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Top 1000 Most Viewed Youtube channels in Egypt

May 2020

Here’s a list of the most influential YouTubers and channels in the Egypt. Find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category From Egypt Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 Mohamed Emam @Mohamed Emam

Mohamed Emam

People & Blogs 78.9% 436.1K 6.9M 93.5K 3.4K Preview
2 123 GO! CHALLENGE Arabic @123 GO! CHALLENGE Arabic

123 GO! CHALLENGE Arabic

Entertainment 50% 1.8M 6M 86.8K 2.7K Preview
3 OPPO Egypt @OPPO Egypt

OPPO Egypt

Technology & Science 86.64% 770.2K 5.7M 19.9K 501 Preview
4 Chevrolet Egypt @chevroletegypt

Chevrolet Egypt

Cars & Motorbikes 33.33% 5.5K 5.6M 80 6 Preview
5 مهووس عضلات/كمال الاجسام @مهووس عضلات/كمال الاجسام

مهووس عضلات/كمال الاجسام

Sports 14.29% 2.7M 4.1M 109.5K 526 Preview
6 Etisalat Misr I اتصالات مصر @EtisalatMasr

Etisalat Misr I اتصالات مصر

Movies and TV 77.85% 1.4M 4M 689.5 62.5 Preview
7 إليكم @assakavision


Entertainment 60% 638K 3.2M 12.3K 113 Preview
8 Troom Troom Arabic @Troom Troom Arabic

Troom Troom Arabic

How-to & Style 23.38% 6M 3.2M 53.7K 2.5K Preview
9 Nescafé Egypt @NescafeEg

Nescafé Egypt

Entertainment 76.67% 31.6K 3.1M 88 4 Preview
10 Alkaisr _ القيصر @Alkaisr _ القيصر

Alkaisr _ القيصر

People & Blogs 66.67% 595.2K 3M 87.3K 1.9K Preview
11 WooHoo Arabic @WooHoo Arabic

WooHoo Arabic

How-to & Style 38.97% 2.3M 2.4M 42K 1.4K Preview
12 Free Music

Free Music "Nasr Mahrous"

Music 55.3% 3.7M 2.3M 21.4K 1.4K Preview
13 Team Figo El Dakhlawy @Team Figo El Dakhlawy

Team Figo El Dakhlawy

Music 73.87% 0 2.1M 75.3K 3K Preview
14 عائلة عمر @عائلة عمر

عائلة عمر

Movies and TV 67.99% 2.9M 2M 43.7K 0 Preview
15 مشروع جواز @مشروع جواز

مشروع جواز

Movies and TV 84.91% 767.1K 1.9M 27.5K 1.3K Preview
16 حوده Hooda Tv @حوده Hooda Tv

حوده Hooda Tv

People & Blogs 60% 24.9K 1.9M 15.5 286 Preview
17 Ahmed Hassan Family @Ahmed Hassan Family

Ahmed Hassan Family

Entertainment 70.72% 5.1M 1.8M 116.7K 8.6K Preview
18 Palm Hills Developments @PalmHillsDev

Palm Hills Developments

Entertainment 83.87% 14.1K 1.7M 354 0 Preview
19 Ramez Galal @Ramez Galal

Ramez Galal

Movies and TV 37.33% 4.6M 1.7M 19.9K 2.7K Preview
20 EL Twins - التوينز @EL Twins - التوينز

EL Twins - التوينز

Movies and TV 85.85% 1.8M 1.5M 177.2K 4.5K Preview
21 Hajar and her sisters @Hajar and her sisters

Hajar and her sisters

People & Blogs 20% 770.2K 1.4M 31K 418.5 Preview
22 اخبار الدعسوقة والقط الاسود @اخبار الدعسوقة والقط الاسود

اخبار الدعسوقة والقط الاسود

People & Blogs 22.35% 267.2K 1.4M 22.1K 301 Preview
23 Shawar @Shawar


Entertainment 87.78% 4.1M 1.4M 129.7K 34.2K Preview
24 Mai Kassab @maikassabmusic

Mai Kassab

Music 63.95% 96.2K 1.4M 15.8K 356 Preview
25 Heidi & Zidane قصص الأسرة @Heidi & Zidane قصص الأسرة

Heidi & Zidane قصص الأسرة

People & Blogs 33.33% 1.9M 1.3M 8.9K 0 Preview
26 Rexona Egypt @Rexona Egypt

Rexona Egypt

People & Blogs 84.13% 39.5K 1.3M 16 5 Preview
27 Marah Tv @Marah Tv

Marah Tv

Music 13.19% 3.7M 1.2M 13.9K 0 Preview
28 Pepsi Masr @PepsiMasr

Pepsi Masr

Entertainment 79.52% 267.6K 1.2M 219 14 Preview
29 NIVEA MEN Middle East @NIVEAForMenME

NIVEA MEN Middle East

Sports 29.63% 173.5K 1.1M 14K 141 Preview
30 Katakit Baby TV @HusamYK

Katakit Baby TV

Music 25.58% 5.6M 1.1M 7.2K 0 Preview
31 lido 80 ليدو @lido 80 ليدو

lido 80 ليدو

People & Blogs 43.9% 77.3K 1M 25.6K 371.5 Preview
32 Next Series @Next Series

Next Series

People & Blogs 100% 170.1K 1M 17.6K 977 Preview
33 Known in a book @Known in a book

Known in a book

People & Blogs 26.01% 4.5M 1M 20.6K 819 Preview
34 vivo Egypt @vivo Egypt

vivo Egypt

Technology & Science 100% 4.1K 1M 36 5 Preview
35 دراما تريند - Drama Trend @دراما تريند - Drama Trend

دراما تريند - Drama Trend

Technology & Science 80% 5K 1M 9.5K 246 Preview
36 SuperFamily - طوني و كريس @SuperFamily - طوني و كريس

SuperFamily - طوني و كريس

Entertainment 55.41% 890.1K 1M 75.5K 2.1K Preview
37 Allam Official @Allam Official

Allam Official

Music 100% 27.6K 992.7K 16.3K 397 Preview
38 Arabian Fairy Tales @Arabian Fairy Tales

Arabian Fairy Tales

Movies and TV 18.83% 4.2M 976K 24.5K 1.3K Preview
39 Shawar Senior @Shawar Senior

Shawar Senior

People & Blogs 87.18% 1.2M 971.4K 60.8K 858 Preview
40 الدكتور أحمد أبو النصر @drahmedaboelnasr

الدكتور أحمد أبو النصر

Education 50% 574.1K 950.7K 45.5K 2K Preview
41 DIY Cardboard House @DIY Cardboard House

DIY Cardboard House

How-to & Style 47.22% 348.1K 934.7K 8.6K 273 Preview
42 يوميات حمدى ووفاء @يوميات حمدى ووفاء

يوميات حمدى ووفاء

Entertainment 76.53% 1.4M 920.3K 70.9K 6K Preview
43 Aya Habib - آية حبيب @Aya Habib - آية حبيب

Aya Habib - آية حبيب

Entertainment 47.2% 1.1M 892.9K 48.7K 2.6K Preview
44 Chipsy Egypt @ChipsyEgypt

Chipsy Egypt

Sports 80.29% 140K 888.9K 74 0 Preview
45 Jamal alimwase ـ جمال العمواسي @cobra123473

Jamal alimwase ـ جمال العمواسي

Pets 11.69% 4.6M 850.7K 24.7K 879 Preview
46 Muhammed Saeed - محمد سعيد @Muhammed Saeed - محمد سعيد

Muhammed Saeed - محمد سعيد

Music 84.03% 467.1K 831.3K 62.9K 2.4K Preview
47 حمدى ووفاء فى البيت @حمدى ووفاء فى البيت

حمدى ووفاء فى البيت

People & Blogs 79.3% 427.1K 829.8K 37.7K 3.3K Preview
48 AJ+ كبريت @AJ+ كبريت

AJ+ كبريت

Entertainment 42.62% 4.6M 790.1K 59.4K 2.4K Preview
49 Khaled Selim @KhaledSelimTV

Khaled Selim

Music 69.05% 30.6K 788.6K 2.3K 152 Preview
50 Abdulrahman Khaled @Abdulrahman Khaled

Abdulrahman Khaled

Movies and TV 87.31% 1.1M 787.1K 83K 3.5K Preview
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