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# @username Topics Audience Country Followers Authentic Engagement
1 9gag Entertainment Memes Humor Indonesia 47.2M 585.3K Free report
2 liluzivert Modeling Singer Entertainment USA 7.8M 749.9K Free report
3 daquan Entertainment Humor Funny USA 11.6M 495.4K Free report
4 charlieputh Music Singer Entertainment India 11.2M 430.7K Free report
5 fuckjerry Humor Memes USA 14M 331.9K Free report
6 carlinhosmaiaof Humor Lifestyle Brazil 10M 395K Free report
7 marvel Comics Art Film India 23.1M 136.5K Free report
8 raffinagita1717 Entertainment Indonesia 24.6M 92.8K Free report
9 shuapeck Actors Humor Comedy USA 6.6M 308.8K Free report
10 chapolinsincero Humor Comedy Brazil 13.9M 131.7K Free report
11 quavohuncho Music Entertainment Singer USA 10M 179.2K Preview
12 jbalvin Singer Entertainment Music India 24.1M 71.4K Preview
13 agnezmo Modeling Singer Entertainment Indonesia 15.9M 105.5K Preview
14 kodakblack Entertainment Music Singer USA 5.8M 285.9K Preview
15 gan_13_ Humor Producers Singer Russia 3.2M 467.6K Preview
16 nianaguerrero Music Singer Entertainment Indonesia 5M 291.9K Preview
17 tiktok Entertainment Music India 16.5M 88.1K Preview
18 nba_youngboy Entertainment Music Singer USA 5.1M 283.2K Preview
19 celestebarber Actors Humor Writers Russia 4.8M 295.9K Preview
20 hassan_reyvandi Humor Comedy Iran 5M 280K Preview
21 nashgrier Modeling Entertainment Lifestyle India 10M 136.9K Preview
22 meekmill Music Entertainment Singer USA 14M 93.4K Preview
23 thegoodquote Humor Quotes India 14.6M 85K Preview
24 sabrinasato Humor Fashion Modeling Brazil 14.9M 81K Preview
25 dudeperfect Humor Comedy Video Games USA 8.2M 144.9K Preview
26 andreaespadatv Actors Humor Comedy USA 6.3M 184K Preview
27 dalang.pelo Comics Indonesia 3.6M 316.4K Preview
28 50cent Entertainment Music Business USA 20.7M 52.8K Preview
29 lance210 Humor Comedy USA 5.4M 191.3K Preview
30 normanthavaud Humor Comedy France 5.3M 191.6K Preview
31 m_galustyan Humor Russia 8.4M 120K Preview
32 pavelvolyaofficial Humor Comedy Russia 10.7M 89.9K Preview
33 treysongz Music Entertainment Singer India 9.9M 94.7K Preview
34 cats_of_instagram Humor Cats Pets India 9.6M 97K Preview
35 xanxiety Music Singer Entertainment USA 5M 176.2K Preview
36 ashishchanchlani Actors Humor Travel India 2.8M 303K Preview
37 disney Entertainment Movies USA 12.4M 67.2K Preview
38 lilyachty Humor Lifestyle USA 7.2M 113.3K Preview
39 lucas_lira Humor Comedy Lifestyle Brazil 4.4M 177.3K Preview
40 kensingtonroyal Modeling Fashion Events USA 6.5M 107.8K Preview
41 greysabc Entertainment TV Shows Brazil 4.5M 153.2K Preview
42 lmao Entertainment Humor Memes Brazil 10.1M 66.3K Preview
43 waltdisneyworld Entertainment Film Animation USA 6.8M 98.6K Preview
44 jude_devir Geek Comics Anime USA 3.1M 213.3K Preview
45 blameitonkway Humor USA 3.7M 167K Preview
46 realcoleworld Singer Music Entertainment USA 3.5M 174.9K Preview
47 callofduty Entertainment Game Development USA 7.4M 82K Preview
48 alisha Fashion Lifestyle Humor USA 3.8M 155.6K Preview
49 pokimanelol Geek Comics USA 2M 292.6K Preview
50 sexualising Humor Memes USA 6.4M 91.5K Preview
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