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# @username Topics Audience Country Followers Authentic Engagement 
1 cristiano Soccer Sports Brazil 135.8M 4.4M Free report
2 leomessi Sports Soccer India 97.1M 3.1M Free report
3 neymarjr Soccer Brazil 100.3M 2.5M Free report
4 realmadrid Soccer Indonesia 61M 1.1M Free report
5 jamesrodriguez10 Sports Soccer India 39.2M 1.5M Free report
6 davidbeckham Soccer India 49.3M 858.3K Free report
7 mosalah Soccer Brazil 18.4M 1.8M Free report
8 virat.kohli Sports Training Cricket India 23M 1.4M Free report
9 kingjames Sports Basketball USA 39.6M 732K Free report
10 paulpogba Soccer Modeling Sports Brazil 26.2M 1.1M Free report
11 phil.coutinho Soccer Sports Fashion Brazil 17.2M 1.7M Preview
12 fcbarcelona Soccer Indonesia 58M 472K Preview
13 paulodybala Soccer Sports Brazil 18.9M 1.4M Preview
14 marcelotwelve Soccer Brazil 29.6M 788.2K Preview
15 k.mbappe29 Sports Modeling Soccer Brazil 14.2M 1.6M Preview
16 iamzlatanibrahimovic Soccer Sports Training Brazil 34.2M 618.8K Preview
17 antogriezmann Soccer Sports Brazil 19.8M 1M Preview
18 thenotoriousmma Boxing Sports USA 24.3M 791.5K Preview
19 garethbale11 Soccer Sports Indonesia 35.3M 469.1K Preview
20 ronaldinho Soccer Modeling Sports Brazil 34.3M 463.9K Preview
21 mahi7781 Sports Cricket India 10.8M 1.3M Preview
22 zidane Sports Soccer Brazil 20M 684.2K Preview
23 nikefootball Soccer Footwear Sports Indonesia 33.8M 401.5K Preview
24 sergioramos Soccer Sports Brazil 25.7M 504.5K Preview
25 toni.kr8s Soccer Sports Brazil 18.9M 645K Preview
26 luissuarez9 Soccer Sports Brazil 29.1M 381.4K Preview
27 juventus Soccer Italy 12.5M 886.3K Preview
28 m10_official Sports Soccer Training Indonesia 17.2M 614.1K Preview
29 andresiniesta8 Soccer Sports Brazil 24.2M 347K Preview
30 championsleague Soccer Sports Brazil 24.5M 340.3K Preview
31 iscoalarcon Soccer Brazil 15.2M 509.4K Preview
32 hazardeden_10 Sports Soccer Brazil 15M 484.6K Preview
33 lukamodric10 Soccer Sports Brazil 13.1M 546.5K Preview
34 stephencurry30 Basketball USA 21.2M 313K Preview
35 karimbenzema Sports Soccer Brazil 24M 268.3K Preview
36 ivanrakitic Soccer Sports India 10.9M 522K Preview
37 433 Soccer India 17.5M 303.5K Preview
38 manchesterunited Soccer India 22.6M 228.2K Preview
39 _rl9 Soccer Sports Chile 13.4M 353.6K Preview
40 dejesusoficial Soccer Sports Brazil 9.7M 488.7K Preview
41 marcoasensio10 Soccer Brazil 9.2M 475K Preview
42 fifaworldcup Soccer India 10.7M 380.8K Preview
43 austinmcbroom Basketball USA 4.6M 859.6K Preview
44 3gerardpique Soccer Sports Brazil 16.8M 232.9K Preview
45 easportsfifa Soccer Brazil 15.7M 223.1K Preview
46 kaka Soccer Sports Brazil 14.6M 235.2K Preview
47 danialves Sports Soccer Brazil 19.7M 171.6K Preview
48 adidasfootball Soccer Sports Brazil 25.5M 128.4K Preview
49 10aguerosergiokun Soccer Sports Argentina 9.9M 329.1K Preview
50 manuelneuer Soccer Sports Brazil 10.1M 320.5K Preview