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Top 1000 Most Reacted Youtube channels in Malaysia

May 2020

Here’s a list of the most influential YouTubers and channels in the Malaysia. Find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category From Malaysia Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 Isa Isarb @Isa Isarb

Isa Isarb

Entertainment 79.57% 794.1K 1.4M 96.6K 9.1K Preview
2 Maitsa Chantika @Maitsa Chantika

Maitsa Chantika

Movies and TV 42.86% 1.7M 1.1M 63K 0 Preview
3 SamTilla TV @SamTilla TV

SamTilla TV

Entertainment 98.86% 275.5K 1.9M 44.3K 2.1K Preview
4 Alieff Irfan @Alieff Irfan

Alieff Irfan

Entertainment 69.37% 2.6M 896.6K 43.1K 1.6K Preview
5 Adam Shamil @Adam Shamil

Adam Shamil

Entertainment 75.82% 85.9K 264.5K 30.1K 2.3K Preview
6 培永 Phei Yong @培永 Phei Yong

培永 Phei Yong

Entertainment 74.58% 625.1K 337.4K 29.7K 2.3K Preview
7 PrinceMeed LIVE! @PrinceMeed LIVE!

PrinceMeed LIVE!

People & Blogs 75.78% 719.1K 526.3K 28.4K 4.5K Preview
8 Sugu Pavithra @Sugu Pavithra

Sugu Pavithra

People & Blogs 55.56% 626.1K 315.9K 28.3K 7.3K Preview
9 Ebit Lew @Ebit Lew

Ebit Lew

People & Blogs 53.85% 785.1K 400K 27.6K 1.6K Preview
10 Didi & Friends - Lagu Kanak Kanak @Didi & Friends - Lagu Kanak Kanak

Didi & Friends - Lagu Kanak Kanak

Movies and TV 50% 3.9M 2.9M 27K 0 Preview
11 SyahmiSazli Team @SyahmiSazli Team

SyahmiSazli Team

People & Blogs 85.63% 359K 699.2K 26.8K 989 Preview
12 Arwind Kumar @IISirHahaII

Arwind Kumar

Entertainment 76.09% 222.6K 264.2K 26.7K 1.5K Preview
13 孫生又來了 @孫生又來了


People & Blogs 49.33% 120.5K 1.1M 24.7K 1.8K Preview
14 Team Bangkit Malaysia @Team Bangkit Malaysia

Team Bangkit Malaysia

Entertainment 70.2% 372.1K 261.5K 24K 4.4K Preview
15 Aqil Zulkiflee @Aqil Zulkiflee

Aqil Zulkiflee

Entertainment 69.23% 140K 428.3K 23.8K 3.4K Preview
16 JO Channel @JO Channel

JO Channel

People & Blogs 28.57% 1.5M 2.7M 23.3K 0 Preview
17 Jeff & Inthira @Jeff & Inthira

Jeff & Inthira

Entertainment 57.5% 1.1M 846.9K 22.7K 2.1K Preview
18 bella khann @bella khann

bella khann

Entertainment 83.27% 790.1K 321.2K 22.6K 1.7K Preview
19 Namewee @namewee


Entertainment 46.19% 2.5M 364.3K 21.5K 1.3K Preview
20 Intan Syafiqah @Intan Syafiqah

Intan Syafiqah

How-to & Style 66.67% 32.8K 286K 21.3K 629 Preview
21 MantapJiwa @MantapJiwa


Video games 89.87% 85.5K 228.3K 20.4K 1.4K Preview
22 zukiemohamad @zukiemohamad


Movies and TV 78.48% 1.1M 312.5K 20K 979 Preview
23 MrKokom @MrKokom


Entertainment 63.48% 697.1K 279.2K 19.9K 1.4K Preview
24 Anissa Faizul @Anissa Faizul

Anissa Faizul

People & Blogs 94.57% 68K 368.6K 19.6K 553 Preview
25 Dennis Lim Ming @milmiLxX

Dennis Lim Ming

Movies and TV 78.92% 696K 199.3K 18.9K 663 Preview
26 Syahmi Sazli @Syahmi Sazli

Syahmi Sazli

Entertainment 78.39% 2.3M 252.6K 17.9K 994 Preview
27 Weverse @Weverse


Entertainment 18.75% 133.2K 50.5K 17.5K 50 Preview
28 Soloz Club @Soloz Club

Soloz Club

Video games 66.51% 722K 353.8K 17.3K 1.4K Preview


People & Blogs 100% 8.3K 1.1M 17.2K 1.4K Preview
30 Wan Animation @Wan Animation

Wan Animation

Movies and TV 94.17% 141K 157.4K 17.2K 1.2K Preview
31 DD.W Channel達玲 @DD.W Channel達玲

DD.W Channel達玲

Entertainment 68.99% 722K 449.2K 16.4K 2.5K Preview
32 iChang RM @iChang RM

iChang RM

Movies and TV 61.54% 119.1K 244.5K 16K 2.4K Preview
33 Asyraf Rozami @Asyraf Rozami

Asyraf Rozami

Entertainment 79.52% 559K 239.9K 15.8K 914.5 Preview
34 Epicism @Epicism


People & Blogs 36.8% 312.5K 256.4K 15.3K 1.4K Preview
35 Kambing Golek @Kambing Golek

Kambing Golek

Video games 82.4% 188.2K 146K 15.1K 808 Preview


Movies and TV 76.19% 159K 1M 14.2K 771.5 Preview
37 Penjahat Soldier @Penjahat Soldier

Penjahat Soldier

Video games 73.26% 320.1K 254.1K 14.2K 1.4K Preview
38 Joey chua8 @Joey chua8

Joey chua8

Entertainment 69.7% 77.2K 253.5K 14.1K 1.2K Preview
39 Syazwan fahmi @Syazwan fahmi

Syazwan fahmi

Entertainment 100% 148.1K 208.3K 14K 312 Preview


Movies and TV 82.84% 362.1K 289.6K 14K 1.2K Preview
41 Studio 8 @Studio 8

Studio 8

Music 20% 102K 1.2M 13.9K 1.3K Preview
42 Cupcake Aisyah @aisyahrazip

Cupcake Aisyah

Entertainment 69.61% 398.4K 205.3K 13.8K 404 Preview
43 celoreng bomba @celoreng bomba

celoreng bomba

People & Blogs 76.19% 369.2K 246.6K 13.7K 792 Preview


People & Blogs 100% 93.4K 225.4K 13.6K 945 Preview
45 Ling BigYong @purelukdex

Ling BigYong

Movies and TV 71.11% 1.4M 346.3K 13.1K 726 Preview
46 Bryson Lew 刘铠翔 @Bryson Lew 刘铠翔

Bryson Lew 刘铠翔

Entertainment 60.68% 878.1K 248.8K 12.9K 1.4K Preview
47 Shazz Zainuddin @SchazaScyllia

Shazz Zainuddin

People & Blogs 79.94% 421.1K 167.9K 12.9K 866 Preview
48 Siti Nordiana @kupasrah

Siti Nordiana

Entertainment 51.3% 160.4K 245.3K 12.5K 3.1K Preview
49 CodyHongTV @CodyHongTV


Entertainment 63.15% 1.1M 396K 12.4K 1.1K Preview
50 Rushdan Wafa @Rushdan Wafa

Rushdan Wafa

Entertainment 100% 150.1K 152.1K 12.4K 1K Preview
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