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Top 1000 Most Viewed Youtube channels in Australia

May 2020

Here’s a list of the most influential YouTubers and channels in the Australia. Find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category From Australia Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 NIVEA @NIVEAThailand


How-to & Style 50% 85.1K 3.2M 21.5 3 Preview
2 Pop Craft @Pop Craft

Pop Craft

Video games 12.5% 253.2K 1.4M 17.8K 245 Preview
3 Tones And I @Tones And I

Tones And I

Music 62.16% 3.4M 1.1M 32.1K 1.2K Preview
4 Destination Gold Coast @VisitGoldCoast

Destination Gold Coast

Travel & Tourism 75% 7.2K 1M 154 12 Preview


People & Blogs 60.47% 93.6K 872.5K 25.3K 2.1K Preview
6 Lisi 4300 @Lisi 4300

Lisi 4300

Music 62.82% 48.6K 851.1K 27.5K 2.1K Preview


Music 45.57% 195.1K 791.1K 30.6K 3.3K Preview
8 Beau Miles @Beau Miles

Beau Miles

People & Blogs 25.4% 161.1K 737.8K 39K 4K Preview
9 Monsta Dhamalastic @Monsta Dhamalastic

Monsta Dhamalastic

People & Blogs 25% 240.2K 657.6K 8.2K 0 Preview
10 BondiRescue @BondiRescue


Entertainment 27.21% 580K 534.1K 12.2K 676.5 Preview
11 Homemade on our Homestead @Homemade on our Homestead

Homemade on our Homestead

People & Blogs 100% 101.4K 400.8K 7.1K 228 Preview
12 Dash Cam Owners Australia @DashCamOwnersAustral

Dash Cam Owners Australia

Cars & Motorbikes 66.64% 251.5K 394.1K 5.7K 1.1K Preview
13 4WD 24-7 @4wdaction

4WD 24-7

Cars & Motorbikes 48.9% 457.1K 391.3K 9.9K 1.1K Preview


Music 74.49% 26.5K 387.6K 19.9K 1.9K Preview
15 Shammi @Shammi


Movies and TV 25.33% 791.1K 386.3K 14.6K 412.5 Preview
16 Hooligan Hefs @Hooligan Hefs

Hooligan Hefs

Music 61.04% 96.8K 325.5K 15.2K 1.1K Preview
17 GreenVideoz @GreenVideoz


Video games 33.33% 0 322.7K 2.7K 67.5 Preview
18 Youngn Lipz @Youngn Lipz

Youngn Lipz

Music 56.88% 47.8K 317.3K 11.3K 737 Preview
19 SurferToday @surfertoday


Sports 22.73% 10.7K 268K 1.8K 410 Preview
20 Nat's What I Reckon @TUKAFUKA

Nat's What I Reckon

Movies and TV 57.69% 183.2K 267.9K 13.6K 1.3K Preview
21 Ben Simmons @Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons

Sports 33.33% 63.5K 265.3K 10.5K 802 Preview
22 Georgia Productions @ProductionsGeorgia

Georgia Productions

Movies and TV 55.83% 861.1K 263.3K 20.3K 2.1K Preview
23 Marty and Michael @Marty and Michael

Marty and Michael

Movies and TV 19.13% 718.1K 261.2K 12.8K 1.1K Preview
24 Hilltop Hoods @Hilltophoods

Hilltop Hoods

Music 56.93% 179K 255.5K 7.6K 431 Preview


People & Blogs 33.33% 17.9K 242.3K 9.2K 241.5 Preview
26 Damian & Deion in Motion @Damian & Deion in Motion

Damian & Deion in Motion

Entertainment 20% 622.2K 238.5K 2.2K 0 Preview
27 Fairbairn Films @Fairbairn Films

Fairbairn Films

People & Blogs 30.09% 1.1M 235.3K 26.1K 1.1K Preview
28 Charlotte Rebecca @misscharlottebeauty1

Charlotte Rebecca

Entertainment 43.34% 189.1K 230.7K 8.9K 208 Preview
29 World Plus Size @World Plus Size

World Plus Size

Entertainment 93.48% 45.3K 225.5K 2.6K 199 Preview
30 Sooshi Mango @selespeed06

Sooshi Mango

Movies and TV 72.34% 78K 204.3K 7.1K 530 Preview
31 Chloe and Mitch @Chloe and Mitch

Chloe and Mitch

Movies and TV 69.9% 111.5K 200.9K 10.3K 434.5 Preview
32 Hooks 1 @Hooks 1

Hooks 1

Music 55.1% 12.3K 200.3K 6K 523 Preview
33 Isaac Butterfield @Isaac Butterfield

Isaac Butterfield

Movies and TV 61.53% 1.4M 199.1K 22.7K 4K Preview
34 Cari Leigh @Cari Leigh

Cari Leigh

Entertainment 44.44% 127.1K 191.6K 6.6K 1.2K Preview
35 x2Twins @jordaneckley


Video games 26.46% 427.2K 176.4K 6.9K 416 Preview
36 MCM TV2 @mcmtv2


Cars & Motorbikes 27.78% 664.5K 172.9K 10.3K 952.5 Preview
37 Grace's Room @Grace's Room

Grace's Room

Entertainment 25% 637.1K 172.9K 5.3K 1.2K Preview
38 Jimi Jackson @Jimijacksontv

Jimi Jackson

People & Blogs 34.49% 831K 168.4K 11.2K 927.5 Preview
39 Missy Cooper @Missy Cooper

Missy Cooper

Entertainment 33.33% 7.3K 164.2K 1.8K 145 Preview
40 The Skid Factory @The Skid Factory

The Skid Factory

Cars & Motorbikes 40.2% 171.5K 162.9K 9.3K 1.3K Preview
41 RoKKiT KiT @rokkitkit


Sports 36.74% 156.5K 162K 4.4K 402 Preview
42 Vanh Lor Channel Tiag @Vanh Lor Channel Tiag

Vanh Lor Channel Tiag

People & Blogs 65.85% 19.7K 161.3K 3.3K 115 Preview
43 Gïtu Gacha @Gïtu Gacha

Gïtu Gacha

Music 34.78% 77.7K 161K 9.7K 642 Preview
44 pcromabe @pcromabe


Entertainment 13.79% 18.3K 158.5K 1.7K 329 Preview
45 friendlyjordies @friendlyjordies


Movies and TV 76.51% 408.5K 158.2K 18.6K 1.3K Preview
46 Mountain Trail RV @mountaintrailcampers

Mountain Trail RV

Travel & Tourism 100% 7.6K 153.9K 1.7K 294 Preview
47 CompletePerth TPW @MCMAYCH

CompletePerth TPW

Music 79.94% 61.4K 151.9K 5.7K 477 Preview
48 Gresham College @GreshamCollege

Gresham College

Education 100% 113.5K 151.2K 2.1K 590 Preview
49 I Love Trichy @I Love Trichy

I Love Trichy

Entertainment 66.67% 2.8K 145.2K 2.9K 107 Preview
50 ZyonMana @ZyonMana


People & Blogs 33.33% 336.5K 144.8K 4.4K 0 Preview
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