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Top 1000 Most Reacted Youtube channels in Canada

May 2020

Here’s a list of the most influential YouTubers and channels in the Canada. Find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category From Canada Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 Verified TikTok Channel @Verified TikTok Channel

Verified TikTok Channel

Entertainment 33.33% 124.1K 1.9M 55.9K 1.9K Preview
2 DaPandaGirl @DaPandaGirl


Video games 84.9% 655.1K 1.1M 55.6K 6.1K Preview
3 Dr Rashid A Buttar @drbuttar

Dr Rashid A Buttar

People & Blogs 50% 332.1K 574.8K 31.3K 5.4K Preview
4 Danick Martineau @Danick Martineau

Danick Martineau

Movies and TV 92.59% 108.1K 223.9K 17K 1.5K Preview
5 Lotte Nightcore @Lotte Nightcore

Lotte Nightcore

Music 33.33% 13.9K 503.7K 16.3K 454 Preview
6 2e peau @2ePeau

2e peau

How-to & Style 62.11% 216.5K 161.2K 11.9K 547.5 Preview
7 anonymotif @anonymotif


Entertainment 86.34% 6.2K 605.8K 11.4K 1.4K Preview
8 MarioPlushProductions @MarioPlushProductions


Entertainment 55.26% 7.7K 2.3M 9K 118 Preview
9 CCFR Channel @CCFR Channel

CCFR Channel

People & Blogs 77.14% 27.3K 117.2K 8.6K 1.6K Preview
10 Snow River @Snow River

Snow River

Entertainment 28.57% 29.2K 179.8K 8.2K 955 Preview
11 Oddity Unison @Oddity Unison

Oddity Unison

Entertainment 16.67% 60.2K 106.5K 8.2K 170 Preview
12 Feminine Strategy & Lifestyle @Feminine Strategy & Lifestyle

Feminine Strategy & Lifestyle

How-to & Style 51.22% 38K 109.1K 7.4K 1.8K Preview
13 김기린 @김기린


Movies and TV 50% 26.3K 591.8K 7K 1.3K Preview
14 Proze @SimplyProze


Video games 54.43% 112.5K 121K 6.7K 289.5 Preview
15 JNT Productions @JNT Productions

JNT Productions

Entertainment 80.65% 85.2K 56.5K 6.7K 356 Preview
16 Wesam N8 @Wesam N8

Wesam N8

People & Blogs 38.46% 81.1K 76.9K 6.5K 292 Preview
17 Crafting Pulse @Crafting Pulse

Crafting Pulse

How-to & Style 28.57% 99.2K 566K 6.4K 146 Preview
18 thirdy's world @thirdy's world

thirdy's world

People & Blogs 50% 25.4K 361.3K 6.2K 1.3K Preview
19 Kévin Marquis @Kévin Marquis

Kévin Marquis

Entertainment 75% 58.9K 51.7K 5.7K 249 Preview
20 Cassandra Bouchard @Cassandra Bouchard

Cassandra Bouchard

Movies and TV 85% 87.7K 71.4K 5.7K 266 Preview
21 Free Refills @Free Refills

Free Refills

Entertainment 23.95% 397.1K 125.9K 5.4K 756 Preview
22 Claudie Mercier @Claudie Mercier

Claudie Mercier

Entertainment 80.43% 74.8K 62.2K 5.1K 358 Preview
23 Laura-Gabriel @LauuraGab


Entertainment 78.84% 134.5K 56.7K 4.7K 226 Preview
24 Katapa TV @Katapa TV

Katapa TV

Movies and TV 44.29% 31.1K 75.1K 4.5K 377 Preview
25 Sadie and Jarvis @Sadie and Jarvis

Sadie and Jarvis

People & Blogs 66.67% 25.5K 239.2K 4.4K 601.5 Preview
26 Ginette Reno @officialginettereno

Ginette Reno

Music 53.33% 5.1K 155.1K 4.4K 316 Preview
27 Marianas Trench @Mtrench

Marianas Trench

Music 44.07% 322.1K 198.7K 4.4K 319 Preview
28 SpoilsFPS @Spoilsmage


Video games 72.22% 7.3K 240K 4.2K 274 Preview
29 Weeest @Weeest


People & Blogs 33.33% 32.3K 59K 4.1K 191 Preview
30 Cynthia Dulude @cynthiadulude

Cynthia Dulude

How-to & Style 49.42% 651.5K 54.7K 4.1K 174 Preview
31 SaskDutch Kid @SaskDutch Kid

SaskDutch Kid

People & Blogs 18.75% 82.3K 56.8K 4K 243 Preview
32 赖皮猴爱美食 Monkey's Super Cuisine @赖皮猴爱美食 Monkey's Super Cuisine

赖皮猴爱美食 Monkey's Super Cuisine

How-to & Style 33.33% 79.3K 56.4K 4K 356 Preview
33 Johnny Reid @JohnnyReidMusic

Johnny Reid

Music 51.52% 26.6K 205.4K 3.8K 295 Preview
34 patrickisanavajo @MagikDragon


People & Blogs 59.02% 28.7K 36.8K 3.7K 487 Preview
35 Hinami ! @Hinami !

Hinami !

Entertainment 45.45% 2K 15K 3.7K 105 Preview
36 Ben Felix @Ben Felix

Ben Felix

Education 39.73% 122.5K 63.2K 3.7K 458 Preview
37 Ima Stoner @Ima Stoner

Ima Stoner

News & Politics 77.35% 6.3K 50.6K 3.6K 1.2K Preview
38 Itz Nezza @Itz Nezza

Itz Nezza

People & Blogs 60% 4K 118.5K 3.6K 238 Preview
39 Lucie Rhéaume @Lucie Rhéaume

Lucie Rhéaume

People & Blogs 66.22% 146.5K 46.8K 3.6K 92 Preview
40 Lovely Bunny @Lovely Bunny

Lovely Bunny

Entertainment 30.59% 116.5K 109.4K 3.6K 562 Preview
41 레알예능 스브스 @strongheartsbs

레알예능 스브스

Entertainment 50% 153.1K 475.9K 3.5K 463 Preview
42 rosalie vaillancourt @rosalie vaillancourt

rosalie vaillancourt

Movies and TV 48.3% 111.5K 48.5K 3.4K 131 Preview
43 lifles @lifles


Video games 34.43% 8K 98.1K 3.4K 753.5 Preview
44 thelastofusgame @thelastofusgame


Video games 22.39% 9.6K 60.6K 3.4K 257 Preview
45 War Stories with Mark Felton @War Stories with Mark Felton

War Stories with Mark Felton

People & Blogs 35% 59K 53.5K 3.3K 320 Preview
46 SteveDangle @SteveDangle


Sports 55.2% 124.5K 106.1K 3.3K 495 Preview
47 2FillesOrdinaires @2FillesOrdinaires


How-to & Style 68.5% 76.2K 40K 3.2K 404.5 Preview
48 Justin Barbour @Justin Barbour

Justin Barbour

Entertainment 38.15% 38.5K 51.1K 3.2K 999 Preview
49 희극인 @희극인


Movies and TV 33.33% 81.6K 185.3K 3.2K 296 Preview
50 Nest Productions @Nest Productions

Nest Productions

Entertainment 100% 128.1K 47.4K 3.1K 105 Preview
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