1.9M 586.1K 18.6K 7.6K Preview
21 豆漿- SoybeanMilk @Liewgang

豆漿- SoybeanMilk

Pets 70.7% 607.1K 576.3K 24.9K 1.2K Preview
22 Kouki @charlie615119


Video Games 64.02% 2.4M 574.3K 23.8K 1.4K Preview
23 黃阿瑪的後宮生活 @黃阿瑪的後宮生活


Pets 64.79% 1.5M 555.8K 18.6K 1.8K Preview
24 欸你這週要幹嘛 @欸你這週要幹嘛


People & Blogs 89.24% 703.1K 538.6K 13.8K 534 Preview
25 DeluCat 迪鹿 @DeluCat 迪鹿

DeluCat 迪鹿

Music 69.25% 367.6K 501.1K 23.8K 1.8K Preview
26 啾啾鞋 @chuchushoeTW


Entertainment 79.87% 1.4M 463.5K 14.1K 13.3K Preview
27 小玉 @小玉


People & Blogs 74.14% 1.5M 458K 25K 7.4K Preview
28 Rainie Yang's Official Channel楊丞琳官方專屬頻道 @rainieyangofficial

Rainie Yang's Official Channel楊丞琳官方專屬頻道

Music 45.13% 498.2K 453.7K 10.7K 471 Preview
29 葉式特工 Yes Ranger @YEKON1

葉式特工 Yes Ranger

Entertainment 57.57% 1.5M 429.8K 8.3K 464 Preview
30 Ku's dream酷的夢- @Ku's dream酷的夢-

Ku's dream酷的夢-

People & Blogs 81.29% 819K 422.3K 14.8K 1.3K Preview
31 美食作家王刚 @美食作家王刚


People & Blogs 31.19% 1.5M 416.4K 7.6K 1.8K Preview
32 阿滴英文 @阿滴英文


Education 72.1% 2.6M 413.3K 13.1K 870 Preview
33 白癡公主 @ATienDai


Entertainment 77.81% 1.4M 411.3K 7.6K 449.5 Preview
34 黃大謙 @fuckingtinyhippo


Movies and TV 84.24% 851K 409.3K 18.1K 1K Preview
35 HowFun @jasonjason1124


Entertainment 90.56% 1.3M 398.3K 17.5K 1.8K Preview
36 Misa米砂 @misa7260


People & Blogs 72.91% 614.2K 360K 7.2K 341 Preview
37 Onion Man 洋蔥與阿文 第二短廢片頻道 @Onion Man 洋蔥與阿文 第二短廢片頻道

Onion Man 洋蔥與阿文 第二短廢片頻道

Movies and TV 77.66% 397.1K 358.3K 9K 1.4K Preview
38 三度 @三度


Entertainment 77.78% 627.2K 351.8K 7.7K 488 Preview
39 我是蕾菈I'm Lyla @我是蕾菈I'm Lyla

我是蕾菈I'm Lyla

People & Blogs 73.75% 741K 350.1K 6K 372 Preview
40 次郎 @54540880


Movies and TV 78.67% 164.1K 349.8K 1.7K 208.5 Preview
41 sandy mandy @d59025

sandy mandy

Entertainment 13.85% 1.2M 337.2K 21.3K 360 Preview
42 Feng Ze邱鋒澤 @KennyKhoo1031

Feng Ze邱鋒澤

35.41% 204.4K 336.7K 14.1K 1.4K Preview
43 越哥说电影 @越哥说电影


Movies and TV 23.56% 498.2K 333.4K 3K 594 Preview
44 王力宏 Wang Leehom @officialwangleehom

王力宏 Wang Leehom

Music 33.14% 300.1K 329.3K 1.9K 148.5 Preview
45 ChefChao @ChefChao


How-to & Style 23.38% 650K 327.2K 5.6K 442 Preview
46 肌肉山山jiroushanshan @肌肉山山jiroushanshan


Movies and TV 30.66% 728.6K 325.4K 8K 548.5 Preview
47 滴妹 @滴妹


People & Blogs 69.8% 1.4M 323.8K 9K 788 Preview
48 八大電視娛樂百分百 @GTV100ENTERTAINMENT


Entertainment 55.36% 818K 309.2K 3.6K 1.4K Preview
49 蔡阿嘎 @kyoko38


News & Politics 86.23% 2.5M 306.5K 4.8K 4.8K Preview
50 安啾咪 @anjouclever


People & Blogs 74.06% 1.4M 297.2K 9.9K 558 Preview
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