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Top 1000 Most Commented Youtube channels in Brazil

April 2020

Here’s a list of the most influential YouTubers and channels in the Brazil. Find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category From Brazil Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments


Video games 55.85% 6.1M 1.9M 517.4K 23.3K Preview
2 viniccius13 @viniccius13


Video games 79.7% 3.8M 983.6K 228.4K 23.1K Preview
3 BlackN444 @BlackN444


Video games 63.31% 2M 1.2M 277.7K 19.9K Preview
4 whinderssonnunes @whinderssonnunes


Movies and TV 74.7% 39.1M 5.1M 1M 19.8K Preview
5 Luísa Sonza @Luísa Sonza

Luísa Sonza

Music 83.86% 4.6M 20.2M 789.3K 17.5K Preview
6 Conexão Reporter @sbtconexaoreporter

Conexão Reporter

News & Politics 84.58% 1.3M 1.8M 39.7K 17.2K Preview
7 Drawn Mask @LucaMacarini

Drawn Mask

Entertainment 71.74% 2.3M 923.7K 168.4K 16K Preview
8 Lauren Jauregui @Lauren Jauregui

Lauren Jauregui

Music 20.61% 786K 4.3M 243.1K 15.3K Preview
9 Matheus Yurley @Matheus Yurley

Matheus Yurley

Entertainment 56.86% 12.5M 2.1M 356.9K 14.7K Preview
10 Games EduUu @GamesEduUu

Games EduUu

Video games 71.87% 7.6M 1.7M 269.3K 14.3K Preview
11 DGP Mundo @DGP Mundo

DGP Mundo

Education 74.18% 703.1K 975.1K 91.9K 13.6K Preview
12 Piuzinho @Piuzinho


Video games 63.25% 9.1M 1.5M 408.1K 12.4K Preview
13 Kaah Muniz @Kaah Muniz

Kaah Muniz

Video games 58.44% 357.2K 745.2K 214.7K 11.3K Preview
14 Canal Nostalgia @fecastanhari

Canal Nostalgia

Entertainment 82.57% 12.9M 2.3M 425K 11.2K Preview
15 Invento na Hora @inventonahoratv

Invento na Hora

Entertainment 75.03% 11.9M 2M 288.3K 10.1K Preview
16 Camila Coelho @MakeUpByCamila

Camila Coelho

People & Blogs 76.4% 3.5M 138.4K 14.4K 9.9K Preview
17 Orochinho @Orochinho


Entertainment 78.31% 2.7M 859.8K 180.1K 8.9K Preview
18 Felipe Neto @felipeneto

Felipe Neto

Entertainment 63.48% 36.9M 2.4M 300.1K 8.9K Preview
19 Detetive Youtuber @Detetive Youtuber

Detetive Youtuber

Entertainment 78.67% 732.1K 487.2K 57.9K 8.8K Preview
20 Gabriel Monteiro @Gabriel Monteiro

Gabriel Monteiro

People & Blogs 81.31% 2M 697K 122.3K 8.5K Preview


Movies and TV 50% 1.5M 310K 51.9K 8.3K Preview


Music 78.13% 843K 821.1K 82K 8.3K Preview
23 Voice Makers @voicemakers1

Voice Makers

Movies and TV 78.47% 2.1M 1.2M 233.9K 8K Preview
24 Diego Francis @di3069

Diego Francis

People & Blogs 65.71% 261.1K 56.1K 17.6K 7.7K Preview
25 Bispo Bruno Leonardo @Bispo Bruno Leonardo

Bispo Bruno Leonardo

Nonprofits & Activism 84.62% 701.1K 77.1K 30.2K 7.6K Preview
26 Player Tauz @Player Tauz

Player Tauz

Music 76.21% 2.3M 1M 122.9K 7.6K Preview
27 Rodrigo F Gamer Respeita @Rodrigo F Gamer Respeita

Rodrigo F Gamer Respeita

Video games 67.64% 7.5M 1.1M 220.7K 7.3K Preview
28 Atila Iamarino @Atila Iamarino

Atila Iamarino

Technology & Science 97.07% 915K 1.6M 184.1K 7.2K Preview
29 João Caetano @BrPVPHu3

João Caetano

Movies and TV 59.7% 7.2M 956.7K 122K 7.1K Preview
30 CanalCanalha @CanalCanalha


Movies and TV 79.13% 19.6M 3.4M 528.5K 6.3K Preview
31 Ingredy Barbi Games @MadeinMakeup

Ingredy Barbi Games

Video games 48.7% 4.9M 362.1K 43.3K 6.3K Preview
32 Betagames Group @BetagamesGroup

Betagames Group

Video games 84.83% 135.5K 175.4K 22.1K 6.2K Preview
33 Sidoka * @Sidoka *

Sidoka *

Music 88.36% 698.2K 1.4M 135.9K 6.1K Preview


Video games 60.28% 6.2M 1.5M 281.7K 6.1K Preview
35 Kamille Ramos @Kamille Ramos

Kamille Ramos

Entertainment 66.27% 702K 388.8K 73.1K 6.1K Preview
36 Kids Fun @Kids Fun

Kids Fun

Entertainment 49.72% 12.9M 1.3M 88.3K 5.9K Preview
37 Apelapato999 @Apelapato999


Video games 61.12% 433.1K 871.8K 97.6K 5.8K Preview
38 Goularte @G0ularte


Entertainment 73.92% 3.1M 588.4K 111.3K 5.8K Preview
39 LevelUp 007 @LevelUp 007

LevelUp 007

Video games 60% 2.1M 310K 88.6K 5.6K Preview
40 Caio Coppolla @Caio Coppolla

Caio Coppolla

News & Politics 83.94% 537.6K 208.9K 39.4K 5.6K Preview
41 Japa @japandotv


Music 80% 4.3M 968.3K 94.3K 5.4K Preview


Entertainment 50% 5.3M 3.1M 42.4K 5.4K Preview
43 T3ddy @T3DDYgames


People & Blogs 63.65% 10.1M 558.8K 130.5K 5.4K Preview
44 Lucas Rangel @rangeldovine

Lucas Rangel

Movies and TV 61.84% 9.1M 996.6K 115.3K 5.3K Preview
45 Davi @HDDavigamer


Video games 78.59% 1.6M 436.2K 82.2K 5.3K Preview
46 Na Lata com Antonia Fontenelle @nalatacomantonia

Na Lata com Antonia Fontenelle

People & Blogs 76.48% 1.8M 351.5K 46.9K 5.3K Preview
47 Douglassola @Douglassola


Movies and TV 76.35% 1.2M 458.5K 86.3K 5.1K Preview
48 Vício Nerd @Vício Nerd

Vício Nerd

Entertainment 73.86% 396.1K 69.3K 13.8K 5K Preview
49 LubaTV @LubaTV


People & Blogs 75.57% 7.5M 974.4K 175.7K 5K Preview
50 k a m a i t a c h i @k a m a i t a c h i

k a m a i t a c h i

Music 78.65% 1.4M 347.7K 60.5K 5K Preview
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