Top 500 Home & Garden Instagram Influencers

by the number of quality and engaged followers

October 24 2018

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# @username Topics Audience Country Followers Authentic Engagement
1 5-Minute Crafts / @5.min.crafts Furniture Design Interior Design India 21.1M 171.3K Free report
2 Gauri Khan / @gaurikhan Design Interior Design India 2.6M 65K Free report
3 My Best Life Hacks / Лайфхаки / @mybestlifehacks Lifestyle DIY Russia 1.8M 37.1K Free report
4 Interior123 / @interior123 Design Interior Design USA 2.4M 12.2K Free report
5 Sophie Hinchliffe / @mrshinchhome Decoration Interior Design Home Decor Calculating 1.1M 26.3K Free report
6 Luxury Real Estate & Design / @luxury_listings Interior Design USA 1.7M 15.6K Free report
7 Talisa Tossell's Slimes / @talisa.tossell DIY USA 746.7K 34.6K Free report
8 Apartment Therapy / @apartmenttherapy Home Decor USA 1.7M 14.2K Free report
9 DIY CRAFTS FOOD LIFE HACKS 📌 / @diy.learning DIY Indonesia 4.8M 4.9K Free report
10 MADAME 4ออ 💋💋💋 / @june_kasama Home Decor Thailand 1.3M 17.8K Free report
11 Дизайн Интерьера / @dizain.interier Interior Design Russia 1.8M 12.1K Preview
12 DIY FOOD CRAFTS FASHION HACKS / @repost DIY Indonesia 3.8M 4.5K Preview
13 Tok&Stok / @tokstok Home Decor Brazil 1.9M 7.4K Preview
14 Design Milk / @designmilk Design Interior Design USA 2.4M 4.5K Preview
15 Dwell / @dwellmagazine Interior Design USA 1.4M 7.9K Preview
16 Christine Gonzalez-Crisologo / @beauty_gonzalez Design Interior Design Fashion Philippines 1.4M 7.5K Preview
17 Mia Skäringer Lázár / @miaskaringerlazar Design Interior Design Sweden 478.4K 21.5K Preview
18 Voice Of Kurdistan / @voice_of_kurdistan Food DIY Calculating 1.2M 6.4K Preview
19 shalini suthar / @shalu._.suthar Design Interior Design Fashion India 826.6K 9.2K Preview
20 DIY & Life Hacks Video 🌐 / @kreatips DIY Indonesia 2M 3.8K Preview
21 Luxury Interiors / @lux.interiors Luxury Interior Design USA 1M 6.7K Preview
22 DIYs & Food! / @diywisdom DIY Calculating 681.2K 9.9K Preview
23 Nattid / @nattid Design Interior Design Fashion Sweden 258.1K 25.4K Preview
24 Learn / @learnvids DIY Calculating 1M 6K Preview
25 Ben Zeynep🙋‍♀️ / @sendeyapsana DIY Turkey 2.3M 2.5K Preview
26 mixxmix / @mixxmix_seoul Shopping Russia 644.1K 8.5K Preview
27 منال 💜 / @gamal_baytek Interior Design Saudi Arabia 1.5M 3.5K Preview
28 김진경 / @jinkyung3_3 Fashion Design Interior Design South Korea 492.1K 10.4K Preview
29 SAMIR BADRAN / @samirbadrans Design Interior Design Sweden 601.2K 8.3K Preview
30 チハル / @chiharu.1995 Design Interior Design Calculating 296.1K 16.2K Preview
31 Kadınların sayfası / @pratik_bilgilerr DIY Turkey 2.4M 1.9K Preview
32 Hightech 🤖Lifehack💡Fun / @techomg DIY Iraq 1.5M 2.8K Preview
33 Linnéa Claeson @linneaclaeson / @assholesonline Design Interior Design Calculating 271.8K 14.7K Preview
34 🌿 S T E L L A R S L I M E 💫 / @stellarslime DIY USA 464.8K 8.2K Preview
35 مجالس & مطابخ ✨💖 Decor / @decor_m_m Design Interior Design Decoration Calculating 957.9K 3.8K Preview
36 ANTONIJA MANDIR / @aantonijamandir Design Interior Design Fashion Sweden 181.8K 18.3K Preview
37 OPEN ORDER! line @dyo7962d / @slimediaryid DIY Indonesia 334.8K 9.8K Preview
38 Kmart Australia / @kmartaus Design Interior Design Lifestyle Australia 769.1K 4K Preview
39 Kungahuset / @kungahuset Design Interior Design Calculating 304.7K 9.3K Preview
40 Anders Bagge / @andersbagge1 Design Interior Design Sweden 490.1K 5.8K Preview
41 Дизайн Интерьера / @kvartir_vopros Interior Design Russia 657.9K 4K Preview
42 ╭┄༻ღافكار واااوღ༺┄╮ / @afkarwooow DIY Saudi Arabia 2M 1.3K Preview
43 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀𝐒⠀𝐀⠀𝐌⠀𝐁⠀𝐎⠀𝐘 / @samuelnarbuada Design Interior Design Moms Calculating 200.2K 12.4K Preview
44 Charlotte Kalla / @kalla_87 Design Interior Design Sweden 192.1K 12.7K Preview
45 Timber Rustic Houses / @rustic_houses Design Interior Design Calculating 237.5K 10.2K Preview
46 Johanna Öholm / @johanna Design Interior Design Calculating 189.9K 12.4K Preview
47 M E L I K E / @easyinterieur Design Interior Design Lifestyle Germany 335.9K 6.7K Preview
48 VILLFARELSER™ / @villfarelser Design Interior Design Calculating 231.9K 9.2K Preview
49 Gözde / @gozdee81 Design Interior Design Lifestyle USA 245.7K 8.4K Preview
50 Susanna Hawkins / @shnordic Interior Design Decoration United Kingdom 235.6K 8.6K Preview
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